92 IKEA Research Topics & Essay Examples

Company overview A Dutch-based conglomerate of Swedish origin that designs and sells furniture, homeware, and food.
Best known for Modernist designs, eco-friendliness, and attention to cost control.
Products & services Ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances, home accessories, food products, etc.
Origins Established in 1943 in Sweden by 17-year-old Ingvar Kamprad
Area served North America, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Oceania
Headquarters Delft, Netherlands
Key people Jon Abrahamsson Ring (Chairman & CEO of the Inter IKEA Group), Jesper Brodin (Chairman & CEO of INGKA Holding)
Revenue Over €40 billion
Number of stores Over 400
Scandals & incidents In 2012, IKEA admitted the fact that in the 1980s forced labor of political prisoners in East Germany was used in furniture production.
It is interesting that IKEA stores have been mentioned in many novels and films, including Fight Club (1999), 500 Days of Summer (2009), etc.
Website www.ikea.com

📝 IKEA Research Papers Examples

  1. IKEA Company's Organizational Culture Development
    IKEA’s methods used to increase the identification and acceptance of organization culture are rookie rituals, symbolic gestures on job positions, rotational team leadership.
  2. Internet Influence on International Marketing
    This paper aims to evaluate the main characteristics of international marketing and the possible impact of the Internet on marketing strategies of international companies.
  3. IKEA Cultural Differences in Sweden and China
    What are the biggest IKEA culture problems? 🛋️ This paper discusses IKEA’s international marketing strategies for integrating cultural differences in the Chinese market. 🐲 Read the article to find out the major IKEA cultural problems to discuss. ️
  4. Global Scale Business Ethics Models
    This report emphasizes the importance of studying business ethics and the business people’s awareness of the most efficient applications of ethical philosophy.
  5. IKEA Company's Operations Management Process
    IKEA is one of the best furniture retailers in the world. The purpose of this study is to understand the operations management processes of IKEA.
  6. IKEA Market Position Improvement
    Researching 🔍 IKEA market position? Founded by Ingvar Kamprad at the age of 17, IKEA started in 1943 as a mail business in Sweden 🇸🇪 and has gradually grown and expanded its products over decades.
  7. Marketing Techniques and Segmentation in Examples
    IKEA’s success in the international market has arisen from its commitment to implementing effective marketing techniques.
  8. Apple Company's Poor Inventory Management Issues
    Since Apple Company operates internationally, it at times experiences challenges related to the supply of products, which emanates from poor inventory management.
  9. Supply Chain Management as a Business Controversy
    Efficient supply chain management promotes positive alterations in companies’ functioning by suggesting methods to build a competitive infrastructure and attain sustainability.
  10. Marketing Events Role in Consumer Behavior
    This essay is comprised of seven segments that discuss marketing events of different companies in relation to the concepts of consumer behavior.
  11. IKEA: Corporate Social Responsibility
    IKEA has done a commendable job in its social responsibility, as the needs of the majority of the stakeholders have been considered and attempts made to meet them.
  12. Strategic Management by Example IKEA
    In order to succeed on the global scale, giant retailer like IKEA needs effective marketing strategies and philosophies, unique corporate vision and outstanding product management.
  13. IKEA: Essentials of Strategic Management
    One of the issues with which IKEA is dealing is diversity, as the company expands and develops itself, the management of the company is trying to keep its core values alive.
  14. IKEA Business Information and Analysis
    The aim of this paper is to analyze the business activity by the IKEA corporation. The analysis will be arranged: Business profile, Management functions, HRM and marketing.
  15. IKEA. Kampard’s Legacy and IKEA Management
    The IKEA management must keep in mind and follow what Kamparad once advised that ideology is not the work of one man but the sum of many impulses from all the IKEA leadership.
  16. IKEA Company's Innovation and Success
    The IKEA analysis showed that the idea of innovation is also necessary for addition to the ability to implement it in accordance with the mission of the organization.
  17. Strategy Management: IKEA International
    The essay analyzes the structural design, the key strategic control systems, the primary people concerns, cultural factors, and the strategic implementation of IKEA international.
  18. The Management of IKEA Investments: Case Study
    The purpose of this paper is to deal with the case study analysis that explores major issues in the management of IKEA investments.
  19. IKEA’s Path of Internationalization
    The current report focuses on exploring IKEA's approach toward internationalization and international expansion as a component of its strategy.
  20. IKEA’s Internationalization Strategy: Review and Analysis
    The present paper overviews IKEA’s internationalization path that started in the 1980s - about forty years after its establishment, and its further expansion into foreign markets.
  21. Marketing Communication Analysis: The Case of IKEA
    The analysis of IKEA’s preferred marketing communication tools shows three main values: wide choice, affordability, and innovative design solutions.
  22. Approaches to Strategy and Strategic Management Plan
    Determining the strategic management framework for the appropriate managerial levels within an organization is a vital step in meeting its needs and ensuring that it is run appropriately.
  23. IKEA: Company Analysis
    Inbound logistics: 1. Inbound logistics is a primary source to create the business value;2. IKEA purchases raw materials and items from about 1200; 3. Advanced check of materials.
  24. How the IKEA, the Furniture Shop, Applies Information Technology in Their Workplace
    A current IT network promotes the sharing of information effectively within the IKEA Company, process the required orders and facilitate smooth communication with customers.
  25. Assignment Case Study IKEA
    One of the reasons why IKEA sells more is the cost at which it sells its furniture. The costs of selling are low due to the innovation in the company’s operations.
  26. H&M, Zara, Ikea, and Walmart Firms' Inventory Management Practices
    The target companies chosen as a case study include H&M, Zara, Ikea, and Walmart, which use different approaches for inventory management control.
  27. IKEA Company's Globalization Process
    The paper discusses IKEA in relation to the process of globalization and investigates some of its distinguishing features.
  28. The Immense Success of IKEA
    This paper dwells upon the way key success factors of IKEA, global strategy, environmental and other Issues, principles gleaned from "Porter's Diamond".
  29. The Performance Management System of IKEA
    For IKEA line managers to introduce improvements and plan required training courses, they monitor staff and keep them up to speed on performance levels.
  30. IKEA Group’s "People and Planet Positive" Sustainability Plan
    IKEA has established a "People & Planet Positive" strategy that aims to provide a company with a sustainable supply chain to better foresee and manage sustainability challenges.
  31. IKEA Firm's Operations and Supply Chain Management
    Throughout the decades, IKEA has been operating under the idea of providing a selection of products for home furnishing that are affordable and accessible.
  32. The IKEA India Company's Strategic Analysis
    The case analysis will focus on the identification of the company's strategy and related problems facing it while providing proper recommendations to overcome the issues.

