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Is suitable for research papers, response papers, and analysis essays
e.g. Social media improves peoples' lives
e.g. It helps strengthen relationships
e.g. Some studies argue that heavy use of social media increases the risk of depression
e.g. It helps strengthen relationships
Topic 1 (e.g. Children)
Topic 2 (e.g. Adults)
(e.g. Are humans)
Topic 1 (e.g. Children are under parental care)
Topic 2 (e.g. Adults are responsible for themselves)
Result for analytical thesis statement

Children and adults are similar as they both are humans, make mistakes, learn lessons, and often envy each other.

Children and adults are different as children are under parental care, go to school, and are fragile, while adults are responsible for themselves, earn their living, have stronger bodies, and have little or no life experience

Whereas children and adults are different as children are under parental care, go to school, are fragile, and have little or no life experience while adults are responsible for themselves, earn their living, and have stronger bodies, and are more experienced, they are also similar as they both are humans, make mistakes, learn lessons, and often envy each other.

Use our automatic thesis statement maker if you’re experiencing writer’s block and can’t develop a proper thesis sentence. This online generator will suggest the most suitable thesis statement for your topic. Check how simple it is!

🤖 Automatic Thesis Statement Writer

To create a perfect thesis statement, you should know what lies at its core. Consider the following aspects to understand how a thesis statement writer works.

Who Needs a Thesis Statement?

The most common types of writing that need thesis statements are argumentative and informative essays, research papers, and analytical works. The thesis statement builds the base for these and many other texts. Once you have this foundational claim in the thesis, proceed to the arguments.

Usually, students in middle school and further are required to include a thesis statement in their works. A good thesis statement shows that you have a logical point of view and can defend it.

What to Include in a Thesis Statement?

A thesis statement is a reflection of the main idea of your writing. It should give readers a sense of what to expect from the paper.

What to include in your thesis statement:

  • Start with the topic and your main idea about it.
  • Provide some reasons that support your main idea.
  • Include the opposite opinion if one exists. Be open for a bit of debate!

N.B.: The thesis statement should be specific. It should guide the readers through your writing.

Why Using Automatic Thesis Statement Writer?

An automatic thesis statement writer is the tool that will save you time. Here is why you should start using it:

  1. The tool is 100% free.
  2. The generator will create a unique thesis.
  3. Everything you need is online.
  4. It works for any type of paper.
  5. The tool contains clear and easy-to-follow instructions.

🔑 How to Use the Thesis Statement Writer?

The first step is to brainstorm the topic of your paper. Next, think of the supporting arguments and the expected conclusion. Those are essential for the generator to develop the perfect thesis statement.

Our thesis statement writer suggests several types of essays to work with. Choose the one that suits your idea the best, and we will do the rest!

Thesis Statement for an Argumentative Essay

In an excellent argumentative essay, the writer has to make their opinions understandable. That is, your voice should be heard.

The thesis statement generator for an argumentative essay focuses on several easy questions.

  1. What is your main conclusion about this topic?

    This question expects you to come up with a finale of the topic. In this case, the conclusion simply restates the text’s central idea.

    Imagine you need to write an essay on listening to music while studying. Your goal might be to show that music helps students to stay focused. Your brief conclusion will be:

    “Listening to music makes the learning process more productive.”

  2. What is the main argument for your conclusion?

    Think about facts that support your opinion. Those are the arguments you need for your essay to be persuasive.

    The possible argument in favor of listening to music is the following:

    “Music stimulates the areas of the brain responsible for memory.”

Thesis Statement for an Analytical Essay

An analytical essay analyzes literature, scientific article, or historical event. You can also include your discoveries on the chosen topic.

To use the automatic thesis statement writer, answer the following questions:

  1. What is your main conclusion about the topic?

    After analyzing a particular issue, think about the takeaways. Let’s say you research the phenomenon of mass media. The possible conclusion is:

    “Research showed that unrealistic beauty standards in mass media are harmful to mental health.”

  2. What is the main issue under analysis?

    You should stay focused on specific questions. For example, mass media is a broad topic. The central points of our research can be how mass media affects mental health and identity issues, what kind of social pressure does mass media produce, etc.

Thesis Statement for a Compare & Contrast Essay

As you may guess, this kind of essay provides a comparison of two or more different subjects. Students can explore quite controversial topics and find hidden differences and similarities.

