112 McDonald’s Research Topics & Essay Examples

Company overview An American fast-food company, the world’s largest restaurant chain by revenue.
Best known for The Big Mac, Happy Meals, and the McDonald’s fries.
Products & services Hamburgers, French fries, chicken, salads, soft drinks, milkshakes, desserts, coffee, breakfast, wraps.
Origins Established in 1940 in California by Richard & Maurice McDonald
Area served Worldwide
Headquarters Chicago, Illinois, US
Key people Chris Kempczinski (president & CEO), Enrique Hernandez Jr. (Chairman)
Revenue Over $20 billion
Number of restaurants Almost 40 thousand
Scandals & incidents In Super Size Me, a 2004 film, Morgan Spurlock documented the effects of his eating only McDonald’s food for a month. Those included weight gain, increased cholesterol, mood swings, & sexual disfunction.
It is interesting that McDonald’s French Fries are not suitable for vegetarians. Till 1992, the fries were cooked in beef fat. After the recipe changed, beef flavoring that contains milk has been added to adjust the taste.
Website corporate.mcdonalds.com
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📝 McDonald’s Research Papers Examples

  1. McDonald's Company Marketing Practices and Strategies
    McDonald's, a fast-food company, implements property as the best strategy for entering the market because it outweighs the rest.
  2. McDonald’s Company's SWOT Analysis
    The daily operations act as strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, or even threats to the success of the business. This paper will use McDonald’s to demonstrate such a situation.
  3. McDonald’s Company Performance Measurement
    This paper gives a thorough description and explanation of McDonald’s performance measurement system, its current problems, and/or successes in delivering high-quality products or services.
  4. McDonald’s Company Reward Management
    This paper reflects on this new thinking about the purpose of reward management in an organisation with reference to the case of McDonald’s business.
  5. Human Resources and Personnel Management Difference
    Personnel management used to refer to the set of activities concerning the workforce which included staffing, payroll, contractual obligations and other administrative activities.
  6. McDonald’s Company Information System Performance Managing
    McDonald’s company serves about 70 million customers around the world, who are located in the more than 100 countries where it has operations.
  7. McDonald’s Marketing Strategy – a Case Study
    How to describe McDonald’s marketing strategy? 🍔 This report analyzes the global marketing strategy of McDonald’s. 💹 It covers company’s background, environmental analysis, SWOT analysis, and the general marketing mix of the McDonald’s. 📝
  8. McDonald's Company International Expansion
    This paper delves into the expansion of McDonald's into various international markets and the various problems it needs to address to penetrate them.
  9. Performance Measurement Systems: Designing and Updating
    Performance measurement is an essential tool for evaluating the ability of an organization to remain in business in the short and long-term.
  10. McDonald’s Company Human Resource Strategy
    This paper focuses on people as an important aspect of McDonald’s overall strategy of improving its customer experience. Management of people falls in the realm of the human resource department.
  11. McDonalds Company: Human Resource' Functions
    McDonalds Fast Food Company has been chosen as an example of an organization for this report and this report will further discuss the HR agenda within this organization.
  12. McDonald's and Chipotle: Corporate Social Responsibility
    McDonalds and Chipotle have been proactive in creating an ideal corporate governance ethics through setting of ethical code of conduct and corporate social responsibility initiatives.
  13. Organisation Theory, Culture and Structure
    Besides organisation theory, culture and structure have become important parts of the modern business organisation. The paper tackle these two aspects alongside theory.
  14. McDonald’s Company: Improving Productivity in Organization
    This paper limits its discussion to the specific efforts of increasing productivity in a specific organization, namely, McDonald’s.
  15. McDonald’s Supply Chain Management & Sourcing
    How to describe McDonald’s’ supply chain management strategy? 🍟 This case study discusses McDonald’s sourcing and examines its supply chain and other issues. 💵 In the end, you’ll find recommendations for facilitating the company's future growth. 📈
  16. McDonald's and Coca-Cola Ads in the Russian Market
    McDonald and Coca-Cola have structured and positioned their commercial adverts in a manner that effectively markets their products in the foreign market environment of Russia.
  17. McDonald’s Business Ethics
    Researching McDonalds ethics? Find information about McDonalds code of ethics and values in this case study. Read about communication rules with McDonald’s CEO, suppliers, and employers.
  18. McDonalds' Marketing Strategies in the UAE
    This paper analyzes the marketing strategies of McDonald's in the UAE, its strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities, the micro-environmental and macro-environmental factors.
  19. McDonald's and Wendy's International Inc.: Financial Performance
    The financial ratio analysis used in this study involves two types of comparisons. In the first part of the study, an analysis of financial performance is made for McDonald's, U.S., and Wendy's International Inc.
  20. McDonald's Strategic Management of Human Resources & Innovation
    This report aims center on the idea of human resource management strategies and human resource behavior of McDonalds eating place ltd.
  21. Business Strategy Analysis McDonalds
    This paper is based on the US fast food sector and aims to analyze McDonalds in terms of its business and marketing strategy, and depict the position of the company in the market.
  22. McDonald’s Company’s Strategic Management
    The report is a marketing report aimed at finding and analyzing the strategies adopted by McDonald's to capture the market share and sustain it.
  23. McDonald’s Company Operation Management
    The level of operation management in McDonald’s Corporation, which discussed in the paper at hand, asserts the company’s position as the most popular fast-food restaurant in the world.
  24. McDonald’s Company’s Strategic HR Direction
    McDonald’s Corporation was started in the year 1940 and is said to be the biggest chain of fast food restaurants in the world.
  25. McDonalds' vs. Wal-Mart's Strategic Choices
    McDonald’s success can be attributed to product development, generation of new ideas where new products are made and tried out in one market for six weeks.

