121 Emirates Airlines Research Topics & Essay Examples

Company overview The largest airline of the United Arab Emirates and one of the two flag carriers.
Best known for Modern and comfortable aircraft, culturally diverse staff
Origins Was established in 1985 by the royal family of Dubai.
Destinations 157
Headquarters Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Key people Tim Klark (president), Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum (CEO & founder)
Revenue Over $15 billion
Number of employees About 60 thousand
Hubs Dubai International Airport
Scandals & incidents On 3 August 2016, an Emirates aircraft crash-landed and caught fire at Dubai International Airport. All of the passengers and crew survived.
It is interesting that Emirates Airlines have never experienced aircraft incidents with passenger or crew fatalities.
Website www.emirates.com

📝 Emirates Airlines Research Papers Examples

  1. Emirates Airline Company Corporate Identity
    Business essay sample: Using the Emirates Airline Company as a case study, the discussion will show that corporate identity can be used to achieve the goal and vision of an organisation.
  2. The Emirates and the Etihad Airline Companies
    Business essay sample: The Emirates and the Etihad airlines run innovative operations programs, they have a unique tradition and brand and they are representative of the UAE in the global airline industry.
  3. The Emirate Airlines Total Quality Management
    Business essay sample: Total Quality Management provides a guideline on areas to be focused to achieve management objectives. The paper addresses the Emirate Airlines quality management strategy.
  4. Performance Measurement and Quality Management at Emirates Airline
    Business essay sample: This paper looks at the key resources that have made Emirates Airline competitive in the industry, at the performance measurement and quality management strategy.
  5. The Best UAE Airline – Analysis of the Aviation Industry in UAE
    Business essay sample: Analyzing UAE airlines? ✈️ It is an amazing topic! This paper researches the aviation industry in UAE. 🔬 Read the article to learn about the competitiveness of the industry, UAE Airlines’ commercials, ticket pricing policies, first-class products, etc. ✅
  6. Emirates Airline After Oil Prices Decline
    Business essay sample: This paper will examine the impact that the falling oil prices will exert on Emirates Airline and the GCC region at large.
  7. Emirates and Etihad Airlines' Brand Management
    Business essay sample: Airlines can create and capture customer value in different ways. In particular, they can do it by providing core, actual, and augmented services.
  8. Emirates Airlines' Information System and Strategies
    Business essay sample: This study evaluates Emirates Airlines' company, analyzes its management information system, and identifies its recent strategies.
  9. Emirates Airlines' Operations and Improvement
    Business essay sample: This paper reviews the operations of Emirates Airlines to identify its strengths and weaknesses and suggest ways through which it can improve its operations.
  10. Emirates Airlines Business Strategy
    Business essay sample: The paper evaluates Emirates Airlines' mission, objectives and strategies, its current financial condition, internal and external opportunities and strengths.
  11. Emirates Airlines' Values-Based Business Model
    Business essay sample: Emirates Airlines was incorporated in 1985 with the assistance of the Dubai’s royal family. The company started with only about $10 million as the starting capital.
  12. Emirates Marketing Strategy and Success Factors
    Business essay sample: Analyzing Emirates marketing strategy? 🛫 We will help! Emirates Airways is the leading airline in the Middle East. 🧑‍✈️In this business report, you will find everything about its marketing campaigns and business plan. 💺
  13. Emirates Airlines Company' Operations Management Practices
    Business essay sample: Emirates Airlines was founded in 1985 in the UAE. The firm is entirely owned by the Dubai government and it ranks as the largest airline company in the Middle East.
  14. Emirates Airlines' Promotion for Competition