For thesis statement generator, think about the following:

  1. What are the main topics?

    Firstly, list the things you want to compare. Remember that not everything shares similarities.

    For example, here’s a burning topic on human interactions: online versus face-to-face.

  2. What is your stance on the topic?

    Think about the subjects you want to compare. Do you find them similar, different, or both?

  3. What are the main similarities/differences of your topics?

    Attentively compare and contrast the chosen topics. Choose the aspects that you find essential. If we compare online interaction with face-to-face one, the results can be the following:

    • Similarities: the exchange of information, two sides involved, etc.
    • Differences: reaction time, body language involved, etc.

Thesis Statement for an Informative Essay

This essay informs readers about a person, event, or issue. Note that an informative essay requires you to gather and analyze some material on the topic.

For an informative essay, our thesis generator wants you to answer these questions:

  1. What is your main conclusion about this topic?

    When brainstorming the conclusion, restate your main idea. Remember that you need to rely on the resources that you’ve found. As an example, we have come up with the following:

    “Procrastination is an essential defense mechanism.”

  2. What is the main argument for your conclusion?

    Look for the findings made in the previous studies on the topic. Focus on the arguments you find persuasive to prove the importance of the subject. Here is the possible argument for our matter:

    “Procrastination reduces the amount of daily stress.”

Thesis Statements for Other Types of Papers

Below, we’ve collected some common tips for developing a thesis statement for any type of paper.

  • Carefully formulate your topic. The topic has to be not too broad or too specific.
  • Develop the main idea. Think about what exactly you want to prove or illustrate.
  • Choose the key argument to support your idea and develop other statements.
  • Generate some extra arguments. Additional evidence will help you to be more persuasive!
  • Develop a counterargument. This can be challenging, but it will broaden your horizons!
  • Provide your thesis at the beginning of the paper in the first paragraphs.
  • Formulate a definite thesis statement. Make it short and focused on one single idea.

❌ ✔️ Do’s and Don’ts of a Good Thesis Statement

Do’s ✔️ Don’ts ❌
Be as specific as possible. Avoid vague language. Your thesis should not be too broad.
Write in short and simple sentences. Do not include too complex phrases. Keep your idea clear!
Write in a polite and firm tone. When writing on delicate topics, do not be judgmental.
Stick to academic style. Avoid informal language and personal pronouns like “I” or “We.”
Express the unique idea. Never plagiarize! Your opinion matters.
Be open to the debate. Do not let your self-assurance blind you. Leave room for other opinions.
Connect your thesis statement and conclusion. Do not bring in any new information in the last paragraph. Simply paraphrase the thesis!

✍️ Examples of Good & Bad Thesis Statements

Now, look at these examples to understand the features of a good thesis statement.

👿 Bad one 👏 Good one ❣️ Tip
Overeating fast food is bad for your health. Excessive fast-food consumption contributes to obesity and heart diseases. The second version is specific and contains the corresponding vocabulary on the topic.
In this paper, I will explore the positive aspects of social media. Social media improves lives by creating new connections and enhancing the knowledge exchange. A thesis statement written as a fact is more persuasive.
People should not spend that much money on space exploration. The amounts of government funding should be divided equally on space exploration and social needs. A thesis statement should be neutral and do not insult anybody.
There are many reasons why teenagers should play sports. In sports, teenagers learn to respect other players and rely on each other. The second version reflects the content of the whole writing.
This paper will consider advantages and disadvantages of distance learning. Distance learning is the best alternative during the pandemic since it maintains the communication between teachers and students. Distance learning is the best alternative during the pandemic since it maintains the communication between teachers and students.

❓ Thesis Statement FAQ

A thesis sentence is essential for argumentative, analytical, and informative essays. Anytime you are not sure, check your assignment details!

The first step is to develop the topic. Essay writing is easier when the topic is inspiring! Then brainstorm several thesis statements and choose the best one.

Develop the main idea of your research; make it clear. If you struggle with a good thesis sentence, use our automatic thesis statement writer.

The topic sentence is neutral; it presents the subject. On the opposite, your thesis should be more specific and contain some explanation.

Introduce your thesis as soon as possible at the beginning of your essay. For a better structure, include some background information first to familiarize your reader with the topic.

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