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Download the template:

The title page of your paper is vital to academic success. It is also the first thing a reader sees in your writing. However, many students find it hard to format their title pages correctly. Is there a way out? The best way to professionally create the first page and win the readers' affection is to use the APA title page generator.

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πŸ”“ How to Use an APA Title Page Generator?

If you are unsure about the outlook of the title page, consider using an APA title page generator. It is fast, online, and free and works for formatting all types of papers. Here is a demonstration of how to use the tool.

  1. Visit our APA title page generator site to see the template.
  2. Open the APA format cover page template to note and prepare the required details.
  3. Key in the title of the paper, the author, the institution, the due date, the author's notes, the course name, and the lecturer's name.
  4. Click Finish to generate the title page.

πŸ“œ What Is an APA Title Page?

APA title page appears at the start of a book or publication. It contains information about the author and the work contained therein. According to the APA 7th edition requirements, the cover page should include the title of the paper, institutional affiliations, the author's note, and other details.

It should be noted that there are two kinds of APA title pages – student and professional. These two feature some notable differences, which will be presented below.

APA Student Title Page Format

For a student's title page, learn which components to include and how to format them. Remember that the page should not have a running head unless your teacher requires it. See the table below for examples.

Student Title Page Item Layout Example
Title of the Paper Place your title 3-4 lines below the top of the title page. Ensure it is centered. The Emerging Dangers of Global Economic Crisis
Names of Authors Between the title and authors' names, leave one double-spaced line. Emily K. Washington and Gregory Alejandro.
Author Affiliation The author affiliation should go after the authors' names on the next double-spaced line. The affiliation should include the name of the department and college, separated by a comma. It should also be centered. Department of World Resources Management, Preston University.
Course Number and Name Provide the course number as in the instructional materials on the following double-spaced line below the author affiliation. Then write the course name on the same line and separate them with a colon. ENV 306: Introduction to Macroeconomics
Instructor's Name Provide the name of the instructor and center it. Dr. Elena K. Rowland
Assignment Due Date Provide the due date for the assignment on the next double-spaced line. Make sure it is centered. 18 November 2022
Page Number The title page number (number one) should be in the top right corner. 1

APA Professional Title Page Format

Here are the requirements for an APA professional title page. Pay attention to an author's note and a running head.

Professional Title Page Item Layout Example
Title of the Paper Place your title 3-4 lines under the top of the page and center it. A Comprehensive Review of the Emerging Factors Driving Global Crisis
Names of multiple authors Between the title and authors' names, leave one double-spaced line. Richardson David or James Reuters1, Margaret Were2, and Charles Pluto3,
Author Affiliation On the following double-spaced line below the authors' names, provide the institution the author is affiliated with. Include the department and name of the university separated by a comma. Make sure the affiliation is also centered. Department of Economics, Preston University.
Author's Note (Abstract) The author's note should be centered and written in bold at the bottom. Author Note
Running Head A running head should be in capital letters at the top of every page. Avoid using the word "running head." EMERGING FACTORS ACCELERATING GLOBAL CRISIS
Page Number The title page should be number one on the paper. Use the automatic numbering system for the title page and the entire document. 1

βž• APA Cover Page Generator Pros

This free APA Cover Page Generator will help you to tick all boxes of APA 7th edition requirements. Here are other benefits of the tool:

  1. It does all the formatting. For those who don't know how to number pages or insert a running head, this title page maker is a savior! It automatically follows all the formatting requirements.
  2. It is fast. Your job is only to fill out the form so the tool can create a title page. Imagine how much longer it would take to set each detail manually.
  3. It offers a complete template. When entering your title page detail, you can choose to get a template for formatting other elements of a paper – body text and bibliography.
  4. It is free & online. To use our APA cover page generator, you don't need to spend any cent. The tool is entirely free and also doesn't require you to download or install anything.

πŸͺ„ More Tips on Creating APA Cover Page

  • Make sure to use the fonts recommended by your lecturer. Some acceptable options include 11-point Calibri, 11-point Arial, and 11-point Georgia.
  • The selected title should summarize the main idea of the paper succinctly.
  • When writing the abstract, ensure it starts with a page header and proceeds to a short summary of the paper.
  • Keep the abstract short (one paragraph) and italicize the keywords.
  • Stick to the selected referencing guide. Remember that all the resources used in the paper should be captured in the reference list.

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