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      Have you ever got stuck with your essay, not knowing what to write? We understand your struggle and want to help you fight writer's block. A strong essay question can inspire you to research and find plenty of excellent ideas.

      We designed our essay question generator to give your writing a clear focus and purpose. Just choose an engaging topic, write down a few details, and get your essay question done. Our team of experts made an algorithm to develop the best essay question possible.

      🌟 Benefits of Automatic Essay Question Maker

      An essay question generator can be beneficial not only for students but for everyone working with texts. Here are its main advantages:

      1. It saves you time. With the help of our tool, you get your essay question ready in two clicks.
      2. It's 100% online. Our essay question generator is available for all devices and doesn't need extra storage.
      3. It's completely free. You get unlimited access to the tool with no hidden payments.
      4. It brings in new ideas. Our experts created the tool to generate essay questions to help you think outside the box.
      5. It improves your writing skills. Using our essay question generator gives you a better understanding of good research questions.

      🤓 What Is an Essay Question?

      An essay question is a question that addresses an issue your writing aims to solve or answer. Simply put, it is a question around which you center your research. Typically, an essay question is included in the introductory part of writing.

      Developing a good essay question is important because it narrows the topic and maintains your focus. Besides, with a well-formulated essay question, you can break down the whole writing into more manageable tasks.

      Thesis Statement Vs. Essay Question

      One more essential element of the essay is a thesis statement. However, it is important to distinguish a thesis from an essay question to ensure you have both and they're on point.

      A thesis statement is a concise sentence that summarizes the main points of your essay. In a thesis, you get a chance to express your opinion and make a claim for readers to agree or disagree with. An essay question identifies the direction of your research. It's not a final claim or a formed opinion. On the opposite, this is a question that inspires you and the readers to think about the topic.

      📝 Creating an Essay Question Step-by-Step

      To help you develop an effective essay question, we've created a 3-step guide. In this section, you'll also find an essay question idea on one of the burning psychological topics!

      Step 1

      Choose your topic. It can be relevant to your field of study or personal interests. Make sure you choose a broad topic that contains something for you to explore and learn about. Remember that a good subject will motivate and inspire you throughout the whole process of writing!

      Imagine you write an essay for your marketing class. Spend time researching current marketing trends and the most burning topics in this realm. Online marketing is currently gaining popularity, so this will be the topic for our example.

      Step 2

      Conduct research on your topic. Have a look at the articles available online or the materials on Google Scholar to get a better understanding of your topic. Ask yourself: "What issues, in particular, do these scholars discuss? What was left unsaid?" This will help you narrow down your topic and allow you to contribute to the discussion with your essay.

      Many companies invest money in online marketing to sell their products online. Focusing your essay on the advantages of online sales might be a good idea. As you can see, we narrowed our topic, "online marketing," to a particular issue—how important is online marketing for a company’s online sales?

      Step 3

      Start writing down the questions. Put down several possible essay questions on the paper. To choose the best one, you must evaluate them and determine which one is the most precise, clearly formulated, and researchable. Developing a compelling essay question might take time, so don't rush it.

      Coming back to our essay on online marketing, the final version of our essay question is: "How does effective online marketing contribute to a company’s sales and overall success?" Note that our essay question is complex—it sparks readers' curiosity and is researchable.

      ✅ Essay Question Making Do's and Don'ts

      Do Don't
      Focus your essay question on a single problem or issue.

      For example:

      Does regular alcohol consumption worsen college students' academic performance?
      Avoid using too general essay questions that cover multiple problems.

      Does alcohol affect students?
      Make sure your essay question is researchable and manageable.

      For example:

      What is the most effective method to learn a foreign language quickly?
      Avoid complex topics you can’t read about or research.

      How fast would I learn a new language if I were a polyglot?
      Create an essay question that will be specific enough to answer thoroughly.

      For example:

      What are the similarities and differences between Apple's and Amazon's marketing policies?
      Be careful with illogical or existential questions that you find challenging to answer.

      Is Apple better than Amazon?
      Make an essay question that will spark readers' curiosity and make them want to learn more about the topic.

      For example:

      Is the minimum wage in the USA too high?
      Don't use essay questions with too obvious answers that everybody already knows.

      Does minimum wage affect people’s well-being?
      Develop an arguable essay question that readers can agree or disagree with.

      For example:

      What are the negative effects of universities becoming business-driven?
      Never use essay questions that sound more like a general truth or a statement that everybody agrees on.

      How does it affect the learning process if a university only aims to make money?

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