The Lego Group’s Impact Identification

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It is important to understand how effectively the Lego Group team meets the needs of customers and other departments of the company. It is also necessary to contribute to the revision of the strategy for attracting personnel to improve knowledge and skills and raise the professional level of the team. It is substantial to automate business processes and help the company save time and money by simplifying complex and expensive procedures. Besides, an improvement program can help to create entirely new business processes that will allow the company to deliver the best possible service to its customers while reducing costs (Sikdar, 2017). All these changes in the business environment have both short-term and long-term effects on the employees and the clients. This paper aims at discussing the impacts relating to the business solutions of the Lego Group.

Business Impact Analysis examines how different types of changes and improvements in business strategies can affect the main areas of the company and key business processes. It allows the company to identify and rank various functions of the organization and form an assessment of the impact of changes on the organization’s ability to achieve key target indicators (Sikdar, 2017). To achieve the long-term effects of the implemented solutions, it is necessary to take into account the parameters that affect the feasibility of certain measures, such as logistic, temporal, spatial, economic, and personal factors.

To analyze the short-term and long-term impacts of the proposed solutions to the problems of quality management and performance level, the Lego Group management should determine which of the processes is most important. Priority should be given to the processes that most affect customers. To achieve the best long-term result, it is important to choose the processes for improvement, the correction of which will bring the maximum benefit with the minimum cost (Kiran, 2016). It is necessary to identify how this particular process relates to others, and how it affects the main stakeholders, such as customers and suppliers of the company.

Improving quality management will have a long-term positive effect since this process involves taking care of quality in every process carried out in the organization. It encourages employees to take actions aimed at increasing customer satisfaction and reducing costs. Quality management improvement has the advantage of enhancing the corporate image as well as establishing a positive business reputation for products in the marketplace (Kiran, 2016). Errors and product defects are detected and eliminated more quickly and before they enter the market. Thus, this solution will inevitably increase the level of customer satisfaction.

The automation of production processes at the Lego Group is essential for the development of the company and its customers. First of all, the purpose of this process is to reduce the influence of the human factor on errors that occur during the production process (Chaudhari, 2019). Fatigue, inattention of employees, as well as mechanical errors in the process of work can affect the production processes, the output of finished products, and the degree of satisfaction of the company’s customers. The quality of goods increases since technology always acts more accurately than a person (Chaudhari, 2019). The costs associated with the direct production process are reduced. This solution has a long-term beneficial effect on the company’s reputation. That is why automated systems are considered the most promising.

The impact of staff training on the effectiveness of the organization and, accordingly, on customer satisfaction also plays an important role. This solution to the problem of the company’s performance level can have both short-term and long-term results. The productivity growth of the Lego Group and its efficiency largely depend on labor resources. The effectiveness of the introduction of any innovation in an organization is determined by the degree of interest and participation of the middle and lower management level (Kiran, 2016). The learning process should help managers to overcome some qualities that hinder the implementation of changes, such as conservatism, adherence to an established order, a tendency to maintain hierarchical relations in an unchanged form.

This solution can increase staff productivity to a great extent. Global competition is no longer on the marketing and branding side but the performance level. Business needs employees to learn without a long break from the workplace (Kiran, 2016). This is especially true for corporate training of entire departments. As a result of the well-organized training and professional development of employees, not only the manager wins but also the employees, the company, and the customers.

Optimization and improvement of business processes is a complex, multifaceted task. Therefore, when embarking on the implementation of new technologies, in addition to describing the goals and objectives, it is advisable to set specific time frames for carrying out the planned work. Besides, it is necessary to take care of ensuring the loyalty of the team, for which it is necessary to conduct explanatory work with employees in advance. Human resources are the main value of the company and a significant factor in its success. A well-run business process improvement program can deliver many significant long-term and short-term results to an organization and increase the level of customer satisfaction.


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