96 IBM Research Topics & Essay Examples

Company overview One of the oldest and largest American technology corporations that has been a top US patent holder for almost 30 years.
Best known for Inventing the ATM, the hard disc drive, and the floppy disc.
Products & services A huge number of products: IBM Cloud, Power microprocessors, SPSS statistical package, Cognos Business Intelligence, and much more.
Origins Founded in 1911 in New York by Charles Ranlett Flint, a trust businessman.
Area served 177 countries
Headquarters North Castle, New York, US
Key people Jim Whitehurst (president), Arvind Krishna (CEO & Chairman)
Revenue Over $70 billion
Number of employees Over 300 thousand
Scandals & incidents In 2010s, IBM was repeatedly accused of age discrimination. According to some reports, more than 60% of layoffs were made by employees over 40.
It is interesting that Simon Personal Communicator, released by IBM in 1994, is considered to be the first real smartphone.
Website www.ibm.com

📝 IBM Research Papers Examples

  1. Organizational Structures and Behavioral Implications
    An organization’s structure refers to the methodology used by a company to respond to various types of changes, assign roles, and pass communication from one point to another.
  2. IBM Company Strategic Human Resources Management
    IBM is one of the publicly quoted firms in the technology industry. The firm deals in computer hardware and software as well as integrated technological applications and devices.
  3. IBM Company: Leadership Development Approach
    This case shows that IBM developed a leadership development approach responding to the leadership needs of the organisation and not relying on single theories.
  4. Leadership Development: International Business Machines
    International Business Machines (IBM) is a computer technology company with a special interest in information technology. The company principally deals in manufacturing of computer hardware.
  5. IBM Strategic Management – Business Case Study
    Researching IBM business strategy? 🖥️ IBM is an American technology company that has its headquarters in Armonk, New York. 📈 Read this paper to learn more about IBM business strategy and levels of growth. 📊
  6. Rational Strategic Planning in IBM Corporation
    The essay dwells on the rational strategic planning approach as the best way of organising and executing business goals. It also studies the case of IBM Corporation.
  7. IBM’s Market Management Strategy’s Evolution
    In the past two decades, International Business Machines (IBM) recorded a remarkable growth driven by broad-based software and hardware services.
  8. IBM Company: Change Management
    For an organization like IBM, it is imperative to have the best out of what exists, and this means that the company has to give out a huge amount of its resources for this goal.
  9. Success of Effective Marketing Strategies
    Good marketing strategies should allow firms to easily market their products and services across all cross cultural barriers through localization of services across borders to allow foreign consumers embrace the firm’s products.
  10. IBM Culture and Principles of Good Leadership
    Many companies should identify chances where they can bring in a difference by infusing their particular talents and resources apart from giving out only money to their communities.
  11. International Business Machines: Case Study
    International Business Machine Company (IBM) is a firm in the information technology industry. It was established in 1910 by Thomas, J. Watson.
  12. Managing the Service Component of Event Experience
    In the event packaging industry, significant growth has been witnessed. Units aimed at the development of events sponsored by the state governments have been created.
  13. IBM Company: Assessment on the Innovation Capabilities
    For IBM, innovations result in two groups of forces, competitive and monopolistic. The key drivers of success can be divided into internal and external drivers
  14. IBM: The Compensation and Benefits Plan
    The compensation strategy of IBM is based on two principles: to remunerate workers for their efforts and to distinguish those employees that contribute to success of the company.
  15. IBM Company: The New Vector of Development
    The IBM company is in the process of diversifying from the goods production sector to the services sector. With this orientation the biggest supply that IBM gets is that of labor.
  16. International Business Machines
    International Business Machines is a multinational public limited company which deals with technology within the diversified computer system industry.
  17. IBM Company: Organizational Change
    IBM Company found itself in a position that needed absolute change in certain parts of its operation in order to compete favorably and maintain sustainable growth and success.
  18. IBM: History, Innovations and Future Strategy
    IBM is currently working to construct a computing system that can not just comprehend questions asked but also answer those questions as quickly and precisely as possible.
  19. IBM: Ethical Challenges in Global Business Management
    The managers in such international firms should embrace a positive working environment that allows the employees to attain a higher job performance.
  20. Noncompliance Risks in Corporate Governance
    Corporate governance refers to a set of policies, laws, customs, and processes which dictate the manner in which a corporation is managed.
  21. Total Quality Management: Term Definition
    Total quality management is one of the populate concepts in modern business which helps organizations to create unique value proposition and improve product quality.
  22. Case Study Analysis: The Rise of IBM
    IBM is a company that is working globally and has laid its foundation more than one hundred years ago. In this Case, ‘The Rise of IBM’ has thoroughly examined using various analytical tools.
  23. IBM: Creating Competitive Advantage
    By managing its supply chain efficiently, IBM may create a competitive advantage of its products in terms of quality and delivery efficiency.
  24. IBM Corporation: Social Media Integration Analysis
    Within the IBM corporation case study, the paper defines the social media essence and its impact on a business organization's efficiency, productivity, and profitability.
  25. PepsiCo’s and International Business Machines
    This task is dedicated to studying PepsiCo's and International Business Machines Corporation capital structures and the time value of money concerning a retirement plan.
  26. Five Bases of Power at International Business Machines
    International Business Machines Inc. has grown over the years to emerge as one of the notable market leaders in manufacturing software and hardware used in computing systems.
  27. International Business Machine (IBM): Case Study
    Direct export is preferred because it provides the first experience for International Business Machine (IBM) with global business environment in New Zealand at low costs.
  28. The Concept of Fraud Risk Factors
    The concept of fraud risk factors is a situation that involves three conditions. These conditions include: incentives/pressures; attitudes/rationalizations; and opportunities.
  29. International Business Machines Social and Sustainability Report
    IBM is one of the global companies engaged in various business processes particularly in the manufacturing of information technology products as well as offering related services.
  30. Corporate Profit Disaster and Solution at IBM
    This paper aims to discuss the corporate profit disaster at IBM and propose the strategic direction that it should take in the future to ensure its operations remain sustainable.
  31. Analysis of the Rebirth of IBM
    IBM is the pioneer of the IT industry that has a chronological evolution of more than a century. The study addresses the company's history within the era of the fall to Rebirth.
  32. Analysis of the Fall of IBM Case
    International Business Machine has undergone growth in the computer industry because, in 1971, the company had a global market share of 75% in relation to mainframe computers.
  33. IBM and HP: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
    In the case of the differences in diversity, equity, and inclusion between IBM and HP, it is important to note that the former mainly focuses on equity more than on other factors.
  34. IBM: Analyzing the Financial Situation
    International Business Machines (IBM) is an international computer technology and IT consulting business that has its headquarters in New York, United States.
  35. The IBM Company's Transformational Change
    IBM used a variety of change methods to tackle their predicament, including assembling the team responsible for driving change and aligning with their employees' visions.

