128 Toyota Research Topics & Essay Examples

Company overview A Japanese company, one of the world’s largest car manufacturers, a leading developer of hybrid electric vehicles.
Best known for Toyota Corolla – one of the 4 bestselling automobiles in the world.
Products & services 5 brands of vehicles: Toyota, Lexus, Daihatsu, Hino, and Ranz; automatic looms and sewing machines.
Origins Registered as an independent company in 1937 by Kiichiro Toyoda
Area served Worldwide
Headquarters Toyota City, Aichi, Japan
Key people Akio Toyoda (president), Takeshi Uchiyamada (Chairman), Shigeru Hayakawa (Vice-chairman)
Revenue Over $250 billion
Number of employees Over 350 thousand
Scandals & incidents Between 2009 & 2011, 9 million vehicles by Toyota were recalled due to unintended acceleration accidents experienced by several drivers.
It is interesting that Toyota has been a family company. It was started as a loom manufacturer by Sakichi Toyoda, then transformed into a car manufacturer by his son, and is now run by his great-grandson.
Website www.toyota.com
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📝 Toyota Research Papers Examples

  1. Toyota Motor Corporation Analysis
    This report provides an analysis of Toyota Motor Corporation, which specializes in the design, manufacturing and assembling of vehicles.
  2. Unilever & Toyota Knowledge Management
    Researching Unilever information system? 🔍 Knowledge Management System focuses on the ways through which an organization applies the available information within its operating environment. 🧠 Read the paper to learn more about Unilever Knowledge Management System! ✅
  3. Toyota Company: Mission, Vision and Stakeholders
    Toyota is committed to its mission of becoming the market leader with regard to the production of cars. The resultant effect is that the shareholders’ returns will be enhanced.
  4. Toyota Company in China: Global Strategy
    In this paper, the focus is on analysing the current problems that Toyota is facing in China and strategies that can be employed to address them.
  5. Toyota Global Operations Strategy
    Analyzing Toyota operations strategy? 🚘 In this paper, you will find out how to use transnational perspective for Toyota global operations. ✅ Read the article to learn more about Toyota business operations, marketing, etc. ⌚
  6. Toyota Company: Crises and Media' Influence on Business
    The paper is devoted to the notions of crisis management and media relationships. The Toyota crisis study is used to illustrate the theories relevant to the topic.
  7. Product Customization and Pricing Strategies
    The article covers the aspects of price customization in a clear and precise way. It discusses price customization and price customization strategies in depth giving suitable examples.
  8. Crisis Management Process at Organizations
    Crisis management is a managerial practice that seeks to normalize an organization’s operations after a significant crisis or disruption has occurred.
  9. Toyota Supply Chain: Supplier Relationships, Information Technologies, Logistics, Problems and Solutions.
    Researching 2020 🚗 Toyota supply chain? Toyota is a world-famous 🌏 Japanese car manufacturer. Toyota supply chain management involves the supply of goods to the end-user as well as following up to ensure that such customer is satisfied.
  10. Toyota Company: Supply Chain Management
    The transfer of manufacturing to factories in India, Bangladesh, and Philippines by Toyota is fundamental in understanding the dynamic needs of the target market in UAE.
  11. Toyota and Ford Companies Logistics and Supply Chain Management
    This paper analyzes the effectiveness of the strategies used by Toyota and Ford Corporation. The risks and how such risks can be avoided will be illuminated.
  12. The 2010 Toyota Crisis Communication Strategy
    In 2009, Toyota faced a recall crisis that was associated with several issues that demonstrated the weaknesses of the company’s crisis communication strategy.
  13. Toyota Motor Organisation in Context
    In the 1st quarter of 2008, the Toyota company was leading globally in automobile sales and on the Forbes 2000 list of 2005, Toyota was ranked fifth.
  14. Toyota Production System Operation Management
    Lean approach system is derived from the Toyota production system (TPS). TPS is mainly built on two pillars namely Jidoka and Just-in-time (JIT).