💡 Essay Ideas on McDonald’s

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  1. Pros and Cons of Multi-cultural Teams
    This paper states the pros and cons of multicultural teams and then the examples from organizations that have had a good or bad experience with such teams have been discussed
  2. Strategic Recruitment and Turnover‏ Relationship
    The research is based on two companies McDonald and Microsoft, and the focus will be on how the organizations recruit and what other measures do they take to reduce turnover.
  3. McDonald’s Coffee Spill Heard Around the World
    McDonald’s has a number of social responsibilities towards its customers. First and foremost, the company is responsible for the safety of its customers.
  4. Marketing Analysis: McDonald’s Company
    This paper discusses the different strategies applied by McDonald’s Company as well as the environment of the business.
  5. "Understanding and Managing Public Organizations" by Rainey
    In his book, Hal G. Rainey covers a wide range of concepts and the analysis of contemporary management of public organizations.
  6. McDonald’s Corporation’s Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
    The McDonald’s company believes in ethical practice and aims at being of integrity, honest and fair. It maintains good company ethics and is accountable.
  7. McDonald’s: Marketing Mix Segments
    Analysis of the company’s marketing mix shows that the company is global and therefore, targets the global market. Various market segments exist at McDonald’s.
  8. McDonald’s Company’s Organizational Direction
    This paper is going to focus on the strategic direction of McDonald’s, the leading fast foods company in the world that was established in 1945 by two McDonald brothers.
  9. McDonald’s Organization: Operation Management
    Analysis of McDonald’s operations to come up with the concepts of operations management that are applied by this large corporation.
  10. McDonald’s Strategic Management and Analysis
    This study seeks to carry out an analysis of McDonald’s strategies, explore how the company provides value to its customers and how it builds a competitive advantage.
  11. Strategic Planning Process in McDonald’s Company
    Through their successful branding campaigns, McDonald’s Ltd has a target of minimizing the cost of their products yet meeting their goals and objectives.
  12. McDonald’s Company HR Management Practices
    McDonald's is a global multinational corporation, which is represented on all six continents and in over 100 countries. The workforce of McDonald's has a long history of diversity.
  13. McDonald’s Company Case Analysis
    The focus of the assessment is the McDonald’s company as this company is, for the most part, open with the operations strategy making it easy to evaluate the effect.
  14. McDonald's, Tesla and Apple: Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning
    This article will explore the concepts of segmentation, targeting and positioning using the examples of McDonald's, Tesla Motors and Apple Inc.
  15. McDonald's Human Resources Management Practice
    This report dwells upon McDonald's internal recruitment policy with a focus on internal and external factors affecting it and methods to improve the practice.
  16. Food Industry: McDonald’s Company
    McDonald’s is one of the world’s leading fast-food corporations. Its fast growth in the global scene have influenced the food industry by revolutionizing the fast-food sector.
  17. McDonald’s Corporation’s Talent Management Program
    A talent management program is the key factor in management. McDonald’s has rich experience in the development of the talent management program due to its long history.
  18. McDonald’s ‘Broken Service’
    This paper explores the causes, solutions, and effects of ‘McDonald’s Broken Service’, company’s inability to offer quality services and threats of poor customer relations.
  19. Marketing Research at McDonald’s
    In marketing, McDonald’s strives to identify the needs of the clients and ensures that every need is addressed accordingly to ensure customer satisfaction.
  20. Business Ethics and Social Corporate Responsibility for McDonald’s
    The present study concerns the perception and expectations of fast-food chain customers in regards to McDonald’s business ethics and CSR activities.
  21. Quality Management in McDonald’s Restaurant
    Quality management in McDonald’s restaurants is an approach to understanding customer needs and providing accurate solutions within the confines of the organization's budget.
  22. McDonald’s Accounting Information System
    This paper examines the information system of McDonald’s to respond to issues related to information systems and the accounting information system.
  23. Microsoft Corporation and McDonald’s Corporation: Financial Performance
    The paper seeks to carry out a comparison of the financial performance of Microsoft Corporation and McDonald Corporation.
  24. McDonald’s Corporation: Financial Statement Analysis
    This paper describes the financial transactions that McDonald's uses to maintain its leading position in the industry.
  25. An External and Internal Analysis of McDonald’s Corporation
    The present paper conducts an external and internal analysis of McDonald's corporation to identify strategic issues that can influence the financial performance of the company.

