Cookies Policy

What Are Cookies?

We use cookies and other monitoring technologies to keep track of users’ activity on our Service and store specific data. Cookies are minuscule text files that may contain a distinctive, anonymous identification signature. A website sends cookies to your browser and then keeps them on your device.

  • First-party cookies” are placed on either by us or on our behalf.
  • Third-party cookies” are set by the companies whose functionalities are integrated into our website.
  • Session cookies” are stored on the user’s device while they’re visiting and will be deleted once they close their browser.
  • Persistent cookies” will remain on your browser for a specific duration after you leave our site.

You can modify your browser settings to decide whether to accept cookies. However, if you choose to decline cookies, your experience on our website may be worse.

We also use beacons, markers, and scripts as tracking technologies for gathering, recording, and monitoring data to enhance and analyze our Service.

What Cookies Do We Use?

Below are listed the key types of cookies we use on

  • Preference cookies. We use preference cookies to retain your customized choices and settings to streamline your engagement with our Service.
  • Security cookies keep your information safe. For security purposes, we use Security Cookies to ensure that malicious malware does not attack and falsify our users’ personal data.
  • Advertising cookies. Advertising, or targeting, cookies are used to build a personalized profile based on interests and search history to deliver adverts that may be relevant to your interests and preferences.
  • Analytics cookies. Analytics trackers gather information on how you’re using the website to help us make it better. These trackers identify the most visited pages, record any challenges encountered while using the site, evaluate the effectiveness of advertisements, etc.

Managing Cookies

Upon your first visit to our site, you will probably encounter a notification indicating the presence of trackers. By accepting it, you automatically agree that while you’re using, the trackers will work as described above in this statement.

Note that you are able to manage your tracker settings by opting out of specific cookies or choosing to opt out of all trackers.

You also have the option to accept or reject trackers from, as well as from any other site, by modifying the settings within your browser. However, if you choose to decline trackers, you may encounter limitations while using

While most browsers typically accept cookies automatically, it is typically within your control to make adjustments to this behavior.