🏆 Best IBM Essay Titles

  1. Analyzing IBM Financial Statements 1993 and 1994
  2. Analyzing Macro and Micro Environment of IBM
  3. Characteristics of Business Culture and Strategy IBM
  4. Business Outcomes With IBM Big Data Analytics
  5. Analyzing Business Systems Within IBM
  6. IBM Global Services Overview: The Professional Computer Services Industry
  7. The Main Features of Cloud Computing Services for IBM
  8. Comparisons Between IBM and Learning Organizations
  9. Computer-Aided Search Method and Machine-Readable Data Banks Developed and Used by IBM Germany Patent Documentation
  10. Concordance Study Between IBM Watson for Oncology and Real Clinical Practice for Cervical Cancer Patients in China
  11. Contemporary Organization Behavior: IBM’S Multicultural Multinational Teams
  12. Culture, Leadership, and Power: The Keys to Organizational Change – An Idea Behind the Success of IBM
  13. IBM Enterprise Resource Planning Systems Overview
  14. Evaluating the IBM Organization Ethics Program
  15. Evaluating the Stiff Competition Between Computer Giant’s IBM and Apple
  16. The Corporate Social Responsibility of the International Business Machines Company and the Domini Social Equity Fund
  17. Using Networks For Changing Innovation Strategy: The Case of IBM
  18. Analyzing and Comparing IBM and Microsoft Financial Statement
  19. IBM and Stronghold Backing Stable Coins, Stronghold USD
  20. IBM and The 21st Century: The Coming of The Globally
  21. IBM and the Effects of Globalization on Fishkill New York
  22. IBM and Their Features of Working With Staff
  23. Big Data Solutions: Case Analysis
    This paper explores the concept of big data, its business and analytical aspects, concerning how companies interact with big data and reap its benefits.
  24. IBM and the System 360 Decision
  25. The Global Financial Crisis in IBM Corporation
  26. IBM Blends Heuristics and Optimization to Plan Its Semiconductor Supply Chain
  27. IBM Blockchain and Maersk Line Launches TradeLens
  28. The Origins and History of the IBM Computer
  29. IBM Canada Ltd: Implementing Global Strategy
  30. The SWOT Analysis for IBM’s Smarter Planet Initiative
  31. IBM Corporation: The Business Value of Instant Messaging Collaboration
  32. IBM: Their Mission and Vision Analysis
  33. IBM, Google and Others to Unveil New Data Interface to Take on Intel
  34. IBM Microelectronics Division and Linear Programming
  35. IBM Offers Microsoft Corporation Cofounder
  36. IBM Scientists Demonstrate Worlds Fastest Raphene Transistor
  37. Strong Artificial Intelligence: Representations of the Post-Human in IBM’s Watson Computer
  38. Quantitative Trait Locus Analysis for Deep-Sowing Germination Ability in the Maize IBM Syn10 DH Population
  39. Pervasive Computing: IBM’s Autonomic System And The Cautions Necessary
  40. Outsourcing Agreement With IBM and Nokia
  41. Optimizer: IBM’s Multi-Echelon Inventory System for Managing Service Logistics

❓ IBM Research Questions

  1. How Did IBM Change the New and Greatest Machine?
  2. What Are Ethical Challenges for IBM?
  3. What Are Future Trends and Risc Technology of IBM?
  4. Has IBM Slipped into Mediocrity?
  5. How Does IBM Sametime Support Collaboration?
  6. How Does IBM Transform Individual Learning Into Organizational Learning?
  7. How Was IBM Able to Get Outside of the Anchoring Trap?
  8. What Is IBM Marketing Strategy and Theory?
  9. What Is IBM Operations Forecasting Technique?
  10. IBM Outsourcing: How Will IBM Benefit From Outsourcing HR Functions to Fidelity?
  11. How Does IBM Predict Cloud Computing Demand for Sports Tournaments?
  12. What Are IBM’s Psychic Twitter Bots?
  13. What Is IBM’s Strategy Towards Its Customers?
  14. What Are Key Accounting Policies Adopted by IBM Incorporations?
  15. What Is the Leadership Style by Sam Palmisano, Former IBM Chief Operating Officer?
  16. What Are the Marketing Opportunities of IBM?
  17. What Are Recruitment and Selection Methods and Procedures of IBM?
  18. What Challenges May IBM Face in Bringing Positive Changes and the Ways to Tackle Them?
  19. What Major Achievements Has IBM?
  20. Why Financial Strength Comes from People in the Case of IBM?

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