104 General Motors Research Topics & Essay Examples

Company overview A US-based company, the largest automaker in America, the world’s largest automobile manufacturer in 1931-2007.
Best known for Chevrolet, Cadillac
Products & services Microprocessors, flash memory, motherboards, graphic chips, modems, etc.
Origins Founded in 1908 in Michigan by businessmen William Durant, Frederic Smith, and Charles Mott
Area served Worldwide
Headquarters Detroit, Michigan, US
Key people Marry Barra (chairperson, CEO), Mark Reuss (president), Andrew John Stapleton (CFO).
Revenue More than $100 billion
Number of employees Over 150 thousand
Scandals & incidents In 2014, GM recalled more than 30 million cars worldwide due to faulty ignition switches. It paid compensation for over 120 deaths.
It is interesting that Throughout its history, GM sold many automobile brands, including Hummer, Pontiac, Saab, Daewoo, and others.
Website www.gm.com

📝 General Motors Research Papers Examples

  1. General Motors’ Supply and Procurement Strategies
    The purpose of this paper is to give a detailed analysis of General Motors’ supply and procurement strategies.
  2. General Motors Company's Non-Market Environment
    The paper discusses the environmental and technological factors of the non-market environment in relation to the case study of the General Motors company.
  3. General Motors Company's Human Resources Evaluation
    GM is an American multinational corporation. The company was founded in 1908, and since then, it has spread to over 100 countries and has over 122,000 employees.
  4. General Motors Company's Strategies and Policies
    This paper explores the company by analyzing its inception and performance history, the business strategy, and the policy adopted over the years.
  5. Macroeconomics Indicators of Recession
    This paper aims to understand how the macroeconomic indicators point at a recessionary phase in the US economy and how this is affecting the auto industry.
  6. General Motors Company Analysis
    The global headquarter of GM is based in Detroit, but the company is producing cars and trucks in 35 countries.
  7. Human Resource, Information System in General Motors
    This paper analyzes different human resource management issues of General Motors, and then these issues are diagnosed using the theories of human resource management.
  8. Automotive Industry. Fiat and General Motors Alliance
    This paper is a case study on an alliance between Fiat and General Motors entered by the two companies in the year 2000, the crisis that arose, and how they resolved the crisis.
  9. Managers Undertake a PEST Assessment
    In order to understand the location’s viability the tool used to do the analysis is called PEST analysis. This report undertakes a PEST analysis of India where GM has started its operations
  10. General Motors Corporation's Power Bases
    The organization chosen for this report is General Motors Corporation, the US-based automobile maker that has a long history of success but is currently in a period of crisis.
  11. Applying Cannibalization Methods to Marketing Strategy
    This paper discusses examples of the real companies that have undergone processes of cannibalization as a way to boost profits and gain a competitive edge over their competitors.
  12. General Motors: Problem Analysis
    In this paper we will discuss this problem that GM faces and will try to ascertain the reasons, not considering the US recession as the primary factor.
  13. Business Decisions of General Motors
    The statistical analysis of the internal and external data of GM shows that the company should leverage the opportunities available from the emerging nations especially the BRIC countries
  14. General Motors: Total Quality Management
    This paper focuses on the culture of the organization General Motors, the total quality barriers, the reason why they present themselves as barriers.
  15. Toyota and General Motors: Marketing Research
    Toyota and General Motors are themselves car brands, yet they present different brands or names to the market, which present a mark of quality.
  16. General Motors Company: Pricing Strategies
    From 2008, GM had been utilizing various techniques for promoting price through retail, dealer, and fleet incentives regarding customer rebates, monetary rate assistance.
  17. General Motors Company Surviving Transformation
    In response to the call for environmental conservation, GM looks forward to manufacturing electric propelled vehicles as well as coming up with battery packs for the vehicles.
  18. Two Companies Dealing With Financial Recession
    Giant corporations were hit by the 2007-2009 recession just like small companies, as evidenced by the example of General Motors and Lehman Brothers.
  19. Strategic Management: General Motors and Toyota
    Analysis of the strategic management and planning process in the motor industry, with the case of two companies, General Motors and Toyota being investigated.
  20. Negotiations: General Motors Strike of 1998
    General Motors is one of the best-performing companies in the world and the 1998 strike caused a lot of losses to the company.
  21. Business Changes in General Motors Review
    This paper discusses how General Motors as an organization has changed its operations through various products development, challenges that were the driving force to these changes
  22. General Motors Business Analysis
    General Motors is one of the largest and most successful automobile manufacturing companies, which has been at the top of sales for decades.