  15. Toyota Operations Management & Demand Forecasting
    Researching Toyota operations management? ⚙️ We recommend reading this overview of Toyota operations strategy, supply chain, and business forecasting methods. 🚗 You will also find how to apply the house of quality technique. 😉
  16. Toyota Company: Lean Operations and Production
    This paper attempts to explicitly review the concepts of lean operation and production as tools for improving companies’ performance with reference to the Toyota Company.
  17. Toyota Company's Mission, Vision and Competition Analysis
    The paper discusses Toyota's mission and vision, their impact on the company’s stakeholders, and uses Porter’s five forces to analyze the competition Toyota faces.
  18. Toyota Motor Corporation's Marketing Plan
    The market plan contains a detailed analysis of Toyota, its internal and external activity, the marketing strategies that the company uses, the marketing mix and SWOT.
  19. Toyota Motor Corporation's Lean Manufacturing
    Toyota has redesigned its lean process in such a way that it promotes effectiveness while at the same time reducing wastes.
  20. The New Hybrid Toyota Prius: Marketing Plan
    Saud Bahwan Group has partnered with Toyota Motors Corporation to improve sales of Toyota cars in the local Omani market. In this plan, the focus was to improve the brand and sales.
  21. Toyota Motor Corporation's Sustainable Growth
    Despite its global dominance in the automobile manufacturing market and successful performance, Toyota Motor Corporation needs to ensure sustainable growth.
  22. Toyota Company's Strategic Analysis and Trends
    This paper reports on the SWOTT analysis carried out on the Toyota Company. SWOTT is a critical tool for analyzing the strategic points of an organization.
  23. Types of Innovation in Business
    Organizations where people are ignorant about change and innovation will automatically fail to innovate since the employees will tend to oppose and criticize things that they know nothing about.
  24. Toyota Company's Japanese Management Practices
    This paper will try to examine the Japanese management practices with a keen interest in its giant automobile maker Toyota.
  25. The Ocean Blue Business Strategy Analysis
    The Blue Ocean strategy is ideal for surviving the competitive forces in the market since it empowers firms to adopt strategies such as differentiation, and cost leadership.
  26. Toyota Motors: Total Quality Management
    Discussion of total quality management concept. Analysis of Toyota's methods: Just-in-time inventory, Kanban system; Toyota’s emphasis on quality and sustaining production quality.
  27. Toyota Motor Corporation's Career Development & Education Programs
    The present research will seek to explore the benefits of career development and education and discuss best practices using Toyota Motor Corporation as the case study.
  28. Understanding and Managing Organizations
    The issue of understanding and also managing the organization is very much important. This can be answered through analyzing the evolution stages which are undertaken by most of the organizations.
  29. Poor Issues Management Case Study            
    Issues are the events that are outside the power of the organization. It may affect the organization in some way or the other and the organization must manage the issues in appropriate time.
  30. Toyota: The Car Manufacturer That Rules the World
    The Toyota Production System, which if reflected concisely, centres on the employees development, behaviour, and way of thinking in-line.
  31. Toyota Company's Lean Manufacturing Project
    The focus of this paper is on a manufacturing management project that was implemented by Toyota. Today this approach is known as lean manufacturing.
  32. Operational Analysis and Effectiveness in Organization
    The role of operations in the day to day functioning of organizations is very important, especially in the manufacturing sector.
  33. Toyota Company's Seven Ps of Marketing
    7Ps is a major concept that is applied in the locomotive industry to realize the large volume of sales, employee retention, and annual turnover.
  34. Strategic Management and Competitive Advantages
    Sustainable competitive advantage provides leverage over competitors through the use of company’s attributes, assets, or skills that are difficult to copy, much less exceed.

