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Best Free Business Essay Examples

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Customer Segmentation for Consistent Cross-Channel Marketing

Introduction It is necessary to determine who is the consumer of hotel services, what categories are there, and their difference between each other. Also, an important question is how to determine your target audience to implement the positioning of a hotel object more clearly and, as a result, correctly build...

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Company Analysis

Southwest Airlines’ Mission, Uniqueness, Finance

Introduction Southwest Airlines is the largest low-cost company in the United States and the world regarding the number of passengers carried. Founded in 1971, the company rapidly gained momentum as it entered the international market. Despite the legal difficulties at a certain period, now, the company performs more than 4...

Business Analysis Case Study

The Walmart Firm’s Position in the Retail Industry

Introduction The retail industry has grown from brick-and-mortar to e-commerce as digitization has become the trend globally. A change in lifestyle and unprecedented events have made e-commerce more popular. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic led to an increase in the demand for e-retailing. Walmart is a leading retailer based...


Ten Steps of Strategic Planning in Social Marketing

Introduction Planning social programs is as essential as organizing a business campaign; thus, a 10-step strategic planning model is foundational for social marketing to promote an idea that will primarily benefit the priority audience. In fact, social marketing is defined as the implementation of commercial marketing methods to programs that...

Strategic Management

Apple Inc.’s Strategic Planning and Development

Strategic planning and development of a company require searching, analyzing, and solving strategic issues. These issues can relate to various areas of business implementation, for example, personnel and supply chain management, product development, advertising, and marketing in general (Johnson et al., 2019). The process of revealing and managing strategic issues...

Human Resource Management

Researching of Occupational Health and Safety

Work-related ill health is any health condition that results from an individual’s occupation. The ill-health is usually caused by work itself or the working environment (Jones et al., 2019). For example, Law enforcement officers are at risk for high blood pressure, sleeplessness, and many more due to stress. Risk is...

Business Ethics

Researching of Ethical Business Issues

Summary Business ethics refers to corporate beliefs, ideals, and standards that might come from employees, corporate policies, or the legal system and are intended to govern individual and group behavior in the workplace. There are several arguments why corporate ethics is a component essential in every company. Business ethics enables...

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Strategic Management

Market Analysis: Strategic Communication

This market analysis will focus on setting goals and formulating an action and communication plan for the proposed initiative. Organizations worldwide use many resources to develop and implement a new strategic plan. A good strategy should relate to the purpose and organization performance by incorporating internal and external factors. The...

Strategic Management

Impact of Competitive Advantage Lack

Background Every firm in the market tends to locate an area of focus that gives it an upper hand in its operation. A competitive advantage allows the industry to have access to resources either by law or depending on the size of the company. To be at the top of...

Company Analysis

Starbucks Change Management Analysis

Why is Change Needed One of the significant primary variations that affect Starbucks in the global realm is specifically climate change. The change yields adverse consequences in the Company’s operations on a global scale in various ways. Some of the impacts of climate change on the Company include disruption of...

Business Analysis Case Study

Cultural Differences and Change in the Ford’s Company

Executive Summary The following paper focuses on analyzing Ford’s company case and its strategies to increase its global presence. The company realizes the critical importance of overseas markets and the necessity to enter them. For this reason, it alters its strategy to make it more relevant. Ford introduces more autonomy...

Business Analysis Case Study

Furniture Shoppe Firm’s Operational Dimensions

Introduction The domain of implementation and performance is the operations dimension. In a nutshell, it refers to the business’s ability to complete tasks. Many companies are struggling with operations despite having a good sense of strategy. Therefore, this paper outlines the operational dimensions of Furniture Shoppe and discusses what is...

Human Resource Management

Cultural Humility at the Workplace

What is Cultural Humility Cultural humility is a concept that helps people to embrace diversity in a lifelong process of exploration, curiosity, self-reflection and self-critique. It is a journey of recognizing the power imbalances and biases as well as respecting others’ values and beliefs and continuously reflecting on them. With...

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Business Analysis Case Study

The Peculiarities of Organizational Change in the BP Amoco

Executive Summary The proposed paper revolves around the BP Amoco case to discuss the peculiarities of structural change. The multidimensional character of this process is evidenced by the fact that to be successful; the company should consider all existing factors to create the strategy helping to attain better outcomes. The...


Researching of Operations Management

State-of-the-Art Review Operations management is one of the most important parts of the functioning of any business. Its essence lies in the formation of the process of activity for the production of goods or services and further control over it. Moreover, this process includes operations to predict possible outcomes of...


Sustainability Practices for Businesses

Introduction Sustainability is the practices individuals, businesses, companies, or states undertake to support and uphold long-term economic growth and development without impacting the underlying communities’ cultural, social, environmental, and economic aspects. Companies and states greatly invest in economic growth by implementing sustainable practices that would see their markets and country’s...


Management of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Introduction Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is one of the most extensive medical facilities for pediatric care in the USA. Situated primarily in Pennsylvania, the hospital has a vast net of departments to admit patients from different parts of the country and abroad. In its structure, the hospital combines medical and...

Company Analysis

McDonald’s Corporation’s International Analysis

Introduction It is important to note that multinational corporate entities conduct their international business by deploying a wide range of strategies and approaches with main products or services at their cores. The given assessment will primarily focus on McDonald’s Corporation, which is one of the largest fast-food chains with a...

Human Resource Management

Job Satisfaction and Employees’ Attitudes

The four employees’ attitudes and levels of job satisfaction differ due to diverse working positions, personal characteristics, life situations, social life, and other factors that could influence their working environment. The first employee, who is a marketing product manager, is working in a stressful environment where the supervisor forces the...

Human Resource Management

Managing Diversity: Annotated Bibliography

Khan, N., Korac‐Kakabadse, N., Skouloudis, A. and Dimopoulos, A. (2019) ‘Diversity in the workplace: an overview of disability employment disclosures among UK firms’, Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management, 26(1), pp.170-185. The present article aims at discovering the current stance of disability employment as an integral part of workplace diversity...

Leadership Styles

Assessment of the Case Study ‘Many Managers, Different Styles’ by McGregor

In the case study ‘Many Managers, Different Styles’, three characteristics of managers are presented. According to theory X and theory Y, initially proposed by Douglas McGregor, managers follow various leadership styles while working in the branch of Lakeshore Bank. Theory X, also called authoritarian, motivates employees with the help of...