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Human Resource Management

The Training Program for HR Professionals

Description of the Program Corporate recruitment in remote educational institutes training program for HR professionals is designed with the purpose to fill the gap in knowledge in the field of remote educational technologies and human resources issues related to it. This subject became especially relevant in the context of the...

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Business Analysis Cycle and Organizational Performance

Abstract Organizations rely on established theories to implement the best models, tactics, and strategies that can support the delivery of positive results. However, some challenges tend to emerge that disorient operations and make it impossible for businesses to breakeven. Many small and medium-sized firms are yet to appreciate the importance...


Change Agents in the Change Management Process

Introduction Change agents form an integral part of the change management process in an organization. Their functions involve employing innovative tactics and strategies to implement the objectives of a company. As the leaders in the process, they support all other aspects of the business to ensure efficient and cohesive transformations...


Incivility and the Effects on Distrust

At the beginning of the 21st century, the idea and ideology of workforce and working relations have changed greatly towards liberalization and open communication. Despite these positive changes, the modern workplace is affected by such problems as incivility and distrust. With a minimum of laws and no meaningful corporate legislation...


Wal-Mart’s IT Infrastructure: Enabling Technology

Introduction In the 1960s Sam Walton incorporated his enterprise as Wal-Mart Stores and a few decades later, it became a global retailing juggernaut with a revenue of up to $400 billion in the fiscal year 2009 (Thompson, Strickland, & Gamble, p. 374.). The success of Wal-Mart is anchored to its...

Human Resource Management

Employees Management: Learning and Development Issues

Round 1 – John The current situation, which clearly shows the discontent of staff members with the direction that the HRM strategy is taking needs to be addressed, hence the necessity to introduce the Constructivist Learning Theory as the tool for shaping the process based on unique backgrounds, experiences, and...

Human Resource Management

Google Inc.’s Human Resource Management Principles

Introduction Google is one of the most famous international corporations in the world. Effective human resource management (HRM) strategies and practices have significantly helped the organization achieve this successful result. Today, multiple people dream of being Google employees because this fact will provide them with many advantages. It is also...

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Human Resource Management

Google Inc.: The Human Resource Issues

Introduction Organisations require specialised equipments and tools to ensure that they may succeed in their daily duties. In the market, different equipment and tools exist ranging from human resource to technology. An example of organisation that champions the use of technology especially information technology is Google Inc., a company that...


Toyota Motor Corporation: Operations Management

Background to the Case The case will focus on Toyota Motor Corporation, the world’s second largest automobile manufacturer. Klichiro Toyoda founded the company in 1937 as an offshoot from Toyota Industries (French and Korngold, 2019). The company achieved rapid growth in its early years of operation as it focused on...


Generic Types of Business Processes and IT Systems

Business process management is a critical research discipline in modern business. It examines the idea of a business process as an entity that can be analyzed, developed, and designed. The design of business processes generally involves all levels of an organization, and significant exchange of information between them. Using information...


Root Cause Analyses of Problems Facing Denver Facility

Background information Hawthorne Corporation is a manufacturing company that is based in the United States. The company sells its products to different parts of the world and has annual sales averaging $10 billion. The company deals with petrochemical products and is one of the pioneer companies in this field. To...


Outsourcing Need to Be Stopped in Business

Outsourcing arises when a company or organization purchases services or products from an outside supplier or a vendor, rather than performing the same tasks or work within its own facilities. The main reason why companies engage in outsourcing is to reduce capital expenditure over a business process and to allow...


The Culture of an Organization: Change Management

Introduction An essential part of any change management plan is the culture of an organization. Developing a strategy without considering cultural background can be difficult for the success of a change initiative. First of all, the impact on the individuals concerned and on the organization will be discussed. Secondly, cultural...

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The Cool Widgets Inc.: Efficiency of Internal Processes

Business Companies Problems It is well known that business companies planning expansion in the near future should conduct a thorough analysis of current economic problems in order to achieve maximum efficiency in the procedure of increasing the staff and volume of goods or services produced. At the same time, it...


Zara Supply Chain Management

The provided video revolves around ZARA, a giant international corporation that works in multiple areas in the world. There are about 32 countries where clients can find the company’s products and benefit from their high quality. Inditex, the owner of ZARA and other successful franchises, was founded in Spain and...

Human Resource Management

Amazon: Recruiting and Staffing Strategy

Amazon is known worldwide as a high-technology company with a fast-paced working environment and delivering excellent customer service as the key objective. Developing an appropriate recruiting and staffing strategy for the company constitutes the blueprint for its performance improvement. For Amazon’s intention to recruit 7000 employees, it is especially important...

Human Resource Management

Employee Engagement in Mara, Oman

Ministry of Awqaf (Endowment) and Religious Affairs (MARA) is a Governmental Entity in Oman that has been given the responsibility of overseeing procedures related to endowments and religious matters in the country. The vision of the organisation is aimed at the development of spiritual and religious values that have been...


Quality and Supply Chain Management

Quality Initiatives The Juran Trilogy Juran’s approach to quality management outlines the three main processes that a company should consider. The first involves quality planning, a step that lays a foundation for future decisions and changes (Pop & Țîțu, 2016). During the planning stage, a business must examine its customer...


Interface and Change Management Concepts

Introduction Organizations work with many partners and clients to initiate, design, and implement various projects. The success of such projects depends on the effectiveness of administration and supervision, which is the focus of interface management. Change management is also crucial in organization projects, especially because several issues amount to modifications...


Different Elements Of The Promotional Mix

Promotion mix is a detailed blend of advertising, personal selling, public relations, direct marketing and sales promotion. Dave Dolak (2008). Promotion mix is utilized by the marketer to meet his or her marketing objectives. When setting up a promotional mix it is important for the marketer to put into consideration...


Total Quality Management in Governmental Structure

Introduction The optimization of the management has been in the works for decades, and in the 21st century, it has reached a new step of evolution. The concept of total quality management (TQM) stems from the set of principles of the corporate organizations that are needed to gain an advantage...