Best Free Sentence Rewriter Tool for Students

Best Free Sentence Rewriter Tool for Students

Do you need to rewrite an essay, paragraph, or sentence? Use our sentence rewriter to quickly change your text! This is a fast, 100% free, and easy-to-use tool.

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Rewriting a text can be a long and challenging task. Sometimes, it is hard to find synonyms, even for easy words. That is why we recommend managing your time wisely and using online tools! Try our free essay title maker and a thesis statement writer to ease your study process even more.

📖 What Is a Sentence Rewriter?

A sentence rewriter is a free online tool that changes a text but preserves the meaning. You can use this rewriting tool for sentences, paragraphs, or small texts. Saving a lot of time, sentence rewriter helps avoid plagiarism, self-repetition, and poor word choice.

It uses unique words or phrases to modify the original text. The initial idea remains the same, but the wording is entirely different. That is why rewriting does not need quotation marks. It is enough to acknowledge the sources where the ideas come from.

TOP 5 Benefits of Sentence Rewriter Tool

Here are the essential features of our online tool:

  • It is entirely free. You don’t need to pay a cent, register, or share any of your data on the website. No monthly payments, no annoying emails.
  • It is fully automatic. There is only one button. You no longer have to browse countless synonyms to find the best one.
  • It is original. Don’t worry about plagiarism – our generator creates unique pieces. You can adjust some details to make them more similar to your writing tone.
  • It is intuitive. There are no long instructions. Paste the text you need to rewrite and receive your results using just one button.
  • It is 100% online. You don’t need to store all your data on your devices or download any apps.

Rewriting and Rewording Differences

These two concepts might seem similar, but they have some differences. Read this passage to choose the best option for your purposes.

  Rewording Rewriting
Concept Changes words without adjusting the structure of a sentence. Deals with a sentence’s structure, grammar constructions, and words.
Scale Works only within each sentence. It doesn’t change the structure or idea. Works with the whole text and allows combining or splitting sentences.
Purpose Rewording is recommended for changing the tone of writing by altering certain words. Rewriting changes the whole picture by making sentences or paragraphs longer or shorter.
Difficulty Rewording is easy as it influences fewer text features. Rewriting is more complex, requiring changes in grammar, vocabulary, and other aspects.
Plagiarism detection Rewording substitutes separate words. Therefore, plagiarism is possible since the sentence structure remains. Rewriting is more effective if you want to deliver a paper without plagiarism. Modern software notices word changes and other text adjustments.

✍️ Sentence Rewriter: Sentences Examples

Let’s take a look at some pieces altered by our sentence rewriter:

Original: Leading a healthy lifestyle is beneficial for your body and mental wellbeing.
Rewritten: Healthy habits are good for your physique and mind.

Original: His thoughts were rather optimistic because of the latest events.
Rewritten: His beliefs were quite positive, thanks to recent developments.

Original: Most people prefer homemade food, but not many know how to cook.
Rewritten: Many of us favor home cooking, but not all have enough skills to prepare a meal.

Original: You need to examine a lot of data before making any conclusions.
Rewritten: You should analyze plenty of evidence before you can form judgments.

Original: Pinterest is one of the ways to promote your business accounts.
Rewritten: You can use Pinterest as a method to advertise your company’s web pages.

Original: Karl Lagerfeld was one of the most influential people in the fashion industry.
Rewritten: Karl Lagerfeld was a powerful man in the clothing industry.

Original: He was sure he heard this song before but couldn’t remember anything about it.
Rewritten: He recognized this verse but couldn’t recall anything about it.

👣 How to Rewrite My Sentence? A 3-Step Guide

You can still work with your content without any online tools. Robots sometimes make mistakes so some manual work might be helpful.

Here, we will explain how to rewrite a sentence in 3 steps:

  1. Find the weak spots. Go through the text you have created. Underline the sentences that are not clear, too long, or lack some information.
  2. Look for keywords. Each of the sentences has keywords that define the core sense. Give every keyword a double underline. Be careful when changing keywords: sometimes, there are no alternatives, so the message of a sentence can change.
  3. Change the structure and wording. You can make long sentences shorter, add or cut words, change the tone, and try different grammar structures. Don’t forget to compare the before and after versions. Make sure you maintain the original idea.

🛑 How to Avoid Plagiarism

What’s wrong with plagiarism? It can discredit your paper, influence your GRA, and even jeopardize your educational efforts.

Plagiarism is a theft of intellectual property. It is either copying others’ words or using someone’s ideas without giving credit.

Rewriting and Plagiarism

If you completely change the wording and structure of the original, you still need to give credit to the author. Otherwise, it becomes plagiarism. Same with rewriting or quoting – you need to mention the sources of the borrowed ideas.

Why is rewriting a better solution than quoting?

  • Using your own vocabulary shows your understanding of the source and ability to convey the presented information.
  • You can summarize and retell the most important information instead of copying the whole piece.
  • When rewriting, you perceive the material better, going deeper into its essence.

Using Citation

Let’s discuss the main types of citation that you can use in academic writing:

  1. MLA citation. This style is the most popular in humanities, especially academic works about language and literature. There are usually minor parenthetical citations in papers. You need to include a list of the works you cited in alphabetic order at the end of your article.
  2. APA citation. This style is also used in humanities focusing on behavioral and social sciences. APA citation is also the basis for most medical and public health science journals.
  3. Harvard citation. This style is popular in history, humanities, and social sciences. Harvard formatting also uses parenthetical referencing. The two common types are (Author-date) and (Autor-title), similar to MLA formatting.

🎉 Bonus Tips for a Sentence Rewriter Users

  • Read the whole passage you want to rewrite to be sure that you fully understand it.
  • Work on the word choice according to your target audience.
  • If you use quotes, make them short.
  • Avoid biases, emotional language, or anything that might offend readers.
  • Work tightly with English thesaurus to find the best synonyms.
  • Retell and shorten long quotes instead of copying them.
  • Check if your sentences are concise and meaningful after rewriting.
  • Always compare the texts before and after rewriting.
  • Edit the final version of your text if you have noticed any problems.
  • Check your text for plagiarism when you finish it.

❓ Rewriting FAQ

❓ What Is a Sentence Rewriter?

Our sentence rewriter is the best rewording tool that reformulates a text and keeps its initial ideas. AI software changes the wording and structure of the piece you need to change. You can use rewrited texts in your academic writing without directly quoting.

❓ How to Use a Sentence Rewriter Tool?

Just paste the text you need to rewrite and click the “rewrite” button below. Wait for a couple of seconds and enjoy the new version of the text. You can copy and paste it wherever you want to. It’s as simple as that.

❓ How to Rewrite a Sentence without Plagiarism?

Work with all of the aspects of a text: wording, grammar structure, style, and length of sentences. Be careful with changing keywords. Try to make the used information applicable to your audience.

❓ What Are the Benefits of a Sentence Rewriter Tool?

  1. It saves your time.
  2. You don’t need to pay for it.
  3. There is no plagiarism in the generated texts.
  4. It is easy to use with only one button.
  5. It doesn’t require registration or exposing any of your personal data.
  6. You can still correct some details in the generated version.

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