Free Essay & Business Analysis Tools

If you’re looking for free essay writing help, you’re in the right place. On this page, we’ve collected all the free essay tools and business analysis templates developed by With these AI-based instruments, you’ll easily formulate a solid thesis statement, generate an amazing introduction, and get a beautiful SWOT chart – everything for free!

Free Essay & Business Analysis Tools

Essay Writing Tools

These tools for students will satisfy all your academic writing needs! Here you’ll get writing and editing help at every step of the process, from formulating a meaningful research question to writing an impressive conclusion.

Conclusion Writer

Stuck reformulating a thesis for a conclusion paragraph? Get an original conclusion for your paper with this online tool!


Want to quickly get a good summary for your paper? This free summary bot will wrap up any text for you in seconds.

Sentence Rewriter

Sentence paraphrasing is effortless with the rewriter we’ve developed! Just try it out and see for yourself.

Title Maker

Suffering from writer’s block? Get a creative, interesting, and original title for your academic paper easily and quickly.


Wondering how to quickly rewrite an essay, paragraph, or sentence? This user-friendly tool will cope with the task easily!

Question Generator

Looking for a way to formulate a meaningful research question? Try our free tool – it is automatic, free, and user-friendly.

Business Analysis Templates

The free business analysis generators aim to help students quickly conduct SWOT, PESTEL, and other common types of business analysis. Each of the tools offers a collection of free downloadable templates, so that you can easily integrate the one you liked most into a paper or presentation.

SWOT Analysis Maker

With this free SWOT template, you’ll quickly prepare a beautiful diagram for your project.

SOAR Analysis Generator

Conduct SOAR analysis easily and visualize the results with the SOAR framework template we’ve developed.

PESTEL Analysis Template

This PEST(EL) analysis maker offers a collection of free templates in Word, PDF, and other formats.

Porter’s Five Forces Analyzer

With this template, you’ll quickly get a Porter’s 5 Forces diagram. Just add the data and choose the design!

VRIO Framework Maker

You only need to choose a VRIO analysis template and add the required information to get a beautiful result.

Thesis Generators

We’ve developed this collection of free thesis statement makers to aid those struggling with formulating their thesis sentences. Below you’ll find excellent tools able to generate theses for various essay genres: analytical, argumentative, comparative, and informative. Enjoy!


Want to understand what argumentative thesis statements look like? Make a sample thesis here and look at the examples.

Compare & Contrast

Want to come up with a beautiful compare-and-contrast thesis statement? Try out the tool on this page.


Creating a well-formulated informative thesis statement sounds challenging? Follow our prompts and get one instantly.


Having difficulties formulating your analytical thesis statement? Get an excellent one with the help of this generator.

Cover Page Generators

The free tools below aim to help students easily generate cover pages for research and academic assignments according to the citation style required. We’ve developed title page generators for APA-7, MLA-9, Harvard, Chicago, and Turabian. Choose the title page maker that suits your needs!

APA Title Page Generator

Generate a cover page in APA-7 easily and for free with this online APA-7 title page maker.

MLA Title Page Maker

With this MLA-9 title page generator, you’ll quickly create a frontispiece for your project.

Harvard Cover Page Generator

The Harvard title page maker will generate a front page according to the citation style requirements.

Chicago Title Page Creator

Make a front page easily and effectively with this free Chicago cover page generator.

Turabian Cover Page Maker

The Turabian title page creator will quickly generate a front page for your academic project.