77 Virgin Group Research Topics & Essay Examples

Company overview A global, growth investor, British multinational venture capital conglomerate.
Best known for Sound recording, air travel, cellular, cable television and radio.
Origins Founded by Richard Branson and Nik Powell in February 1970.
Area served Worldwide
Headquarters London, England
Key people Peter Norris (Chairman), Josh Bayliss (CEO)
Revenue Over £16 billion
Number of employees Approximately 71 thousand
Business divisions Virgin Voyages, Virgin Voucher, Virgin Vacations, Virgin Unite, Virgin Startup, Virgin Sports, Virgin Rail Group, Virgin Radio, Virgin Pure, Virgin Pulse, Virgin Orbit, Virgin Oceanic, Virgin Money UK, Virgin Mobile, Virgin Megastores, Virgin Media O2, Virgin Limobike, Virgin Limited Edition, Virgin Hyperloop, Virgin Hotels, Virgin Holidays, Virgin Galactic, Virgin Experience Days, Virgin Books, Virgin Balloon Flights, Virgin Australia Holdings, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Active, Envision Virgin Racing
Scandals & incidents In 2017 Richard Branson took helm at Hyperloop One amid sexual harassment scandal surrounding former chairman.
It is interesting that Virgin started a social media site years before Facebook.
Website www.virgin.com

📝 Virgin Group Research Papers Examples

  1. Virgin Atlantic Ltd.'s Social Media Communication
    In comparing the best practices on the effectiveness of social media for in Virgin Atlantic, it has been seen that the social media is a platform for communication and socializing.
  2. Virgin Group Company's Strategies Research
    This envisioned research will focus on the Virgin Group that is one of the dominant companies in UK. Business analysts have conducted research studies of the company’s business strategies.
  3. Virgin Group's Successful Strategic Management
    Virgin Group is one of the most successful conglomerates in the world. Most people attribute Virgin’s growth to its founder, Sir Richard Branson.
  4. Richard Branson and His Leadership Action Logics
    Richard Branson has been presented as an international business leader who has demonstrated his capacity to lead as a strategist, an achiever, an alchemist, and a diplomat.
  5. Richard Branson, the Leader of Virgin Group
    The paper analyzes Richard Branson’s overall leadership style, organizational structure and culture of his Virgin Group, and effectiveness of his leadership performance.
  6. Virgin Mobile Organisation Management Strategy
    This paper discusses and analyzes the management strategy of Virgin Mobile organization, a newly formed business for telecommunication.
  7. Jetstar and Virgin Blue Joint Venture Comparison
    The paper compares Jetstar and Virgin Blue companies in terms of the competition issues and analyzes other risks that can arise if the companies formed a combined marketing arm.
  8. Human Resource Development Program
    Leaders are made not born and anyone with a special desire of becoming an effective leader can be made so through trainings.
  9. Virgin Atlantic Airlines: Management Information Systems
    The research aims to look into how information systems affect decision-making processes in the company Virgin Atlantic Airlines and how they can be used for competitive advantage.
  10. Virgin Blue vs. Jetstar: Comparative Analysis
    This paper studies the cases of Virgin Blue and Jetstar to understand the brand equity of the existing brands.
  11. Multinational Company : Virgin Group
    Virgin Group is an English holding company that was founded by Richard Branson and Nik Powell in 1970. Virgin operates several businesses in the United States.

🏆 Best Virgin Group Essay Titles

  1. Algeo Ltd and Virgin Group – Comparison and Analysis
  2. The Virgin Group: Global Company
  3. Virgin Group’s Investment Portfolio and Diversification
  4. Brand and Virgin Group: Critical Analysis
  5. Sir Richard Branson – Chairman, Virgin Group, Ltd.
  6. Company Analysis Virgin Group
  7. Corporate Social Responsibility and the Virgin Group
  8. Entrepreneurship: The Virgin Group, Ltd.
  9. Leadership Case Study: Virgin Group, Ltd.
  10. Strategic Management: Virgin Group, Ltd.
  11. Strong Corporate Branding Virgin Group
  12. The Environmental Factors That Made an Impact on the Virgin Group
  13. Virgin Group: Leadership Style
  14. Virgin Group Strategic Management
  15. Richard Branson and Virgin Group
  16. Virgin Group Corporate Strategy
  17. The Virgin Group Companies Are Part of One Big Family
  18. Virgin Group Mission, Vision and Values
  19. Effective Leadership – A Case Study of Sir Richard Branson and Virgin Group
  20. Transformational Leadership at Virgin Group
  21. Leadership and Management of Virgin Group
  22. Leadership Style of Richard Branson and His Team of Virgin Group
  23. Virgin Group Management Strategies
  24. Virgin Group Contemporary Management Issues
  25. Virgin Group: Finding New Avenues for Growth
  26. Virgin Group – Investment Company and Its Focus Sectors
  27. Yamaha Corporation and Virgin Group – Brand Extension Strategy
  28. Virgin Group Ltd.: British Multinational Branded Venture Capital Conglomerate
  29. Virgin Group Venture Capital Profile
  30. Virgin Group Subsidiaries Overview
  31. Successful Project Management: Lessons Learned From Virgin Group
  32. The Virgin Group’s Investment Portfolio
  33. Virgin Group Latest Venture
  34. Virgin Group Minimal Market Analysis
  35. Virgin Group Investing Strategy
  36. Venture Capital Investing at the Virgin Group
  37. Virgin Group: Venture Capital and Alternative
  38. Virgin Group and an Individual Product Brand
  39. Virgin Group’s Risk Management Strategy
  40. Strategic Management Analysis International Business: Virgin Group Limited

❓ Virgin Group Research Questions

  1. What Makes Virgin Group Successful?
  2. What Is the Purpose of Virgin Group?
  3. What Are the Key Features of a Virgin Group?
  4. Virgin Brands: What Does Richard Branson Own?
  5. What Is Virgin Group’s Strategy?
  6. Why Is the Virgin Group Brand So Successful?
  7. How Has the Virgin Group Established a Competitive Advantage?
  8. What Is the Essence of the Virgin Brand?
  9. How Virgin Group Started?
  10. What Is the Vision of Virgin Group?
  11. What Is the Brand of a Virgin Group?
  12. How Many Companies Does Virgin Group Own?
  13. How Many Virgin Brand Companies Are There?
  14. What Is the Virgin Brand Known For?
  15. What Companies Does Virgin Group Own?
  16. What Does Virgin Group Invest In?
  17. Who Owns Virgin Group Limits?
  18. What Strategy Does Virgin Group Use?
  19. What Is the Virgin Group Risk Management?
  20. What Is the Corporate Strategy of Virgin as a Group of Companies?
  21. How Does Richard Branson Manage Risk?
  22. Who Owns the Virgin Group?
  23. How Many Companies Are in the Virgin Group?
  24. Is the Virgin Group Successful?
  25. What Is Virgin Group Worth?
  26. Is Virgin Group Ethical?

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