Free Harvard Style Title Page Generator for Students

With this Harvard title page generator, you’ll quickly make a beautiful cover page for your project.


Download a template:

Download the template:

The Harvard formatting style is commonly used in research papers. Specific requirements can make this style challenging for students who are more used to APA or MLA style. Our Harvard cover page generator can simplify the title page creation for you to avoid mistakes and save time.

Focus on writing while the Harvard-style title page generator takes care of everything else.

πŸ•ΉοΈ How to Use the Tool?

Follow these simple steps to use the title page maker correctly:

  • Fill in all the empty fields:
    • Paper title (and subtitle if needed)
    • Author's full name (and another author's full name if needed)
    • University
    • Course
    • Instructor's full name
    • Date
  • Decide if to download a template or only the title page
  • Hit the Generate button and save a file in Docx

πŸŽ“ What Is a Harvard Style Title Page?

The Harvard referencing style requires a separate title page. The title page should be formatted according to the Harvard style guidelines, which are different from the APA and MLA. This formatting style is commonly used in behavioral sciences, philosophy, and humanities research papers.

Harvard Style Cover Page Guidelines

The free Harvard-style cover page generator is available for students to comply with the requested citing format for their research paper. Here are some of the essential information to include on the Harvard cover page:

  • Research paper title
  • Name of author
  • Name of the class or course
  • Name of the professor
  • University attended
  • University location (city and state)
  • Paper due date

The information above must be included in the Harvard cover page template. The following are the general formatting rules for the cover page:

  • 1-inch margins for every side
  • Arial or Times New Roman font
  • Size 12 font
  • Double line spacing
  • Left-aligned text
  • 0.5" indentation for each paragraph
  • The title must be centered (all first letters must be capitalized)
  • A page number in the header (top right corner of the page)

You must follow specific guidelines in the Harvard style when referencing website sources or making in-text citations.

πŸ“œ Harvard Style Title Page Example

Here are two examples of Harvard style title pages for you to compare and see the significant mistakes.

First, check out the example of a good Harvard cover page – it follows the formatting requirements: header, capitalization, font size, spacing, and page numbering:

πŸ—Ž A good Harvard title page example

Meanwhile, this one is a bad example as it does not have the right font size, line spacing, and capitalization. Also, pay attention to the placement of the author's name, the absence of a header, and the wrong page numbering location.

πŸ—Ž A bad Harvard title page example

πŸ‘ Harvard Style Title Page Generator: Benefits

Using the Harvard-style title page generator is a wise choice for students. This handy tool lets you maximize your time because it is:

  • Fast and Free – The Harvard cover page generator formats the title page in no time. And you don't have to worry about its price – it's 100% free!
  • Simple to Use – The tool is easy to use whether you are creating a title page or referencing sources in the text. There is no learning curve for using the tool, and you can start immediately.
  • Accessible Online – It is available online, so there is no need to download the Harvard-style cover page generator.
  • Precise – When creating this title page maker, our team worked hard to design it only for Harvard citing style. To create cover pages in other formats, use our toolbox – you'll find Chicago, Turabian, and other free title page makers.

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