🏆 Best McDonald’s Essay Titles

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  1. American Culture and the Rise of McDonald’s
  2. Corporate Identity, Branding, Image, and Reputation of McDonald’s
  3. Business Strategy and Trends at McDonald’s
  4. Consumer Buying Behaviour: McDonald’s
  5. Cross-Cultural Management Practices in McDonald’s
  6. McDonald’s Philosophy for Business Expansion
  7. Fast Food and Culture
    Stores such as MacDonald’s, KFC and burger king have recorded increasing returns through the fast food business, a potent indicator of the social reliance of fast foods.
  8. Environmental Factors Affecting McDonald’s Management Functions
  9. External and Internal Factors of McDonald’s
  10. Fast Food Versus Healthy Living: McDonald’s the Ongoing Battle
  11. The Role of Public Relations in McDonald’s to Face the Crisis About Hot Coffee Issue
  12. Global Market: Why McDonald’s Restaurant Success
  13. Critical Ethical Issues Faced by McDonald’s
  14. Management Education and Employee Training at McDonald’s
  15. McDonald’s and Human Resource Management
  16. McDonald’s and Corporate Irresponsibility
  17. McDonald’s and Employee Motivation Essay
  18. McDonald’s and Human Resource Management Strategic
  19. McDonald’s and Starbucks Comparison: Establishing Their Brands to Fit Local Markets
  20. McDonald’s and the Environmental Defense Fund
  21. McDonald’s Business and Corporate Strategies
  22. McDonald’s Company Standardization Concept
  23. The Fast Food Industry: Negative Impacts Review
    Restaurants such as McDonald’s and Burger King have been recognized for their reputation typically from advertisements and are extremely rated to be the trade name for the fast food business.
  24. McDonald’s Expands Globally While Adjusting Its Local Recipe
  25. McDonald’s Faces Millennial Challenge
  26. McDonald’s Globalization: Golden Arches, Big Mac Index, Madonal
  27. McDonald’s Global Marketing Strategy
  28. McDonald’s Global Presence and Cultural Issues
  29. McDonald’s Green Marketing Strategy
  30. McDonald’s Management Principles and Reward Systems
  31. McDonald’s New Communication Strategy on Changing Attitudes and Lifestyle
  32. McDonald’s Production and Operations Management
  33. McDonald’s, Promotion and Competitive Advantage
  34. McDonald’s Recruiting, Selecting and Training for Success
  35. McDonald’s Strategy for Success
  36. McDonald’s: The Best Fast Food Restaurant in America
  37. Negative and Positive Impact of McDonald’s Restaurant on the Community
  38. Operational Difference Between McDonald’s and Burger King
  39. Social Responsibility and Ethical Issues Faced by McDonald’s
  40. The Challenging Careers Offered at McDonald’s
  41. The McDonald’s Equilibrium: Advertising, Empty Calories, and the Endogenous Determination of Dietary Preferences
  42. The McDonald’s Franchise Internationally

❓ McDonald’s Research Questions

  1. Why Has McDonald’s Become a Symbol of US Culture?
  2. How Did McDonald’s Changes With the Times?
  3. What Is McDonald’s Corporate Strategy?
  4. What Business Strategy Doed McDonald’s Have?
  5. What Is McDonald’s Growth Strategy?
  6. What Is McDonald’s Issue?
  7. What Is McDonald’s Biggest Threat?
  8. What Is Unethical About McDonald’s?
  9. What Challenges and Issues Are Faced by McDonald’s in Maintaining Its Information Systems?
  10. What Are McDonald’s Current Problems?
  11. What Does McDonald’s Have to Do With Globalization?
  12. What Global Strategy Does McDonald’s Use?
  13. Is McDonalds Part of Globalization?
  14. How Is McDonald’s a Global Company?
  15. What Is the Marketing Mix of McDonald’s?
  16. How Did McDonald’s Became the Leader in the Fast Food Industry?
  17. How Does McDonald’s Use Cross-Cultural Management in Practices?
  18. How Did McDonald’s Change in the Past 10 Years?
  19. What Special Is in McDonald’s Supply Chain?
  20. What Is McDonald’s Business Model?

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