68 KFC Research Topics & Essay Examples

Company overview KFC is an American fast-food restaurant chain that specializes in fried chicken.
Best known for It is the world’s second-largest restaurant chain after McDonald’s, with 22,621 locations globally in 150 countries as of December 2019.
Origins Sanders Court & Café: 20 March 1930; First franchise: 24 September 1952
Area served Worldwide
Headquarters 1441 Gardiner Lane, Louisville, Kentucky, U.S., Dallas, Texas, U.S.
Key people Tony Lowings (CEO and President), Monica Rothgery (COO), Catherine Tan (CMO), Staci Rawls (CCO)
Revenue Almost $28 billion
Number of employees Over 13 thousand
Business divisions More than 25,000 KFC units
Scandals & incidents In December 2012, the chain was criticized in China when it was discovered that several KFC suppliers had been using growth hormones and excessive antibiotics on their poultry in ways that violated Chinese law.
It is interesting that Eating KFC is a Christmas Tradition in Japan.
Website www.kfc.com

📝 KFC Research Papers Examples

  1. Understanding and Managing Organizations
    The issue of understanding and also managing the organization is very much important. This can be answered through analyzing the evolution stages which are undertaken by most of the organizations.
  2. Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC): Strategic Management
    Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), is a world renown fast food brand. The company is based in the United States but has expanded its operations in numerous countries world wide.
  3. Industry Analysis on the Global Fast-Food Industry
    The industry analysis constitutes scrutiny of the dominant economic features, competitive forces, key driving factors, and key success factors of the industry.
  4. Global Marketing Ethics and Culture: Takeover Bid of Cadbury’s by Kraft Foods
    The takeover bid for Cadbury’s by Kraft foods has been regarded as a hostile move due to the ethical, economic, and social factors involved.
  5. Global Marketing: KFC’s Fried Chicken in the U.S. and UK
    The product under analysis is KFC’s Fried Chicken. Although the product has been criticized for its unhealthy nature, it remains one of the most frequently purchased brands.
  6. Operations Management for KFC. Case Study
    Developing and delivering services and products to clients relies significantly on effective systems of interconnected processes.
  7. Importance of Motivation and Training Proposal for Employees
    The paper provides a motivation and training proposal for Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) various categories of employees.

🏆 Best KFC Essay Titles

  1. Alternative Advertising Method Used by KFC
  2. Marketing Strategy Plan of KFC
  3. The United States Laws and KFC Food Practices
  4. Growth and Strategy of KFC
  5. Customer Experience Management: Problem at KFC
  6. Business Ethics of KFC
  7. Business, History, and Overview of KFC
  8. Public Health Laws and Ethics: KFC
  9. Business Strategy for KFC Company
  10. Campaign Against KFC Corporation
  11. SWOT Analyses of Kentucky Fried Chicken
  12. Real Choices at KFC
  13. Change Quality Management: McDonald’s vs. KFC
  14. Competing Through Operation: KFC
  15. Corporate Social Responsibility of KFC
  16. Customer Satisfaction Towards the Services of KFC
  17. Fast Food Restaurant Market: Kentucky Fried Chicken
  18. Marketing Strategies Use by KFC
  19. KFC and the Global Fast-Food Industry
  20. KFC Emerging Market Strategies
  21. History and Market Strategy of KFC
  22. Human Resources and Strategic Planning at KFC
  23. Information Management Within KFC
  24. Integrated Marketing Communication Plan of KFC
  25. Internal and External Stakeholders of KFC
  26. Internal Factor That Affects the Pricing Decisions of KFC
  27. KFC Brand Revitalization and Global Fast Food Industry
  28. KFC and Its Impact on the World’s Most Prevalent Chicken
  29. KFC and Animal Cruelty
  30. KFC Background and Branding Position
  31. The Value Proposition of KFC: Real Food Fast, Not Fast Synthetic Food
  32. The Ethical and Legal Issues of KFC
  33. SWOT Analysis and Strategies for KFC
  34. Strategic Problems and Strategic Solutions for KFC
  35. Entry Marketing Strategies Use by KFC
  36. Risk and Crisis Management: Environmental Scanning of KFC
  37. Quality and System Philosophy in KFC
  38. Purchasing and Supply Management in KFC
  39. Outlets Promotional Methods Adopted by KFC
  40. KFC Marketing Strategy and Marketing Mix

❓ KFC Research Questions

  1. Can KFC Make Profit?
  2. How Kentucky Fried Chicken Uses Its Uniqueness?
  3. How Can KFC Keep Its Share and Gradually Develop in the Fast Food Industry?
  4. How KFC Holding Engage With Its Stakeholder?
  5. How KFC Adapted the Traditional Structure of Their Outlets?
  6. Stereotyping KFC Ad: Racist or Not?
  7. What Are KFC Decision Making Style of Manager?
  8. Why Should Businesses Focus On Supply Chain Management: A Look at KFC’s Supply Chain?
  9. Why Is KFC So Successful?
  10. How Does KFC Attract Customers?
  11. What Is KFC Competitive Advantage?
  12. What Is KFC Strategy?
  13. How KFC Management Its Advertising and Marketing Communications?
  14. What Is the Business Environment of KFC?
  15. Why Does KFC Have a High Employee Turnover Rate?
  16. What Development and Marketing Plan Does KFC Use?
  17. How Does KFC Use Social Media?
  18. What Is the Customer Purchasing Power of KFC?
  19. What Management Issues Has KFC?
  20. How Does KFC Make Its Operations Process?
  21. What Is KFC Value Proposition?

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