Refund Policy


  • Company”, “We”, and “Our” – this implies; the owner is , located at , , , , .
  • Customer”, “Client”, “You”, “Your” – this applies to the person who orders a service on the Website, and to whom the Company approves the Order and payment.
  • Product” and “Order” imply the written documents the Company creates. It could be an article, paper, essay, or any other text a Customer may order and pay for.
  • Expert” refers to third parties that we cooperate with to deliver the Orders to the Customers.

Order Instructions

The Client must ensure that the Order contains accurate specifications and clear instructions for the Company to follow. If the Company reaches out to the Client to clarify the details of the order, the client is expected to collaborate to insure the successful order completion.

Inconsistent Directives / Lack of Instructions

A Client is to provide complete and accurate order instructions, which entails the required additional documents, materials, and login details needed to complete the order successfully. If the Client states that additional instructions are required and the payment has gone through successfully, the order will be paused by default. This regulation guarantees that the expert can only begin tackling the order with the necessary files and resources at their disposal.

The Expert will not start to work on a Client’s order until the required information and materials are sent. After a Client provides full details, the Company will start working on the order and assign a suitable Expert to execute it. The Customer confirms that the Company will only begin work after complete instructions are provided, and the order status depends on the timely delivery of the additional files.

Contradicting Instructions

A Client accepts to provide order instructions that are understandable, clear, and concise. Contradicting order instructions might result in delivery delays or poor-quality products. The Company will carry out verification steps with the Customer to ensure clarity. The Expert might stop working on the order until the full clarification of instructions. If the Expert needs order clarification, the Customer will not hold the Company liable for any delays in the order delivery.

Reasonable Support and Co-operation

A Client admits that the failure to give accurate instructions or guidelines during service provision might result in the final product’s delivery delays. The Company will not be responsible for this delay. The Company recommends that Customers check their emails frequently to respond to queries regarding the order. Failure to check email and give timely responses to messages and an incorrect phone number might result in delivery delays of a final product. 

Rare or Unclear Sources

If the Expert must use rare or unusual sources not accessible to the general public, a Client accepts to offer the necessary material or login details needed to access the relevant materials within 2 hours after the Company acknowledges payment confirmation. Failure to issue the necessary materials within the given timeframe might cause delivery delays of the final product. 

Refund Request

A Client may request a refund within 7 days after the Product has been delivered for the Company to consider the request, which must be submitted in writing through the Client Admin Panel or email. The Company will not consider a refund request after the above-mentioned deadline has elapsed. All the refunds are issued as expressed in these terms or at the Company’s discretion. 

Late Product Delivery

If the Expert delays the Product’s delivery, the Company will recalculate the price in line with the new deadline since the Product price relies on a specific delivery option. The Company will refund the price difference between the original order date and the final deadline. In other situations of late delivery, the Company will not satisfy a refund request and will not be held liable. 


The Company’s seasonal offers are not cumulative and can be used once per order. A Client can take advantage of a discount offer or decline it. The Company will not grant a refund for a discount. 


A Customer might be asked to pass an authentication procedure as a part of fraud prevention. It entails billing confirmation or information related to the order through the phone or a written document. 

The Company initiates the verification process no less than 2 hours after receiving the payment approval. The Company may delay the delivery of a final product if a Client fails to complete the verification process within two hours of receiving the payment confirmation.

Deadline for Revision

An Expert will need additional time to deliver the final Product if a Client asks for a revision using the Free Revision Guarantee option. Such a case will not be considered late service delivery within the Money Back Guarantee policy.

Payment Upfront

After successful payment, an Expert will be assigned to complete the order. Failure to make payments after completing the order form and stating the deadline by a Client might interfere with the timely delivery of the final Product. The stated deadline on the order form is valid after successful payment and provision of the necessary instructions. 

Client Extension

If a Client decides to allocate additional time to an Expert or alter the Product’s delivery deadline, a new drawn-out deadline will be set. 

Cancellation of Order Initiated by Customer

  1. A Client accepts that an Expert is assigned to a project after the payment of the order successfully goes through. Refunds will only be granted under the terms outlined in this agreement because of the special nature of the service. In other circumstances, the Company offers a refund or discount at their will. 
  2. A Client can cancel an order any time before making a payment. 
  3. If a Client pays for an order and decides to cancel it before the project is assigned to an Expert, the Company will refund 80% of the total amount paid to the Client’s bank account or 100% to their balance to be used when paying for future orders.
  4. If a Client pays for an order and decides to cancel it after the project is assigned to an Expert, the Company will refund 40% of the total amount paid to the Client’s bank account or 60% to their balance to be used when paying for future orders.

Refund Methods

If the Company agrees to issue a partial or full refund, the Company will provide a refund using the Customer’s credit or debit card information used to make the payment.

If a Client entitled to a refund made a wire transfer to the Company’s bank account, the Company will provide the Client with a credit on future orders.