💡 Essay Ideas on Toyota

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  1. Total Quality Management Analysis
    Total quality management (TQM) is one of the most effective and successful approaches to quality improvements and controls proposed by E, Deming.
  2. Communication and Organizational Effectiveness Among Managers and Staff
    The essay tries to emphasize on the importance of manager and employee communication skills on organizational effectiveness.
  3. Modern Corporations Characteristics
    Although all modern corporations exist to make more profit and ultimately giving higher return to their investors; despite the fact it also now consider its role as an entity for the social groups it is serving.
  4. Toyota Motor Company's Supply Chain Management
    This paper considers the fundamentals of supply chain management and logistics and presents examples of Toyota Motor Company's supply chain management practices.
  5. Toyota’s Expatriate Management Policy
    The article describes aspects of Toyota's policy regarding expatriates: training, cash benefits, career growth, the ability to keep in touch with families.
  6. Ford and Toyota: The Increasing Productivity With Relation to Market Conditions
    The first part deals with the issue of increasing productivity with relation to market conditions. The second section compares characteristics of growing and mature markets.
  7. Performance Measurement and Management in Business
    Performance measurement is vital in all organizations because the organizations need to verify the validity of the selection methods.
  8. HRM Practices: Difference in Practices in US and Japan
    The paper provides a comprehensive review of the differences in the HR policies of GM and that of Toyota. It also shows that the differences are common in all US and Japanese companies.
  9. Toyota and General Motors: Marketing Research
    Toyota and General Motors are themselves car brands, yet they present different brands or names to the market, which present a mark of quality.
  10. Toyota and Ford: Supply Chain Management
    The contrasting approaches taken by each of Ford and Toyota in managing the supply chain indicates different areas of focus in business processes for both companies.
  11. Quality Award for Toyota Motor Car Company
    This Business Report treats a covering examine which describes the quality developments initiatives undertaken by the TMCA which resulted in the 1991 Australian Quality Award.
  12. Toyota Prius – Marketing Plan
    The paper will attempt to present a marketing plan for the Toyota Prius. The Toyota Prius has launched a few years ago and has seen a significant degree of success.
  13. Suggested Changes in Culture of Toyota
    The CEO, Management, and staff of Toyota may take a moment to make an analysis of the cultural crisis that they are facing.
  14. Operations And Logistics Management
    In general Logistics and Operations Management encompasses all the processes that are carried out in order to produce goods and services.
  15. Strategic Management: General Motors and Toyota
    Analysis of the strategic management and planning process in the motor industry, with the case of two companies, General Motors and Toyota being investigated.
  16. Toyota Motor Corporation: Financial Strategies
    Lowering the costs of the current products has no risks as long as the same quality standards are maintained, thus the company can increase its profits due to higher revenue.
  17. Cost Cutting During Recession: Short Term Benefits, Long Term Drawbacks
    The principles of strategic human resource management do not point to any of these during recessions and economic downturns.
  18. Toyota Company: Corporate Social Responsibility
    Attempts should be made by governments and business leaders to incorporate standard management practices in their operations to enhance the efficiency of the flows.
  19. Toyota Motor Corporation's Analysis and Marketing
    Toyota Motor Corporation’s marketing efforts have been based on the best experience of ownership and vehicles of high standards.
  20. Toyota Cars: The Demand in Long and Short Run
    The Toyota recall was staged due to technical issues found in the accelerator paddle of the cars manufactured and distributed.
  21. Toyota Multinational Company's Financial Management
    This paper will discuss Toyota Company, a Japanese multinational automaker, in relation to debt, dividend policy, managerial ownership, among many issues.
  22. Organization Structures
    Different organizations have different hierarchical structures while some have adopted models which allow them to achieve proper operations easily.
  23. Research of the Concept 'The Marketing Scene'
    The marketing scene is the vital activity in the current scenario for the promotion and making the products much familiar and within the short range of the people.
  24. Recession Impact on Car Manufacturing Industry: Toyota Company
    The entire paper has considered the strategic issues, competitive advantages and some drawback of Toyota Company in present recessionary period.
  25. Corporate Restructuring and Strategic Management
    This paper is based on the thesis that the strategic management concept is a vital breakthrough that has revolutionized management.
  26. Toyota Prius, Green or Geek Machine-Case Study
    The article examines the Toyota Prius hybrid car: what is the reason for its popularity, what challenges did Toyota face in its production and how it coped with them.
  27. Toyota’s Car Recall: Risk Management
    Toyota’s recall of cars in the period between 2010 and 2019 requires the reconsideration of its risk management approaches.
  28. Knowledge Management: Toyota Case Study
    Toyota has created the Toyota Network System (TNS), which connects dealers, manufacturing plants, and suppliers to maximize the effectiveness of production management
  29. The Performance of GM, Toyota and Ford
    This paper takes an in-depth analysis of the performance of GM, Toyota and Ford in the recent past and how recalls have impacted their sales.
  30. Financial analysis of Toyota Motor Corporation
    Financial ratios analysis is a fundamental requirement in every business organization, the most important ratios are profitability, liquidity, gearing and activity or ratios.
  31. Cash Flows Valuation System Toyota Motors Corporation
    This paper surveys and examines both practical and hypothetical elements of the normally utilized discounted cash flows valuation system Toyota Motors Corporation.
  32. Auto Parts Product Category of the Toyota Company
    The standard markup or the competitor-based pricing approaches can be applied to the auto parts industry players.
  33. Financial Statement Analysis - Toyota Company Case Study
    The analysis of the financial statements helps in the trend relationship between internal and external users in a company. It helps in assessing solvency and profitability.
  34. Toyota Firm's Production and Operations Management
    This essay covers the ten decision framework of the Toyota company, which demonstrates the diverse areas of its business that calls for strategic engagements.

