85 Ryanair Research Topics & Essay Examples

Company overview Europe’s largest airline, the largest low-cost carrier, and one of the world’s largest airlines as measured by international passengers carried.
Best known for Highly skilled aviation professionals delivering Europe’s No. 1 on-time performance, and an industry leading 34-year safety record.
Origins Ryanair was founded in 1984 as “Danren Enterprises” by Christopher Ryan, Liam Lonergan, and Irish businessman Tony Ryan.
Area served 37 countries
Headquarters Dublin Airport, Ireland
Key people David Bonderman (Non-Executive Chairman), Michael O’Leary (Group Chief Executive Officer), Edward Wilson (Chief Executive Officer Ryanair DAC)
Revenue Over €1.6 billion
Number of employees About 17 thousand
Fleet size 486 (including subsidiaries)
Scandals & incidents In 2020 Ryanair was accused of ripping off passengers over rebooked flights.
It is interesting that Ryanair operates the largest no, of Boeing 737 fleet in the world.
Website www.ryanair.com

đź“ť Ryanair Research Papers Examples

  1. Ryanair Company's 7 Ps Product & Service Analysis
    Ryanair indisputably provides a very remarkable entrepreneurial story considering its level of success in the air travel business in Europe.
  2. Ryanair in the European Low-Cost Airline Industry
    Ryanair's low model of growth has been leaned and aggressively sought by several low-cost airlines in Europe and in other parts of the world.
  3. Main Types of Business Innovation
    The paper adducts four main types of business innovation and explores all the approaches of the innovations implementations.
  4. Information Systems: Enabling Technology or Strategic Weapon
    Organizational information system influences the planning of an organization. It has great influence on the economic factors of the organization.
  5. Strategic Management in Ryanair
    The paper examines the strategic management structure and two Mintzberg models implemented in Ryanair Airlines Company.
  6. Ryanair – The Low-Fares Airline
    The purpose of this paper is to study the case of O' Higgins “Ryanair – the low-fares airline’’. The paper considers the environmental issues of the European airline industry.
  7. Ryanair: Financial Analysis
    I have chosen to analyze the financial performance of Ryanair holdings, which is listed in New York stock exchange and London stock exchange.
  8. Strategic Planning in European Low-Cost Airlines
    The objective of this study is to identify the forces that shape the strategies of low-cost airlines in Europe and the strategic options that these airlines have.
  9. Ryanair: The Low-Fares Airline
    From 1990 until today, Ryanair established itself as a low fare and no-frills airline in Europe followed by the business model of South West Airline of the USA.
  10. Ryanair - the Low-Fares Airline
    Ryanair is one of the low cost airlines in Europe with its headquarters at Dublin airport in Ireland. The company was established in 1985, flying between Waterford and London.
  11. Ryanair Holdings PLC Strategic Management
    Ryanair Holdings company is an Irish Airline established in 1985 by three Ryan brothers. Their father, Tony Ryan, became the first chairman.
  12. Ryanair & Next Step: Primary Issues and Prospects for the Company
    Ryanair airline was the first among European low-cost airlines to apply the horizontal diversification strategy, which means that it began to acquire other European low-cost airlines.
  13. Ryanair Service Process: Service Blueprint
    This paper discusses the service process of Ryanair through the use of a service blueprint. It has identified the strategies used by the airline to increase revenue.
  14. Ryanair Firm's Competitive Position in the UK
    Ryanair is a massive low-cost service coverage across Europe. This report will focus on how Ryanair may retain its customer base and improve its competitive positioning.
  15. Ryanair: The Business Strategy
    According to the research paper, Ryanair's strategy focused primarily on ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction and consumer loyalty.

