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Best Free Business Essay Examples

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Obstacles and Barriers of AIS in Agriculture Companies

Introduction Accounting information systems (AISs) are software suites that aggregate and process a company’s financial data automatically. They can reduce the burden on human accountants by quickly and efficiently performing large amounts of menial work while also ensuring compliance with reporting standards and practices such as GAAP. As such, companies...

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Attitudes Towards Artificial Intelligence in Accounting

The implementation of modern developments in the field of accounting is a natural practice since advanced digital tools are utilized worldwide to simplify calculations and optimize all procedures. One of the forms of such innovation is artificial intelligence (AI), which has many functions and allows minimizing human participation in financial...


Standard Setting in the midst of Economic Crisis

The International Accounting Standards Board has quickly taken the centre stage concerning Europe and many other countries as being the premier standard-setting body in charge of establishing the International Financial Reporting Standards. These have been regarded as principle-based and effective, providing quality and ensuring a reliable accounting language for companies....


The Principles of Accountability and Tax Liability

Introduction The principles of accountability and tax liability form a significant area of the legal sector and determine many economic processes at both the local and federal levels. The court case in which Jim Turin & Sons, Inc. and the Commissioner of Internal Revenue are involved as plaintiff and defendant,...


Approaches to Collaborative Organizational Changes

The example case of the college running indicates the complex situations that can emerge when a single leader attempts to decide an organization’s future all by themselves. The suggestions coming from students and employees constantly suppose that significant organizational changes are needed in the institution. However, the college includes numerous...


Identification of Team Members’ Conflict Styles

Background The team has a representative of each of the four main conflict styles. Mr. A is a textbook example of an Avoider. Not only is he not concerned about his colleagues, but he also does not show any passion for accomplishing the task. Mr. A is important to the...


Strategic Purchasing and Supply Chain Management

Executive Summary The sustainability and conditions for the formation of reliable supply chain management are examined on the example of the delivery of COVID-19 vaccines. Modern technologies utilised in this process are designed to improve the quality of tracking and interaction at the supplier-recipient level. Specific tools have been reviewed,...

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Strategic Management

Environmental Sustainability and Management History

Introduction For the past two decades, environmental sustainability has been a priority for most economic economies worldwide. Strategical management of the environment in various economic sectors can and is practicable, but many sectors of this nature have still to be acknowledged. Jayakrishnan et al. (2018) recognize that many challenges exist...


Nokia’s Supply Chain Management

Introduction The modern business environment is characterized by the increased complexity because of the tendency towards the globalization and rise of international corporations. Multinational brands enter various regions to generate a competitive advantage and ensure an increased number of clients. Moreover, modern strategies might presuppose placing facilities and production assets...


A Business Proposal for Kohl’s: Improving Product Delivery

Package delivery services are highly popular in the modern age, prompting the companies involved in this business to consistently develop their efficiency. Numerous enterprises continuously enhance their approaches to shipping opportunities, aiming to increase customer satisfaction and purchase frequency. The on-demand method, which uses non-contact delivery, has recently become a...


Supply Chain Operation: Nike

International Trade and the Supply Chain Role As a resilient and one of the most renowned and recognized international corporations, Nike has developed extended supply chains as part of its globalization strategy. According to Jiang (2018), the corporation has the largest share of the footwear market at 9.5%, and this...


Big Data in Green Supply Chain Management

Introduction & Problem Motivation According to academic research in the field of supply chain management (SCM), the industry is quickly changing because of the advent of digital instruments that are utilized to speed up supply chain processes and reduce the involvement of human workers. According to Hartley and Sawaya (2019),...

Company Analysis

McDonald’s Internal and External Strategic Analyses

Introduction ‘McDonald’s’ is the most comprehensive multinational enterprise, managing 35,000 fast-food restaurants that employ nearly pair a million humans, with a capitalization of more than $100 billion. McDonald’s has become a leader in quick service, focusing on customer service, responding to competition, and marketing techniques for obtaining early growth. Under...

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Financial Management

Origin Energy Company’s Financial Analysis and Investment Decision

Financial Analysis Origin Energy (ORG) is an energy company headquartered in Sydney, Australia. It is a publicly-traded company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. In 2000, Boral limited demerged to separate its building and construction and energy divisions; this was the birth of Origin (About Origin, n.d.). The company’s core...


Developing an Understanding of Cultural Differences in Business Companies

Introduction Today we live in a highly globalized world so it is not uncommon for employees of different nationalities to work together in the same company or interact with people of different nationalities working for other companies. Developing an understanding of cultural differences and successfully using them to find better...


Entrepreneurship and Development of Green Businesses

Entrepreneurship has become a new trend in the world, and thousands of people every year decide to start new business ventures. It is possible to state that entrepreneurs will be a driving force of the economy in the next decade. Social responsibility is an indispensable part of modern entrepreneurship since...

Financial Management

Financial Performance Evaluation of the BP PLC Company

Introduction All companies worldwide have for the past one and half years experienced the consequences of the COVID-19. Company managers have done their best to control a slew of intertwined problems, which constitutes ensuring the safety of their staff and clients, reorienting activities, cash and liquidity bolstering, and navigating federal...


The Pizza Cupcake: Sales Plan

Executive Summary Smart Bakery will launch the pizza cupcakes, the first small pizza product in the market so far. The pizza cake has a unique recipe and low calories volumes, making it an outstanding snack among many others in the market. Pizza cupcakes are aimed at solving customers’ desire for...


Venture Planning: Articles Analysis

Article 1 Brin, D. W. (2020) Wedding businesses pivot as they adapt to cancellations. Web. Article 2 Zimmerman, E. (2020) Can a start-up mentality save small businesses? Web. Criteria for Choosing the Articles The choice of the two articles is based on the description of the same theme: the impact...


Individual Report on Running a Company

Introduction This report presents a twelve-month business simulation program using SimVenture. The company was named XYZ, and running it on SimVenture provided insights and awareness on how to manage a firm and boost its growth. It took a flat organizational setting, where it eliminated mid-level managerial functions. Moreover, the process...

Business Communication

Netflix: The Public Relations Box Office Flop

Netflix’s 2011 case is an illustrative example of how customer communication errors can lead to unfavorable outcomes. Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph co-founded Netflix as an entertainment provider company in California in 1997 (Bigus & Seitjs, 2012). The company was initially successfully functioning as a rental service for VHC tapes...