Best Free Business Essay Examples

Best Free Business Essay Examples

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Recent business essay samples

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YAS Cycles – Business Excellence

Introduction Business excellence is essential for businesses to remain competitive and grow their value. In developed countries, such as the UAE, the level of competition is usually higher than in other locations, which makes business excellence particularly relevant. Business excellence awards can assist businesses in attaining this goal since they...

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Company Analysis

Wells Fargo & Company’s Management Analysis

Executive Summary Wells Fargo & Company is one of the biggest providers of financial services in the world. It mainly focuses on three segments Community Banking, Wholesale Banking, and Wealth, Brokerage, and Retirement. These three segments are the primary source of income for the bank. However, the corporation also invests...


The Coca-Cola Company’s Marketing Mix

Proposal Marketing is an essential organizational function that determines the effectiveness of the established business model. Many firms pursue competitive strategies to deliver their finished products to the targeted customers conveniently and efficiently. The Coca-Cola Company remains one of the leading multinational corporations (MNCs) due to the sustainability of its...

Business Communication

Organizational Effectiveness and Team Communication

Introduction Leaders in business organizations apply their competencies to solve emerging challenges, mentor their followers, and establish appropriate working conditions. They improve the existing culture to foster communication, promote problem-solving and decision-making strategies, and improve collaboration. Managers can examine the challenges their workers go through in an attempt to introduce...

Business Ethics

Ethical Dilemmas and Theories Applied in Business

Introduction The emergence of ethical issues is conditional upon the policies of a given company as well as the conduct of its employees. My organization, which is office administration, is no exception to the rule. The ethical dilemma it faced resulted from the lack of mutual understanding between the company’s...

Human Resource Management

Omega Inc.’s New Performance Management System

Introduction The success of any company greatly depends on the performance of its employees. Thus, each business has to ensure that its workers are not only qualified but also motivated to deliver high-quality results. In the case of Omega Inc. and its franchise-based workforce, one can see that an effective...

Company Analysis

Process Improvement Project of Company Panera

Phase I: Improvement Opportunity In the modern world, people draw specific attention to the quality of food that they consume. That is why healthy food restaurants are requested among customers, and Panera is one of them. This restaurant has an adequate supply chain because it uses the No-No list to...

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Business Strategy

Qualitative Research Methods and Data Collection Techniques

Introduction One of the essential parts of any business research is the choice of proper research methods and data collection techniques. They need to correspond to the intentions of a scholar in terms of receiving the fullest information possible on the subject of research. Therefore, special attention should be paid...


Circular Economy and Societal Implications

Executive Summary Sustainable development and the circular economy are among the most relevant topics in current science. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the circular economy as a phenomenon, as well as its social consequences. Literature reviews, statistical data, academic articles, and SWOT models were used for this...


Why Are Companies Removing Plastic Straws From Their Company?

Explanation of the Observation The use of plastic materials has become a common habit of people across the world, making it a demanded product in multiple spheres. From an economic point of view, plastic is a significantly beneficial material that possesses such qualities as lightness in weight and durability. Importantly,...

Business Strategy

Portfolio Management Strategies

Portfolio management is the professional asset management of various securities aimed to meet the long-term financial objectives of a company. Successful portfolio management requires the ability to consider strengths and weaknesses of each particular asset, follow market fluctuations, and weight opportunities and threats of a wide range of investments (Connor,...

Business Ethics

Business Ethics and Social Corporate Responsibility for McDonald’s

Abstract With the rise of conscious consumption, companies are financially incentivized to become more socially responsible. One of the companies that decided to adopt the so-called CSR (corporate social responsibility) approach is McDonald’s, the largest fast-food chain in the world. These days, fast food companies often receive criticism due to...

Strategic Management

Managing HR in a Business Context – 3F Brief Business Environment

Internal Environment Analysis Human Resources Personnel is treated by the company in a caring and friendly way. The general performance of the company should be enhanced due to the employees-management cordial relationship. Still, there are specific issues with the HR policy: rumors and dropping morale within the company; hence, no...

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Leadership Styles

The Migration of Military Leadership Traits Into Business

Introduction The ability to lead a company to success in the market is the main criterion for the success of a leader. All the talents, skills, and skills that you can use to increase sales and profitability may give a company an additional advantage that allows being on top. Great...

Leadership Styles

The Effect of Work Environment Happiness on Employee Leadership

Abstract The concept of leadership has attracted attention of scholars over the recent past as companies struggle to manage stiff competition in the local and international markets. The aim of this systematic review is to critically synthesize the relationship between employee leadership and work environment happiness within the theoretical paradigm...

Strategic Management

Aviation Strategic Management

Introduction The timely addressing of potential threats is a mandatory aspect of the activities of airports. The inability to respond to risks and unwillingness to take advantage of opportunities available to optimize the work process impedes the development of these facilities and creates obstacles for the competent fulfillment of goals....

Company Analysis

Business Analysis of Get Heal, Incorporate

Team The company was founded by Dr. Renee Dua and Nick Desai, a tech entrepreneur, in 2014. The CEO of the company is Nick Desai, who is known for numerous successful start-up business projects. The information technology team works under the leadership by Jason Shafton, a technology, and media specialist,...

Company Analysis

Premier Restaurants Latvia: Internship Report

Introduction Internships allow students to obtain valuable information regarding actual companies, as well as their approaches to marketing, planning, human resources, and management. Practical implementation of different methods is highly interesting for aspiring specialists aiming at getting relevant experience from large organizations. Premier Restaurants Latvia represents the international fast food...

Company Analysis

Dignity Plc.: Financial Statements

Introduction Dignity Plc is a publically listed company in the United Kingdom (UK) that provides funeral services. According to the client website, the company serves over 800 local communities by connecting people with funeral directors around the UK (Dignity Plc, no date). The company offers full-service funerals, simple funerals, and...

Company Analysis

Apple’s Competitive Positioning

Introduction Apple is currently positioned at the top end of the technological market. Due to the release of its latest model, the iPhone X, it managed to corner roughly 50% of the world’s smartphone market in the last quarter of 2019 (Mahajan 2020). In between producing flagship models, the company...

Company Analysis

Ryanair Service Process: Service Blueprint

Executive Summary This paper discusses the service process of Ryanair through the use of a service blueprint. It has identified the strategies used by the airline to increase revenue. These main sources of additional income are selling various options and in-flight goods. Food and drinks are also offered, although people...