Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ page contains answers to the most frequently asked questions about how Business-Essay academic help platform works.

Business-Essay is a company dedicated to full-scale assistance for students in all aspects of their academic activities.

We provide help in three fields:

  • Academic assistance of the best writing experts
  • A free essay database on business-related topics
  • Study tools specifically suited for business and other disciplines

Academic assistance FAQ

The algorithm for ordering a custom paper sample is pretty straightforward; you don’t need to take any sophisticated steps or fill out endless forms.

The work is done in three stages:

  • You submit an order by providing us with assignment details.
  • You track the progress of your assigned writer’s work.
  • You get the final product to your personal account on the website.

As simple as 1, 2, 3!

The rule of thumb is to submit assignments to clients based on their indicated deadlines. Thus, if you order a paper and stipulate a 3-day deadline, you will get the final product exactly in 3 days, maybe a bit earlier. Please don’t expect the assignment in 3 days if you’ve paid for a 7-10-day deadline; our experts have a carefully planned work schedule and don’t deliver the papers days before the indicated time. We also encourage clients to be realistic about the deadlines they set; it is impossible to complete a sample dissertation in 2-3 days or a 10-page research paper in 6 hours. So, please plan the assignments’ timing in advance to avoid rushing the expert.

That’s what we can do for you without a problem! Our experts work 24/7 as they are located in different time zones, so our company can guarantee round-the-clock coverage. The minimal deadline we can manage is 3 hours, and it covers only small tasks, which don’t exceed 1-2 pages. Larger orders can be delivered in as little as 6 hours. Thus, you can close the burning assignment with our help even if you place the order on the same day.

We encourage clients to provide as many details about the task as possible; this way, we increase the chances of delivering exactly what you need. Thus, at a minimum, you should determine the referencing style, the paper type (essay, research paper, lab report, case study, etc.), the number of pages and sources, the deadline, and the academic level at which you currently study. The more information you provide, the more the final result will meet your requirements.

All amendments to the order details made after the work has started should be discussed individually. Please keep that in mind when planning your work with a Business-Essay expert and try to provide the final order explanations and prompts before the specialist is assigned to your project.

You’re in full control of the order completion process once you pay for the order and get an expert assigned to your project. You can communicate with them in the website’s internal messaging system, ask them for updates, and track the progress reports they submit to keep you in the loop.

Yes, our experts can complete the paper’s end-to-end formatting, from the title page to in-text references and the reference page, in the citation style you indicate. The main thing is to specify your referencing standard when placing an order and upload the referencing guide if you have any.

You’re free to communicate with your assigned expert in the website’s internal messaging system to track any order updates and contact them with subsequent assignments. However, we strongly discourage contacting your expert outside the website or exchanging personal data and contacts, as it’s a risk for compromising your privacy and anonymity.

Things happen, and we cannot guarantee that students are happy with all the samples our experts complete. Thus, we reserve your right to free revisions for 14 days after the order’s submission (for a Standard service plan). You can claim revisions free of charge within that period, provided the revisions fall within the initial order’s descriptions and don’t require adding new information or sections not initially discussed in the prompt. The duration of revision coverage is longer for more advanced service plans – from 45 to 90 days.

You may check our company’s legitimacy and reputation in many ways:

  • Study our legal information in the Terms and Conditions section,
  • Review our samples for authenticity and quality,
  • Read the testimonials of satisfied clients who worked with us before.

Besides, you can use the Chat GPT checker on our website to verify that your paper is original and human-written. We are always ready to provide an originality report and have nothing to conceal, so your academic performance is in safe hands here.

Our Experts

All experts employed at Business-Essay have a long list of academic credentials and a minimum of 3 years of academic writing experience. Many of them come from the USA and Canada to meet the needs of ENL students. Yet, we also have an ESL writing team to help international students. This way, we ensure our professionals serve you well and deliver well-researched, academically flawless assignments.

All contenders must pass a multi-step recruitment process to get to the team:

  • First, they take a writing test and submit their CVs to prove they are competent in academic writing.
  • Next, they are invited to an online interview where skilled HR managers check their motivation and personal qualities.
  • Third, the remaining candidates get hired for a trial period, generally passed only by 2% of the initial candidate population.

This way, we ensure that only the cream of the crop gets to the team and works to help you succeed in business studies.

We always try to match your order with the best available expert featuring a relevant academic background. Our managers check the writers’ availability and assign the person that matches your required skillset and academic knowledge. We also consider your specific requirements.

Yes, you can ask the expert you previously worked with to take your new order if you were largely satisfied with the quality of their writing and service level. Otherwise, we will assign you the best available specialist in your field.

Yes, you can discuss all matters related to your current order with your assigned expert in the website’s internal chat and messages.