💡 Essay Ideas on General Motors

  1. The General Motors Cultural CrisisGeneral Motors
    This paper considers the features of the organizational culture and leadership style of General Motors to determine the impact of these aspects on the activities of the company.
  2. Organizational Design Analysis: General Motors
    An evaluation of GM’s organizational design and structure revealed the importance of integrating change in the firm’s operation and necesserity of reduction a bureaucracy level.
  3. New Paradigm of System Thinking for General Motors
    Integration of the concept of organizational design can help a General Motors firm to deal with macro-environmental and micro-environmental challenges currently and in the future.
  4. General Motors: Supply Chain Management
    Supply chain management has an immense influence on a company's performance in the market. GM case analysis speaks that supply chains must be managed with the professionalism.
  5. General Motors Company: Performance Issues
    This paper underscores performance issues at GM, which may be improved by an employee development program that GM could exploit to surpass its objectives.
  6. Human Resources With Regard to General Motors Corporation and Family-Work Practices
    This paper focuses on Work-Family Practice and how do these practices affect the employees, and whether these practices positively or negatively affect the company.
  7. General Motors Company's Decision-Making
    The essay defines the accurate system approach to defining problems and the right solution in the scope of modern engineering and technology.
  8. Corporate Finance: General Motors Company
    The good performance is expected to continue for the next five years provided the General Motors Company can predict the changes in the financial market.
  9. General Motors: Financial Performance
    The paper evaluates the changes in General Motors’ short-term and long-term liquidities, and its profitability between 2011 and 2012.
  10. General Motors and Ford Post-Retirement Benefits Accounting
    This paper aims to assess how accounting and reporting of post-retirement benefits are implemented in both General Motors and Ford.
  11. GM and Ford Financial Analysis
    The paper focused on the American Economy and its automotive industry to determine Ford and GM operations in the last five years.
  12. Organizational Changes in General Motors
    General Motors has implemented some changes in its structure and operations. One of the models that is the most suitable for the company is the “change now, profits later” model.
  13. General Motors' Challenges and Their Implications
    General Motors (GM) deals with the manufacture and assembly of motor vehicle major components like the engine and the body.
  14. General Motors Response to the Ignition Switch Crisis
    General Motors decided to pursue sales for a decade until deaths and injuries became increasingly visible, and lawyers of the affected were able to find the cause of the accidents.
  15. General Motors and Ford Motor Companies' Change Management
    Change management is a vital aspect that should be investigated by the Ford and General Motors stakeholders to enable the companies to maintain their prevailing market presence.
  16. Analysis of General Motors Finance
    General Motors is an American international organization whose headquarters is in Detroit and specializes in designing, manufacturing and selling automobiles and vehicle parts.
  17. General Motors Firm's Internal Factor Evaluation
    The Internal Factor Evaluation matrix is a business management tool applied when evaluating a company's internal environment. The paper discusses the IFE matrix for General Motors.
  18. Canon's and General Motors' Supply Chain Strategy
    This paper aims to compare the Canon and General Motors industries with respect to their supply chain strategies, as well as the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on them.
  19. An Automotive Industry Analysis on Ford, GM, and Tesla
    The automotive industry is not perceived with extremes of higher competitiveness, although it is an essential component in formulating a stable economy.
  20. General Motors Firm's Advertising Approaches
    The paper states that General Motors should acquire new advertising approaches which aim at attracting new clients and retaining the existing ones.
  21. General Motors Firm's Marketing Analysis
    The paper entails an analysis of the new product, competition, the target market, competition, and a communication plan that will help the marketing team implement the new product.
  22. General Motors: Switching From Outsourcing to Insourcing
    General Motors (GM) is an example of an organization that switched from outsourcing to insourcing and managed to succeed in this uneasy transformation.