    Business essay sample: Emirates Airline is a fast-growing airline company located in Dubai. The company is entirely a property of the administration of Dubai.
  15. Emirates Brand and Popularity Analysis
    Business essay sample: Researching Emirates branding campaigns? ✈️ This paper conducts a critical analysis of Emirates brand, its values, and the current promotion strategies. 👩‍✈️ Let’s discover the success of Emirates branding together! ✅
  16. Emirates Airline's Performance Measurement System
    Business essay sample: The analysis of the performance measurement system in the Customer Affairs and Service Audit Department of Emirates indicates that the system is appropriate.
  17. Emirates Airlines’ Organizational Structure & Development Plan
    Business essay sample: What is Emirates Airlines organizational structure? 🧑‍✈️ The paper investigates organizational development and changes in Emirates Airlines over the last several years. 📜 Read attentively to learn more about the organizational structure of Emirates Airlines. 😉
  18. Emirates Airline and Employee Motivation Theories
    Business essay sample: Employees are inspired by a set of factors that can exist extrinsically or intrinsically in themselves or their organizations.
  19. Emirates Airlines and Its Organizational Culture
    Business essay sample: The authors of the proposal aim to target and examine the most crucial HRM problems in Emirates Airlines is a Dubai using the qualitative method of research.
  20. Human Resource Management: Theoretical and Practical Aspects
    Business essay sample: In this report, the evaluation of the basics of Human Resources management will be given to create a list of recommendations to Senior Partners and effects of HR management activities.
  21. Emirates Airlines Quality Management
    Business essay sample: This essay will give a research on three major practices in the United Arab Emirates in an organisation that practices quality management in the country. The paper focused on the Emirates Airline.
  22. Emirates Airlines Implementing Paperless Concept
    Business essay sample: The paper discusses how the transition towards a paperless environment would affect the performance of the flight crew licensing department at Emirates Airlines.
  23. Emirates Airline Company's Case
    Business essay sample: The aviation industry of the United Arab Emirates plays a significant role in the growth of the region’s economy. This report focuses on the case of Emirates Airlines in UAE.
  24. Emirates Organizational Structure [Operations & Departments]
    Business essay sample: Working on Emirates Airlines’ organizational structure? 🛫 Emirates Airlines has been profitable over the years, being one of the most successful companies in the UAE. 💸 Read the paper to learn more about Emirates organizational & corporate structure. 🧬
  25. Emirates Airlines' Human Resources Practice
    Business essay sample: The Emirates Airlines is ranked the seventh position in a list of the best global air carriers across the globe based on the revenue that is generated per kilometer of travel.
  26. Emirates Airlines Company Strategies and Standards
    Business essay sample: The gap analysis is a typical tool used to identify the shortfalls inherent in Emirates Airlines that acts as a source of problems for registering with quality standard.
  27. Emirates Airline's Strategic Planning & Marketing
    Business essay sample: This report focuses on Emirates Airline’s strategic planning and marketing process. It outlines the macro-environment factors that affect the aviation sector.
  28. Emirates Airlines' Global Strategy Implementation
    Business essay sample: This paper aims to prove that the advantages that Emirates Airlines has as well as its success are achieved due to the implementation of thoroughly-designed global strategies.
  29. Emirates & British Airlines' Human Resources Strategies
    Business essay sample: This paper will discuss human resources strategies that will be adopted by a joint venture between Emirates Airlines and British Airlines.
  30. Emirates Airlines' Operations Management Analysis
    Business essay sample: The research project analyzed the operations management of Emirates Airlines while considering how OM has influenced the competitiveness of the company in the UAE.

