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Download a template:

Download the template:

Do you have the assignment to write using Turabian style, but formatting the title page is challenging? It is understandable – students often make mistakes in a title page layout as there are many details to follow. Turabian is a version of the Chicago style used for essays, books, research papers, journals, and dissertations.

The best way out is using the Turabian title page generator, which makes it easy to prepare the cover page professionally.

πŸŽ‰ Turabian Style Title Page Generator Benefits

Creating a Turabian-style title page is never easy, but a good Turabian title page generator can make the process seamless. Here are the main benefits of a title page generator.

  1. The process is fast and accurate. Instead of worrying about the complex formatting, you only need to fill in the required information and press a button. The tool will generate the page accurately in seconds.
  2. It is online and easy to use. With the Turabian title page generator, there's no need to download anything. This means you can save space on your computer and still enjoy the top-notch performance of the tool.
  3. It is free. You don't pay anything for using this tool. Simply visit the site and start using it right away.

πŸ“ƒ What Is a Turabian Style Title Page?

A title page is the first page of your essay or other academic work. When preparing your paper in Turabian style, creating a separate title page is not mandatory if the teacher has not specified so. Instead, you should only place the title in a header at the top of the first page.

Turabian Style Title Page Key Guidelines

The information put on the Turabian-style title page should provide details about the student and course. So, here are the components:

  • The title and subtitle. This information should be placed about 1/3 down the page.
  • Other details: name, course information, date. These data should be located 2/3 down the title page.

More details:

  • The information you present should be double-spaced and center-aligned.
  • Turabian-style title page should not have a page number.
  • The guidelines from your teacher on how to make a title page should override everything else.

✍️ Turabian Title Page Template

Designing a Turabian-style title page can be more challenging than other styles because of the long list of requirements. Let's see examples of a correct title page and a template with mistakes.

1. Correct Turabian Title Page

Have a look at the Turabian format example below. We've developed a custom title page to show you how to align the text, what font to use, and where to place the title. Pay attention to the absence of a header or page numbering.

πŸ—Ž A good example of a Turabian title page

2. A Turabian Title Page with Mistakes

The header, heading, and subheadings are all done wrong in the demonstration below. The page should not have a header, and the title should be centered. Besides, the professor's degree is not mentioned, and the date is incorrect.

πŸ—Ž A bad example of a Turabian title page

To get good grades in your Turabian-style essay, start with a good title page. You can achieve this by using the Turabian title page generator. It is easy, fast, and accurate. Make sure to stick to the same formatting guide for every in-text citation, and comprehensively research your topic for higher grades.

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