66 Blackberry Research Topics & Essay Examples

Company overview Blackberry is the Canadian software company that provides intelligent security software and services to enterprises and governments worldwide.
Best known for Premium smartphones
Origins Founded in 1984 as Research In Motion by Mike Lazaridis and Douglas Fregin
Area served Worldwide
Headquarters Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Key people John S. Chen (Chairman & CEO)
Revenue Over $18 million
Number of employees Over 3 thousand
Scandals & incidents In 2007, co-CEO Jim Balsillie was forced to resign as the company announced a $250-million earnings restatement relating to mistakes in how it granted stock options.
It is interesting that Former U.S. President Barack Obama was famously fond of his BlackBerry. But only a select few would have been able to reach the president that way: Obama’s BlackBerry contact list was restricted to 10 numbers.
Website www.blackberry.com
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📝 Blackberry Research Papers Examples

  1. BlackBerry Brand Management and Competition
    The article “BlackBerry Makes Surprise Profit While T-Mobile Continues to Evolve Brand” is a good case study for the latest brand management events.
  2. BlackBerry Business Strategy [Compared to Apple & Motorola]
    What is BlackBerry’s business strategy? 🤳 This paper analyzes BlackBerry's strategy and compares it to 📱 Apple’s successful management and Motorola’s business strategy failure. 😮 Aren’t you curious yet?
  3. Blackberry Phones and Consumer Behavior
    Based on the response given by six customers who had purchased and used Blackberry phones, this paper will discuss customers' perceived value of products.
  4. Blackberry Company. Accounting and Financial Management
    When factors that determine sources of funds are included in the Blackberry context, debt financing will be a cheaper alternative than equity due to the interest tax credit.
  5. Blackberry Company: Financial Statement Analysis
    This essay contains an overview of Blackberry Company, horizontal analysis, ratio analysis, recommendation, and conclusion.

🏆 Best Blackberry Essay Titles

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  1. Consumer Behaviour: Consumers’ Perception of Blackberry Phones
  2. Blackberry Limited and Its Impact on Consumer Market
  3. Integrating Customer Relationship Management Into Blackberry
  4. BlackBerry: Key Information Management Concepts
  5. Strategic Planning and Development of the Blackberry Smartphone
  6. Blackberry Story: Successful Brand Marketing
  7. Telecommunication Innovation: The Blackberry Evolution
  8. Strategic Positioning and Future Prospects for Blackberry
  9. The Rise and Fall of the Blackberry
  10. Understanding Operation Management Issues of Blackberry
  11. Blackberry Has Growing Pains That Will Keep It in the Penny Stock Range
  12. Protecting Innovations at the BlackBerry Company
  13. BlackBerry Executives Cashed Out When Their Stock Soared on Reddit
  14. A Story of Constant Success and Failure: BlackBerry
  15. Blackberry Makeover Brought the Company Back From the Abyss
  16. An Analysis of BlackBerries Strategic Options Failure
  17. Blackberry Performance Analysis: A Clear Signal for an Interesting Trading Season
  18. How Blackberry Transformed From a ‘Basket of Parts’ Into a Profitable Cybersecurity Company
  19. BlackBerry in International Markets: Business Interests and Host Nations’ Security Concerns
  20. From Mobiles to Enterprise Security: How BlackBerry Transitioned From B2C to B2B Strategy
  21. Blackberry Has Left the Smartphone Industry to Focus on Software
  22. The Ways BlackBerry Can Become Relevant Again
  23. BlackBerry Has Hired Ex-McAfee President John Giamatteo to Lead the Security Practice
  24. The Real Lessons From the Fates of BlackBerry and Nokia
  25. Blackberry’s Transformation From a Mobile Heavyweight Into Something Else Entirely
  26. The Wrong Focus Strategy Made by Blackberry
  27. BlackBerry Business Model: How Does BlackBerry Earns?
  28. Sales Model: How to Increase Sales – Blackberry Example
  29. Blackberry: A Generic and Intensive Growth Strategies
  30. The Inevitable Decline of the Blackberry
  31. BlackBerry and NXP Team Up to Help Companies Prepare for and Prevent Quantum Cyberattacks
  32. Transforming BlackBerry: From Smartphones to Software
  33. Blackberry and Magna Sign an Agreement to Collaborate on Advanced Driver-Assistance System Solutions
  34. Why Blackberry Has Become a Dog in the Smartphone Market
  35. Blackberry’s Biggest Ever Marketing Campaign
  36. The Decline of the Blackberry and Its Link to the COVID Pandemic
  37. Blackberry Marketing Mistakes: A Valuable Business Lesson
  38. Benefits of BlackBerry UEM for Mobile Device Management
  39. Blackberry Finds Creative Ways to Make Work Relevant to Young Talent
  40. How Blackberry Is Redefining Itself as an Enterprise Company

❓ Blackberry Research Questions

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  1. What Is the Marketing Plan of Blackberry?
  2. Who Are the Main Competitors of Blackberry?
  3. What Is the Strategic Position of BlackBerry?
  4. Why Did Blackberry Fail in India?
  5. Is BlackBerry Stock Poised to Fall Further?
  6. How Can Blackberry Recover From Massive Losses?
  7. What Are the Benefits of Blackberry Information Technology?
  8. How Successful Has Blackberry Been Compared to Other Mobile Devices?
  9. What Caused Blackberry’s Failure?
  10. How Did BlackBerry Handle Past Wealth?
  11. What Made Blackberry Successful?
  12. BlackBerry Price Targets: What Do They Mean?
  13. What Kind of Shareholders Hold the Majority in BlackBerry?
  14. Does Blackberry Partner With Midis Group to Drive Growth in the Middle East?
  15. Is BlackBerry Stock a Good Investment?
  16. Where Will BlackBerry Stock Be in 5 Years?
  17. Is BlackBerry a Profitable Company?
  18. Does Blackberry Extend Partnership With Magna to Work on Advanced Driver Assistance Systems?
  19. Is BlackBerry Still in Business in 2022?
  20. What Was Blackberry’s Marketing Strategy?
  21. What Could Blackberry Have Done to Remain Competitive?

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