💡 Essay Ideas on Emirates Airlines

  1. Emirates Airline's Service Operation Management
    Business essay sample: The service sector is one of the lucrative quarters in the UAE. It attracts many players, including the airlines, which focus on offering air travel and cargo carriage services.
  2. Emirates Airlines' Successful Strategic Management
    Business essay sample: In this strategic management paper, the focus was to determine the strategic management techniques that Emirates Airlines has been using to achieve its current levels of success.
  3. Emirates Airlines Implementing Hard System Changes
    Business essay sample: This paper elaborates on how Emirates airlines can manage the proposed change using the Human Resource Management hard systems.
  4. Emirates Airline Business Strategy
    Business essay sample: The success of any airline depends on the business strategies adopted. This paper evaluates the business strategy of Emirates Airline.
  5. Emirates Airlines' Success Trajectory
    Business essay sample: Emirates Airlines is one of the leading airlines in the current aviation industry. It operates globally and dominates the regional market.
  6. The Emirates Group's Employee Motivation Theories
    Business essay sample: This paper explores employee motivation strategies provided by the Emirates Group, Dubai-based airlines, by analyzing early and contemporary theories of motivation.
  7. Emirates Airlines Company Total Quality Management
    Business essay sample: This paper analyzes the operations and the total quality management that the Emirates Airlines have embraced over the past and the present time.
  8. Recruitment and Selection at Emirates Airline
    Business essay sample: This paper focuses on the definition of the recruitment and selection function of HR in general and its application by Emirates Airline in particular.
  9. Organizational Change and Human Resource Management in Emirates Airlines
    Business essay sample: This paper determines the success of organizational change and human resource management in Emirates Airlines as it embarked on transformations in its operations and information systems.
  10. Emirates Airlines Company's Quality Delivery
    Business essay sample: Emirates Airlines is a world-class company competing in the global arena. This study investigates the company in relation to its competitiveness in quality delivery.
  11. Emirates Airlines: Marketing Analysis
    Business essay sample: This paper assesses the core Marketing Mix components based on Emirates Airlines' activities, discusses the key marketing strategies, and suggests specific marketing strategies improvement proposals.
  12. Strategic Marketing Plan - Emirates Airlines
    Business essay sample: The main aim of this strategic marketing plan is to increase the value of services that Emirates offers and, by doing so, increase the profits of this business.
  13. Business Intelligence in Decision Making
    Business essay sample: It is important to understand the main stages of decision-making process for customers when planning to purchase an item.
  14. Emirates Airlines in Aviation and Tourism Industry
    Business essay sample: Emirates Airlines is one of the leading carriers in the UAE. This paper presents strategies that can help Emirates Airlines maintain its competitiveness in the aviation industry.
  15. Qantas Airways Limited: Company Analysis
    Business essay sample: Qantas Airways Limited is the major airline in Australia and is located in Sydney. It is the largest airline in Australia and the second oldest airline which is still operating.
  16. Emirates Airline Marketing Strategy
    Business essay sample: The article describes the marketing strategy of Emirates Airline, the scale of the company, the level of development and development potential thanks to well-structured marketing.
  17. Emirates Customer Relation Management Solution
    Business essay sample: This paper is going to demonstrate How CRM is going to assist airlines such as Emirates in Attracting and retaining new customers through CRM solutions.
  18. Emirates Airline Foundation Company and Projects
    Business essay sample: The paper will discuss the project, program, and portfolio management strategies of the Emirates Airline Foundation Company.
  19. Sheikh Mohammed and the Making of “Dubai, Inc”
    Business essay sample: Sheik Mohammed began his journey to leadership while he was only 19 years. Dubai Inc. is a conglomerate owned largely by sheik Mohamed who is also the leader of the government.
  20. Business Strategy Analysis: Emirates Airlines
    Business essay sample: This paper presents a project on the strategic analysis of Emirates Airlines. The paper provides an internal and external environment analysis of the Airline.
  21. Emirates Airlines' Current Financial Situation Analysis
    Business essay sample: The paper will provide and analyze the company’s financial reports, i.e., income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement.
  22. Emirates Airways: Financial Analysis
    Business essay sample: This work is dedicated to understanding Emirates Airlines' strategy and the business and economic environment in which it operates; and analysis of its financial statements.
  23. Emirates Airline Firm's Total Quality Management
    Business essay sample: This paper will discuss how Emirates develops its quality standards through operations analysis, use of technologies in product and process design, and people engagement.
  24. Emirates Airline Facility Department's Talent Management Strategies
    Business essay sample: Emirates Airline Facility Department applies effective talent management strategies to optimize employee performance.
  25. Emirates Airlines Foundation Analysis
    Business essay sample: The Emirates Airline Foundation Company specializes in humanitarian assistance, charity, and activities that are intended to help people who have particular needs or seek aid.
  26. Emirates Airlines: Strategy Formulation, Execution, and Governance
    Business essay sample: This paper discusses how Emirates formulated its corporate strategy and how often they re-evaluate, Emirates’ mission, vision, and core values.
  27. Emirates Airline: System Changes
    Business essay sample: Organizational changes are normally instigated by opportunities or challenges in the manner in which an organization conducts its business.
  28. Analysis of the Emirates Airlines
    Business essay sample: This study focused on an analysis of the efficiency of Emirates Airlines. The company has a thriving business policy and correctly analyzes its key performance metrics.
  29. Emirates Airlines’ Business Model
    Business essay sample: The mechanisms of segmentation, targeting, and positioning are the main components of Emirates Airlines’ business.
  30. Emirates Airlines' Quality Management Approaches
    Business essay sample: Emirates Airlines has occupied a relevant position in the airline industry for its ability to embrace new technology, offer great services, and enhance good ethics.