🏆 Best Ryanair Essay Titles

  1. Ryanair: The Current Strategy of Tourism
  2. The European Airline Industry, With Implications for the Budget Sector, and Especially Ryanair
  3. Strategic Analysis, the Business Model and Internal Environment of Ryanair
  4. Business Strategy and Business Environment Analysis: Ryanair
  5. Ryanair: The Low Fares Airline Management
  6. The Credit Crunch and Its Impact on Ryanair
  7. Corporate Strategy and Culture Diversity Within Ryanair
  8. Current Strategic Aims and Objectives of Ryanair
  9. Dogfight Over Europe – Ryanair
  10. Selecting and Preparing a Strategic Plan For Ryanair Airline
  11. Financial Decision Making: Ryanair
  12. Five Forces Model for Ryanair
  13. Ryanair: Following the Strategic Planning
  14. Freedom: Strategic Management and Ryanair
  15. Ryanair’s Business Ethics and Political Factors Affecting Ryanair
  16. Global Market Future Strategic Development of Ryanair
  17. Issues About the Low-Cost Airline Ryanair
  18. Key Critical Success Factors of Ryanair
  19. Low-Cost Airlines, Secondary Airports, and State Aid: An Economic Assessment of Ryanair
  20. Managing Corporate Reputation – The Reality of Ryanair
  21. Marketing Strategy for Ryanair
  22. Markets and Marketing Module – The Case of Ryanair
  23. Operation and Strategy Management for Ryanair
  24. Recommendations for Growth Maximization of Ryanair
  25. Risk Management Within Ryanair
  26. Ryanair and Barriers to Entry: Analysis and Strategic Recommendation
  27. Ryanair Business Model and Effect of Recession – Future Trends
  28. Ryanair Business Strategies and Implications for Human Resources
  29. Ryanair Communications Strategy
  30. Ryanair: Europe Largest Low Fares Airline and Its Internal and External Factors
  31. Ryanair: Its Vulnerability and Exposure to the Environment
  32. Ryanair Marketing Strategy and Strategic Issues
  33. Ryanair Resources and Capabilities
  34. Ryanair: Revolutionizing the Airline Industry
  35. Ryanair’s Business Level Strategy: Management and Creativity
  36. The Development and Future Strategy of Ryanair
  37. The Environmental Case Analysis of Ryanair
  38. Ryanair and Its Ability to Achieve Sustainable Competitive Advantage Over Its Rivals
  39. The Resource-Based View: Ryanair’s Low-Cost Strategy
  40. Ryanair: SWOT Analysis of the Leading Low Fare Airline

âť“ Ryanair Research Questions

  1. Does the Marketing Mix Contribute to the Success of Ryanair?
  2. How Can the Effects of the Introduction of a Ryanair on a National Airline Network Be Measured?
  3. How Does Ryanair Use Its Supply Chain to Keep Costs Down?
  4. How Ryanair Developed Multi-Platform Digital Experiences?
  5. Why Has Ryanair Been Successful So Far?
  6. Is Ryanair’s Strategy Sustainable?
  7. What Is Ryanair’s Current Strategy?
  8. How Would You Describe Ryanair’s Overall Strategy?
  9. What Are Ryanair’s Main Strengths and Weaknesses?
  10. What Are the Main Actions Used by Ryanair in Leadership Cost Strategy?
  11. Why Is Ryanair So Successful?
  12. Is Ryanair the Largest Airline in Europe?
  13. What External Factors Affect Airlines?
  14. How Does Ryanair Keep Costs Low?
  15. Why Does Ryanair Make Money Despite Its Low Fares?
  16. Why Does Ryanair Have a Bad Reputation?
  17. Why Is Ryanair So Cheap?
  18. Is Ryanair’s Competitive Advantage Sustainable?
  19. How Is Ryanair Sustainable?
  20. How Would You Describe Ryanair’s Overall Strategy?
  21. What Competitive Strategy Does Ryanair Use?
  22. What Leadership Style Does Ryanair Use?
  23. Is Ryanair an Ethical Business?
  24. What Is Ryanair’s Business Strategy?
  25. How Is Ryanair So Profitable?
  26. Why Is Ryanair So Successful?
  27. Is Ryanair the Most Profitable Airline?
  28. What Type of Organizational Structure Is Ryanair?
  29. What Market Does Ryanair Operate In?
  30. Who Is Ryanair’s Target Market?

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