70 BMW Research Topics & Essay Examples

Company overview The German multinational corporate manufacturer of luxury vehicles and motorcycles.
Best known for Exceptional reliability and high-quality product offering.
Origins Founded on 7 March 1916
Area served Worldwide
Headquarters Munich, Germany
Key people Oliver Zipse (Chairman of the Board of Management), Norbert Reithofer (Chairman of the Supervisory Board)
Revenue Over €98 billion
Number of employees About 133 thousand
Scandals & incidents BMW and Volkswagen were fined nearly $1 billion for colluding on emissions technology.
It is interesting that BMW built its first electric car in 1972.
Website www.bmw.com www.bmwgroup.com
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📝 BMW Research Papers Examples

  1. BMW Quality Management – European Foundation for Quality Management
    Analyzing BMQ quality management? 👌 This study describes the success of the BMW through the application of the European Foundation Quality Management. 🔌 Read the paper to learn about suggestions for a further improvement in the BMW Group. 📈
  2. Analysis of the Current State of the BMW Company
    The article offers an analysis of the financial position of BMW, a swat analysis to determine further development options and possible strategies for action in the markets.
  3. BMW: Leadership Case
    The leadership at BMW is greatly entrenched in the BMW's Associate and Leadership Model, a leadership model that is championed by the incorporations chairman, Milberg.
  4. The Phenomenon of the Operations Management in BMW
    In the case study, the concerned organisation was at a point where it wanted to be a leader in the production of the Mini. In other words, part of its corporate strategy was to be in the business of Mini production.
  5. Decoding the Object of Desire: BMW x5 or Land Rover Range Rover
    An article on how the marketing of the BMW X5 and Land Rover Range Rover is structured to evoke certain feelings among potential buyers.
  6. BMW Automobile Production and Its History
    BMW is a German manufacturer of automobiles, motorcycles, and aircraft engines. The company is based in Munich and was started in 1913.
  7. International Corporate Finance: BMW
    The company selected for the estimation of its weighted average cost of capital is Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW AG).
  8. The BMW Company's Marketing Excellence
    An overview and analysis of the BMW Company's marketing strategy illustrates the reasons for its success and identifies its organizational challenges.
  9. BMW, Hershey’s and AT&T: Financial Comparison
    BMW, Hershey’s and AT&T prepare their financial statements on a consolidated basis and therefore, this paper is keeping in view the overall position of the groups.

🏆 Best BMW Essay Titles

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  1. The Corporate Strategies and Objectives of BMW
  2. Globalization of Manufacturing Operations: BMW
  3. Financial Ratio Analysis: BMW Group
  4. Automotive Industry, Porter Competitive Forces and SWOT Analysis of BMW
  5. BMW Global Finacial Risk and Financial Data
  6. BMW Culture and Leadership
  7. BMW Group Sustainability Policy
  8. Plants Supply Chain Management and Logistics of BMW
  9. Aggressive Pricing Strategies of BMW
  10. Human Resources Policy of BMW Group
  11. Automobile Industry and BMW
  12. BMW’s Dream Factory and Culture
  13. Brand Analysis for BMW
  14. Potential International Opportunities and Ideas for BMW
  15. BMW Advertisement Visual Analysis
  16. Management, Market, and Strategy Analysis for BMW Group
  17. BMW Group Business Strategy
  18. BMW: Manufacturing Process and Logistics
  19. Hypothetical Marketing Plan For BMW Group
  20. BMW Company Strategic Management
  21. BMW Cross-Functional Team and Competitive Analysis
  22. Corporate Culture BMW
  23. BMW and the External Environment
  24. Marketing and Consumer Behavior of BMW
  25. Advertising Campaign for New BMW Series
  26. Globalization and BMW: Exporting and Economy
  27. Missions and Objectives for BMW Dealerships
  28. Aerodynamics and Model Experimental BMW
  29. The Global Business Strategy of BMW Group Marketing
  30. BMW AG: The Digital Car Project
  31. BMW and Consumer Behavior
  32. Problems Facing BMW Company
  33. BMW Business Model Crunches Gears as Profit Falls
  34. Target, Positioning, and Marketing Mix at BMW
  35. Branding and Reputation BMW
  36. Business Strategies and Procedures for BMW
  37. Innovative Leadership and International Marketing of BMW Group
  38. Marketing Process and Segmentation for BMW Group
  39. Assessing the Capacity Planning for BMW
  40. Operations Management and Organizational Structures of BMW

❓ BMW Research Questions

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  1. What Are the Causes and Consequences of BMW’s Quality?
  2. What Makes BMW a Sustainable Business?
  3. What Responsibilities Does BMW Have to Its Customers?
  4. Why Has BMW Group Been Successful?
  5. Why BMW Was a Successful Expansion Into the Global Market?
  6. Why Did BMW Launch the Films Campaign?
  7. Why Should the Consumer Buy BMW?
  8. What Are the Three Pillars of the BMW Group Sustainability Strategy?
  9. How Does BMW Motivate Its Employees?
  10. Who Is Part of the BMW Group?
  11. What Companies Does BMW Own?
  12. What Is BMW’s Strategy?
  13. Which Vision Does the BMW Group Pursue?
  14. What Is the Focus of BMW?
  15. What Does BMW Do Well to Market to Each Segment Group?
  16. What Is BMW Doing for Sustainability?
  17. What Impact Does BMW Have On the Environment?
  18. What Is BMW Group’s Supplier Sustainability Policy?
  19. What Is BMW’s Marketing Strategy?
  20. What Does BMW Do Well to Market to Each Segment Group?
  21. Who Is BMW’s Target Audience?

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