🏆 Best Emirates Airlines Essay Titles

  1. Emirates Airlines: Reputable Company in Asia
  2. Business Risk Evaluation for Emirates Airlines
  3. Analyzing Emirates Airlines’ Competitive Advantage and Value Chain
  4. The General Managers and the Culture of Emirates Airlines
  5. Change Management: Rerouting Customer Service Calls at Emirates Airlines
  6. The Relationship Between Strategic and Financial Planning of Emirates Airlines
  7. The Different Areas That Needs Attention in Emirates Airlines
  8. Emirates Airlines’ Competitors, Product Value Proposition
  9. Strategic Management and Business Planning for Emirates Airlines
  10. Comparing Marketing Strategies for Emirates Airlines and British Airways
  11. Critical Analysis of Emirates Airlines and Industry
  12. Actual and Potential Impact of Globalization on Emirates Airlines
  13. Emirates Airlines Corporate Social Responsibility Software Program
  14. Emirates Airlines Marketing Mix Analysis
  15. Examining Quality Control and Operation Management in Emirates Airlines
  16. Comparing Emirates Airlines and Fly Dubai
  17. Aviation Industry Performance: Emirates Case
    The Emirates group is made up of the Dubai National Air Transport Association; EmirateS Airlines as well as a hotel group. The government of Dubai owns the Emirates group.
  18. Success Factors and Leadership Strategies: Southwest Airlines and Emirates Airlines
  19. Characteristics of Emirates Airlines’ Vision and Mission Statement
  20. Analyzing Consumer Behavior on the Example Of Emirates Airlines
  21. Analyzing Consumer Attitude Towards Emirates Airlines
  22. Analyzing Emirates Airlines: PESTLE and SWOT Analysis
  23. Separate ‘Premium Economy’ Class by Emirates Airlines
  24. Exploring the Resources and Capabilities of Emirates Airlines
  25. Emirates Airlines Strategic Marketing Overview
  26. Organizational Behavior Project by Emirates Airlines
  27. Emirates Airlines Ranked Fifth Position in Customer Services
  28. Recruitment and Selection Analysis in Emirates Airlines
  29. Analyzing Company Background and Market Analysis of Emirates Airlines
  30. Analyzing Environment Scanning Report for Emirates Airlines
  31. Technology and Management Functions at Emirates Airlines
  32. Internal and External Influences Of Emirates Airlines
  33. PESTEL and SWOT Analysis of Emirates Airlines
  34. Analyzing Marketing Plan For Emirates Airlines
  35. Emirates Airlines and the Effects of Globalization
  36. Emirates Airlines’ Marketing Communications Issues
  37. Analyzing Performance Management of Emirates Airlines
  38. The Emirates Airlines History of Success
  39. Airline Globalization and Emirates Airlines
  40. Proper Growth Methods Regarding Air France In Addition to Emirates Airlines
  41. Emirates Airlines Business Strategy Analysis

❓ Emirates Airlines Research Questions

  1. What Is the Management Strategy and Policy of Emirates Airlines?
  2. What Is Inside Emirates Airlines Creative Brief?
  3. How Does Emirates Airlines’ Motivate Their Employee?
  4. What Are Marketing Strategies for Emirates Airlines?
  5. What are Leadership Factors for Emirates Airlines?
  6. What Are Emirates Airlines Porters Five Forces?
  7. What Are Emirates Airlines’ Key Success Factors?
  8. What Is Consumer Attitude Towards Etihad Airways and Emirates Airlines?
  9. What Is Strategic Human Resource Management for Emirates Airlines?
  10. What Is Emirates Airlines Product Method?
  11. What Are Emirates Airlines’ Competitors?
  12. Are Strategy and Entrepreneurship the Key Factors Emirates Airlines Strong Market Position?
  13. What Is Emirates Airlines Business Strategy?
  14. What Is the Marketing Plan for Emirates Airlines in Indian Destination?
  15. What Is Emirates Airlines Key Performance Indicator?
  16. What Are Emirates Airlines’ Competitive Advantages?
  17. Should Emirates Airlines Add a Dedicated Premium Economy Class?
  18. What Are Fiscal and Monetary Policies of Emirates Airlines and the Effect on Spending?
  19. What Is Airline Group Strategy for Emirates Airlines?
  20. What Are the Successful Factors for Emirates Airlines?

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