We guarantee that every writer joining our team is a specialist with in-depth writing expertise in one or several topics. However, you can additionally check the writer’s qualifications by asking them relevant questions about their professional background and credentials. If you suspect that your expert is not qualified enough to handle your task, turn to the QA department for an investigation of this matter

Payment Process

Our pricing policy is transparent; you can find the paper’s exact quote by inserting your order’s details into the calculator on our main page. It will calculate the price based on your deadline, paper length, academic complexity, and paper type. Besides, the price changes depending on your chosen service plan: Standard, Superior, and 1st Class, each with specific terms, customer privileges, and revision periods.

You can choose between a Standard, Superior, and 1st Class service plans at our company, depending on the success rate you’re targeting and the desired service privileges:

  • The Standard plan is the best way to go for students on a budget who have plenty of time for the assignment; it comes with 14 days of free revisions.
  • The Superior plan has an extended revision coverage of 45 days and guarantees that one of the TOP 10 writers works on your order.
  • The 1st Class plan is the highest plan you can get, with 90 days of revision coverage, top-priority order processing, and premium support. In this case, one of our TOP 5 writers will complete your paper according to your individual requirements.

We always try to please our customers with discounts and special deals, so you can save from 5% to 30% of the order’s price by following our sales and campaigns via a newsletter and on the website. Sign up for our email notifications, and you’ll always be the first to learn about exciting offers.

We start working only on 100% pre-paid papers, guaranteeing your commitment to the order. To prepare one sample, a lot of work is required from the start. The expert conducts research, writes and formats the text taking into account individual wishes. If you are unsatisfied with the outcome, you can claim a free revision or refund from the company.

All data clients provide on the website is encrypted using the 256-bit standard. Thus, you may be 100% confident that your personal and banking details are fully secure and confidential. We never share customer data with third-party advertisers or inside the company, thus preserving your privacy to the fullest.

Free Essays Database FAQ

The database of samples available on our platform is a must-visit resource for any student interested in academic growth and mastery of outstanding academic writing skills. It is composed of A+ academic papers on different business topics, with the content quality and grammar carefully reviewed by our experts and posted for open access for all business learners.

The free samples database available at Business-Essay is a special place where students can find inspiration and get referencing materials for their business-related studies. It contains the academic assignments donated by students attending various business courses to serve as guidance and writing support for aspiring learners. They are free to use for referencing purposes.

Here you can find samples on various business-related topics, which are currently studied at different courses and business programs. These papers are dedicated to branding, banking, advertising, accounting, business ethics, and many other subjects you may face at your business school. Thus, by coming here, you get an A-Z guide to business writing that can save and guide you with any assignment.

Yes, these samples are available without any limitations and are absolutely free of charge. Thus, you can study them to find valuable ideas, sources, and arguments for your assignments without wasting time on extensive research from scratch. The database serves our mission of helping students advance in their studies without cheating or school policy violation, so you can consult the available samples to jumpstart your writing project.

You can quickly spot the essay samples relevant to your prompt by scanning our database. We have a convenient filter to search for essays by company, strategy, planning, and analysis. You can also quickly scan the database by the business subdiscipline, such as Branding or Accounting. Finally, you can search through the “recent essay samples” page if you’re a regular visitor and want brand-new, non-used ideas for refreshing your insights.

Study tools FAQ

In the broadest sense of this term, a study tool is an instrument that helps automate and simplify academic tasks for students. There are tons of instruments available on our platform: summarizers, paraphrasers, text-to-speech converters, and business analysis templates among others. You can use them free of charge here or look for premium-level, paid study tools elsewhere online.

Our mission is to simplify studies for students and make their educational routines way more enjoyable for as many learners as possible. Thus, all our tools are 100% free of charge, available without limitations or trial runs. We don’t feature free versions with narrowed functionality, offering you to pay for the full feature set. The use of our study tools is free at all times. Besides, the tools are registration-free and don’t presuppose watching the annoying online commercials.

Our platform contains many valuable tools that can be helpful for any student despite the topic they’re exploring.

Our multipurpose tools are divided into 2 broad categories:

  • Writing helpers
  • Citation style assistants

The first category includes all assistive tools for simplifying and automating some writing tasks, such as making a conclusion, rewording, thesis statement writing, title making, research question formulation, etc.

The second category is a set of tools for automatic citation generation in the most popular referencing styles, such as APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, and Turabian.

Business analysis follows a standard set of templates that students should master to perform their assignments quickly and correctly: SWOT analysis, SOAR analysis, PEST(EL), Porter 5 Forces, VRIO, and the like. We feature all those templates on our website and allow our platform’s visitors to systematize business data and complete an analytical exercise without a problem, visualizing the result in a clear and structured table. You can choose one of the proposed templates, which are all available free of charge!