66 Comcast Research Topics & Essay Examples

Company overview Comcast is the second-largest broadcasting and cable television company in the world by revenue, the largest home internet provider, and the largest cable provider in the United States.
Best known for America’s largest home Internet service provider.
Origins Founded in 1963 by Ralph J. Roberts in conjunction with his two business partners, Daniel Aaron and Julian A. Brodsky, as American Cable Systems
Area served Worldwide, mostly United States and Europe
Headquarters Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Key people Brian L. Roberts (Chairman & CEO), Michael Cavanagh (SEVP & CFO), David L. Cohen (EVP)
Revenue Over $116 billion
Number of employees About 189 thousand
Scandals & incidents In 2016, Washington State Attorney General filed a lawsuit against Comcast: the company illegally defrauded customers to increase its profits by tens of millions of dollars and charged customers for unordered services and equipment.
It is interesting that The cable giant started modestly in 1963 with the purchase of a 1,200-subscriber cable system in Tupelo, Mississippi.
Website corporate.comcast.com

📝 Comcast Research Papers Examples

  1. TiVo Case Study: Strategic Management
    The major issues addressed in this case study would be competitive advantages, marketing, globalization, pricing economies of large scale business, patent protection, innovativeness.
  2. Comcast Cable Company: Strategy Review
    The company offers fast internet connection, clear broadband phone service, digital services and other innovative programming.
  3. Change Management in Comcast and Verizon Companies
    This paper analyses the management scenarios at Comcast Cable and Verizon Communications Ltd in a bid to suggest how management strategies can improve economic performances.
  4. Comcast and NBC Universal Business Combination
    The merger will bring other changes not only in the management but also in the accounting. The merger requires the signing of different documents for the whole process to be complete.
  5. Comcast-NBC Merger
    The combination between Comcast and NBC Universal occurred during the period between 2009 and 2011. This occurred when an agreement was signed between Comcast and General Electric.
  6. Disney's Competitive Strategy Analysis
    Disney's studio entertainment has incorporated a combination of product differentiation and cost leadership, allowing the company excellent box office performances.

🏆 Best Comcast Essay Titles

  1. Comcast Business Boosts Growth With Marketing Investments
  2. Antitrust: Supply and Demand and Comcast Stock
  3. Comcast Corporation’s Merger With At&T Broadband
  4. Comcast Practicing What They Preach
  5. Innovation Metrics for Comcast Corporation
  6. Measures and Dimensions for Comcast
  7. Strategic and Financial Management Style of Comcast
  8. The FCC’s Network Neutrality Ruling in the Comcast Case: Towards a Consensus With Europe
  9. Comcast Reinvents Its Leader Onboarding Strategy
  10. Value Chain and Five Forces for Comcast
  11. Pros and Cons of a Potential Merger Between Comcast and Disney Corporations
  12. Comcast’s Strategy and Corporate Management Style
  13. The Death of the Comcast Deal With Time Warner
  14. Comcast Stock Falls on Broadband Subscriber Forecast
  15. Creating Innovative Solutions for Comcast to Stay on the Leading Edge
  16. Comcast Marketing Strategy and Marketing Mix (4Ps)
  17. Management Practices Of Comcast Corporation
  18. Comcast Advertising and Marketing Assignments
  19. Strategy Shifts Driven by Comcast’s Broadband-First Approach
  20. Comcast Launches Tools to Improve Ad Targeting on TV
  21. Acquisition Between Comcast and Time Warner
  22. Comcast’s Strategy and Corporate Management Style
  23. Significant Changes in the Comcast Product and Tech Exec Team
  24. Comcast Employee Benefits and Perks
  25. Network Management Practices of Comcast: A Brief Analysis
  26. Comcast Business Recognized With Best Internet Service Provider Award for 11th Consecutive Year
  27. Employee Benefit of Comcast: Performance Bonus
  28. Comcast Business Drives Growth With Marketing Investments
  29. How Comcast Pushes Customer Service Reps to Make Sales
  30. Comcast’s ‘Blink and You’ll Miss It’ Innovation
  31. Management and Sales Solutions Effectiveness at Comcast
  32. Comcast Targets Strategic Acquisitions and International Expansion to Fuel Long-Term Growth
  33. Secrets Behind Comcast’s Surprising Success
  34. Comcast’s Plan to Become a Streaming Giant
  35. Energy Management Success Secrets From Comcast and EDF
  36. Comcast: Clear Strategy and Focus on Innovation Pays Off
  37. Transforming Customer Experience at Comcast
  38. Comcast Customer Agreements, Policies, and Service Disclosures
  39. Using Technology to Drive Business Process Improvement: Comcast
  40. Comcast Ends Its Controversial ‘Congestion Management System’

❓ Comcast Research Questions

  1. Why Did the Government and Consumers Have Regulatory Opposition to the Proposed Merger Between Comcast and Time Warner?
  2. When Did Comcast Merge With Time Warner?
  3. Is Comcast a Good Company to Work For?
  4. What Are the Best Aspects of Working at Comcast?
  5. Does Comcast Have a High Turnover Rate?
  6. Do Comcast Employees Get Free Cable?
  7. Does Comcast Violate a Key Marketing Principle?
  8. How Does Comcast Tell People About Customer Experience Transformation?
  9. Does Comcast Offer Thousands of Grants, Equipment, Marketing, and Tech Resources to Small Businesses Hardest Hit by COVID?
  10. How Did Comcast Become Successful?
  11. What Is Comcast’s Competitive Advantage?
  12. What Are Comcast’s Mission and Vision?
  13. Does Comcast Ramp up Spending on the Peacock Streaming Service?
  14. Can Comcast Leverage Disruptive Strategies to Stay Viable in Shifting Digital MarketPlace?
  15. How Did Comcast Build a Winning Social Media Customer Service Team?
  16. How Did Comcast It Move From Order-Taker to Innovator?
  17. Does Comcast See Continued Growth in the Cable Business?
  18. What Is Happening With Comcast Stock?
  19. How Much Does Comcast Spend on Marketing?
  20. Who Is Comcast’s Target Audience?

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