🏆 Best General Motors Essay Titles

  1. Government Tax Cuts for General Motors
  2. Analyzing the Strategy for General Motors
  3. Car Technologies and Green Energy: General Motors Go Green
  4. Foreign Exchange Hedging Strategies at General Motors: Transitional and Transactional Exposures
  5. Business Process Reengineering General Motors
  6. Analyzing Corportate Finances of General Motors Company
  7. Eclectic Paradigms About General Motors Company
  8. Analyzing Economic and Competitive Strategy Analysis for General Motors
  9. Organizational Behavior and Culture Change at General Motors
  10. Analyzing Risk Management Within General Motors Company
  11. Evaluating the Lifetime Strategies of General Motors
  12. General Motors Company: SWOT and Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
  13. General Motors and Chrysler Receives Aid From Government to Survive Recession
  14. General Motors and Its Technicalities in Decision Making
  15. General Motors and the Acquisition of Packard Electric
  16. General Motors and the Affecting Factors of Everyday Business
  17. General Motors Automobile Market in China Overview
  18. General Motors: Company Overview and Comparative Analysis
  19. Aalyzing General Motors Corporation Background
  20. The reasons for General Motors Corporation Downfall
  21. Analyzing General Motors Global Purchasing and Supply Chain
  22. General Motors Process Improvement With Six Sigma
  23. General Motors Recalled 200,000 Vehicles Due to Airbag Malfunction
  24. General Motors: The Decline of an Automotive Giant
  25. General Motors Global Purchasing and Supply Chain
  26. Human Resource Management Changes and the Reinvention of General Motors
  27. Leadership And Change Management At General Motors
  28. Production and Inventory Control at the General Motors Corporation During the 1920s and 1930s
  29. The Primary Internal And External Influence On The General Motors Corporation
  30. The Current Corporate and Global Strategies of General Motors
  31. Team Techinques for Problem Solving in General Motors
  32. Strategic Marketing Problems And Oppurtunities General Motors Marketing
  33. Organizational Behavior: General Motors and the Need for Change
  34. Narcissism Project and Corporate Decay: The Case of General Motors
  35. Macroenvironment and General Motors Corporation
  36. Intellectual Capitalism: SWOT and Industry Analysis of General Motors
  37. Information and Competitive Advantage: The Rise of General Motors
  38. Human Resources Management Examining General Motors
  39. General Motors: The Collapse of the US Auto Industry
  40. General Motors Management Information Systems

❓ General Motors Research Questions

  1. Big Business Stability and Economic Growth: Is What’s Good for General Motors Good for America?
  2. How Has General Motors Tried to Build the Chevrolet Brand in India?
  3. What Are the Factors Affecting General Motors?
  4. What Are Foreign Exchange Hedging Strategies at General Motors?
  5. What Is the Impact of General Motors on the Environment?
  6. What Is the Impact of General Motors on Economy?
  7. What Is General Motors Human Resources Management?
  8. What Is General Motors Value Chain?
  9. What Is Leadership Development Plan for General Motors?
  10. What Are the Most Important Periods in General Motors History?
  11. What Are Management Information Systems of General Motors?
  12. Why Did General Motors Fail to Compete With Globalization?
  13. How Did General Motors Listen to Customers and Win First Place in the American Automobile Industry in the 1920s?
  14. What Could Be Value Propositions for General Motors?
  15. What Was Fisher Body-General Motors Relationship?
  16. What Are the Current Corporate and Global Strategies of General Motors?
  17. Why General Motors Failed to Compete with Globalization?
  18. What Features of General Motors’ Innovation and Design are Unique?
  19. What Characteristics of Organizational Behavior and Culture Change has General Motors?
  20. How Sucsessful is Directive Leadership Style in General Motors?

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