🏆 Best Toyota Essay Titles

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  1. Global and Domestic Marketing Decisions for Toyota
  2. Organizational Structure and Corporate Strategy of Toyota
  3. Promotional and Advertising Strategies of Toyota Motor Corporation
  4. Creating Sustainable Competitive Advantage: The Toyota Philosophy and Its Effects
  5. The Strengths and Weaknesses of the Business Model of the Toyota Company
  6. Innovative Management Practices and Positive and Negative Tradeoffs of Toyota Company
  7. Toyota Motor Corporation Business Innovation and Philosophy
  8. The Evaluation Into the Organizational Resources of the Toyota Corporation
  9. Operation and Supply Chain Strategy in Toyota
  10. Identify and Evaluate Marketing Opportunities in Toyota
  11. Automotive Industry and Toyota
  12. Toyota: The Power of Excellence in Product Innovation and Marketing
  13. Assessing Sales Loss From Automobile Recalls: A Toyota Case Study
  14. Market Flexible Customizing System of Japanese Vehicle Manufacturers: An Analysis of Toyota
  15. Toyota: Analyzing the Non-controllable Economic Environment of an International Company
  16. Employee Relations Toyota Motor Corporation
  17. Comparing Toyota’s Manufacturing System With a Conventional Mass-Production System
  18. Issues Facing Toyota and Steps to Solve Them
  19. The History and Business Strategy of Toyota
  20. Toyota: Origin, Evolution and Current Prospects
  21. Complementarities and Organizational Fit: A Retrospective Analysis of the Toyota Recall Crisis
  22. Crisis and Issues Faced by Toyota Business
  23. Toyota’s Human Resource Management
  24. Change Management Toyota Company Contingency and Systems Perspectives
  25. Process and Product Innovations of Toyota
  26. Global Business and Technology: The Case of Toyota
  27. Toyota Legal and Ethical Issues
  28. Japanese Management Characteristics the Case of Toyota Management
  29. Toyota: The World’s Largest Automobile Manufacturer
  30. The Process Technologies and E-business of Toyota Motor Corporation
  31. The Business Information System in Toyota Marketing
  32. Supervisory Skills and Rehabilitation of Toyota Management
  33. Business and Financial Analysis: Toyota Motor Corporation
  34. Toyota Motor Corporation Leadership Style
  35. Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty for Toyota Products
  36. Outsourcing and International Production of a Multinational: A Theoretical Model and Empirical Evidence From Toyota
  37. Reorganizing for Multi-Project Management: Toyota’s New Structure of Product Development Centers
  38. Learning From Toyota: How Action Learning Can Foster Competitive Advantage in New Product Development
  39. Business and Financial Analysis: Toyota Motor Corporation
  40. Japanese Industrial Revolution and the Toyota Industries Corporation

❓ Toyota Research Questions

  1. What Are the Basic Principles of Toyota’s Production System?
  2. What Was Toyota’s Neglect of the Safety Issue?
  3. How Did Toyota Handle the Recall Crisis?
  4. What Makes the Toyota Production System Successful?
  5. What Business Strategy Does Toyota Use?
  6. What Makes Toyota Becoming Number One in Automobile Industry?
  7. What Were the Causes of Toyota’s Downfall?
  8. How Did Toyota Handle Its Recall Crisis?
  9. How Did Toyota Stay On Top?
  10. Does Toyota Use E-commerce?
  11. How Toyota Successfully Implemented Change Process?
  12. What Are Ethical Issues With Toyota?
  13. What Does Toyota Do With Operational Risk?
  14. What Was the Effect of Toyota’s Mishandling of the Safety Issues?
  15. How Should Toyota Have Handled the Safety Issues the First Time They Occurred?
  16. How Toyota Operates Its Philosophies Between Japan and Other Countries?
  17. How Does Toyota Manage Its Logistic and Supply?
  18. How Did Toyota Save From the Brink of Bankruptcy?
  19. How Toyota Deal With Production Issues Marketing?
  20. What Type of Business Is Toyota?

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