🏆 Best IKEA Essay Titles

  1. Correlation Between IKEA and the External Environment Marketing
  2. Successful International Retail Strategy – IKEA
  3. IKEA and Corporate Social Responsibility
  4. The Interpersonal Communication Issues in IKEA
  5. Enterprise Resource Planning: IKEA
  6. Advantages and Disadvantages of the Same Product in All IKEA Catalogues Around the World
  7. Corporate Governance and Business Ethics of IKEA
  8. The Past and Present Strategies of IKEA
  9. Brand Differentiation and Positioning for IKEA
  10. The Marketing Mix of Segmentations by IKEA’s Marketing Strategy
  11. Furnishing the World and Assessing the Development of IKEA
  12. Strategic International Business and Competitive Strategy of IKEA
  13. Location Strategy and Layout Strategy of IKEA
  14. IKEA: Furniture for the Masses and Strategies for the Future
  15. ‎IKEA Sustainability Strategy – Solar Energy, Veggie Hot Dogs, and Recycled Plastic Panels
  16. Effective Inventory Control and Management: A Case of IKEA
  17. Supply Chain Strategies Used by IKEA
  18. IKEA and Small City Development in Sweden: Planning Myths, Realities, and Unsustainable Mobilities
  19. Global Business Opportunities: IKEA Expansion
  20. IKEA: Green Issues Impact on the Design of a Company’s Products
  21. The Staff Recruitment and Selection Policy of IKEA
  22. IKEA E-marketing Systems and Processes
  23. IKEA and Human Resource Management
  24. Analyzing the Organisational Structure of IKEA Business
  25. IKEA E-marketing Systems and Processes
  26. Communication and Relationship Management at IKEA
  27. How the Swedish Retailer IKEA Became a Global Cult Brand
  28. IKEA and Green Supply Chain Management
  29. International Human Resource Management in IKEA
  30. Global Business Environment: IKEA
  31. IKEA: Business Details, Marketing Strategies, and Analysis
  32. The External Growth Strategy IKEA
  33. International Expansion Through Flexible Replication: Learning From the Internationalization Experience of IKEA
  34. Challenges and Solutions – How IKEA Identified the Strategic Challenges and Overcame Them
  35. Corporate Governance and Business Ethics of IKEA
  36. IKEA and the Creation and Maintenance of a Healthy Organizational Culture
  37. Consumer Attitudes and Behavior Towards IKEA
  38. Market Analysis and Effects of Globalization on IKEA
  39. IKEA and Its Effect on the Earth and Promote Sustainability
  40. The Globalization of Markets and Production Benefited for IKEA

❓ IKEA Research Questions

  1. How Can IKEA Develop Green Technology?
  2. What Action Should IKEA Take Regarding Export?
  3. How Has IKEA Incorporated Sustainability Principles?
  4. How IKEA Reduces Carbon Footprint?
  5. What Is the IKEA Business Model?
  6. Can IKEA Remain Successfully Expand Into New Markets?
  7. What Happens When IKEA Comes to Town?
  8. Ethical Issue IKEA?
  9. Does Marketing Mix Contribute IKEA to Success?
  10. How Does IKEA Approach Operation Management?
  11. How Has the Globalization of Markets and Production Benefitted IKEA?
  12. How Does IKEA Generate Customer Loyalty?
  13. How IKEA Manages Cultural Issues in Different Countries?
  14. Does IKEA Provide Customers With Good Products?
  15. How Does IKEA Benefits From Globalization?
  16. How Green Issues Impact on the Design of a Companys Products (On the Example of IKEA Company)?
  17. What Are IKEA’s Country-Specific Advantages?
  18. What Factors Account For the Success of IKEA?
  19. What Are IKEA’s Competitive Priorities?
  20. What Made IKEA Such a Success?

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