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    Writing a Conclusion: The Good Ideas

    The conclusion is a part of any academic paper. Whether it is a research paper, dissertation, science project, fiction story, or any other assignment, it is essential to write a solid conclusion.

    To write an argumentative and persuasive conclusion paragraph, you should follow these three steps.

    Step 1. Restate Your Thesis

    First, you should restate the thesis that you wrote in the introduction. Do not copy it word-by-word, though. Try formulating it in a different way. The task is to show how your thesis has evolved during your essay. One sentence is usually enough.

    Here are a couple of examples of a restated thesis.

    Original thesis statement Restated thesis statement
    Sport has a positive impact on your physical and mental health because it makes your body stronger and teaches you discipline. You can become more disciplined while maintaining a healthy lifestyle by doing exercises regularly.
    By learning foreign languages, you can get new knowledge and learn about new cultures and broaden your mind. If you wish to broaden your perspective, learning foreign languages is a great way to learn about new cultures and know more about the world.

    By the way, if you need to quickly rephrase a thesis or a longer piece, you might want to use our free rewording tool.

    Step 2. Review Your Paper

    The next step is to review your main points. Do not summarize your arguments. Instead, try to combine them into a cohesive piece. Remember that the conclusion is your chance to show your reader how your points make sense together.

    You can restate your topic sentences into one statement. Do not mention supporting details you used in the body paragraph again in your conclusion.

    Topic sentences of your body paragraphs Conclusion
    Stretching can make your body fit. Regular stretching exercises make you more confident. You can gain more energy by doing stretching. Not only can doing stretching regularly make your body fit, but it also makes you energetic and confident.

    Step 3. Explain Why It Matters

    Finally, explain why your topic matters. The importance of your essay may not be that obvious to your reader. You can ask yourself the following questions:

    • How does my essay contribute to the topic?
    • Does my paper show the topic from a different point of view?
    • Does it motivate my reader to learn more about the topic?
    • Is my paper practical?
    • Can the reader apply my essay to different contexts?
    • Is it debatable?

    The following is an example of how you can show the significance of your paper.

    Stretching is an excellent way to maintain a healthy lifestyle for people who are not used to tiring physical exercises.

    Remember that you can always use our conclusion writer for free.

    ❌ Writing a Conclusion: The Bad Ideas

    Below, you can find the information on what you should avoid while writing a conclusion.

    Being inconsistent and sentimental Do not try to make a sentimental conclusion if your paper is written in an academic tone. Instead, try to keep your essay’s tone consistent. Although your topic might have personal significance for you, do not focus attention on it.
    Making it too obvious Common concluding phrases like “in conclusion”, “I’d like to conclude my paper by…”, etc. sound too straightforward and unnatural and might open a weak conclusion. Instead, focus on making your conclusion solid and accurate. It is also not a suitable place for attention getters.
    Apologizing If you make an apology in the conclusion part, it might downgrade the work you did. Such phrases as “I’m not an expert” or “This is my opinion on the topic” also count as apologies. Moreover, try not to use any first-person statements as they do not fit with the tone of the academic writing.
    Repeating your thesis verbatim Sometimes, it seems reasonable to only state your thesis in the conclusion. However, doing so will make your essay unorganized. To keep your structure organized, stick to the outline, write your thesis statement in the introduction, and then restate your thesis in the conclusion.
    Adding a lot of brand-new things Your conclusion only serves to summarize the information and points you made in the body part. You can make a call for action to persuade your reader to do further research on their own, but do not provide any new points yourself.

    We know how tiring it might be to write a solid conclusion, so our essay conclusion generator is there to help you and save your time.

    ✅ Conclusion-Writing Checklist

    After writing your conclusion, you can check the following aspects:

    • A sense of closure. Make sure not to leave your essay hanging. You need to let your reader know that your paper is coming to an end with your conclusion. Make it solid and simple so that the reader can feel the closure.
    • The topic’s significance. Can your reader feel the significance of your paper? Remember to explain why your topic matters in the conclusion part.
    • Thesis restatement. Make sure to restate your thesis. Avoid copying it word-by-word. Instead, try to show your reader how your thesis statement has developed throughout your paper.
    • No new information. Do not provide any new points or give any new information in the conclusion part. You should make all the main points in the body part. The conclusion only serves to summarize them.
    • The key points present. Remember to review your main points in the conclusion. Think of the analysis you’ve conducted in the body part, and try to combine all the points you’ve made.

    If you don’t have enough time for the checklist, you can use our conclusion writer to help you with your work.

    📌 Conclusion Writer FAQ

    📌 How to write a conclusion for a compare and contrast essay?

    To write a solid conclusion, you should review your main points, restate your thesis, and show your paper’s significance. Make it short and simple. 100 words are usually more than enough.

    📌 How to write a conclusion for a narrative essay?

    To make a beautiful narrative essay conclusion, you should summarize the key points of the text first. Remind your readers of the main events in your story. Then add some reflection. What have you understood from what happened? What conclusions did you draw?

    📌 How to write a conclusion for a descriptive essay?

    To write a descriptive essay conclusion, review your main points first. Then, restate the thesis statement that you wrote in the introduction. Last but not least, show your reader the importance of your paper. Try to make it short and simple.

    📌 How to write a conclusion for a speech?

    A conclusion for a speech consists of your main points’ review and the restatement of your thesis. Make sure to show the importance of your speech too. Your conclusion should let your audience know that your speech is coming to an end. So, try to make it solid.

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