90 Dell Research Topics & Essay Examples

Company overview An American computer technology company that specializes in developing, repairing, selling, and supporting hardware & software.
Best known for Very reliable laptops, good customer support
Products & services Inspiron series (laptops and desktop computers), G series (gaming laptops), Precision series (workstations), PowerEdge (business servers), etc.
Origins Founded in 1984 by Michael Dell a then-student of the University of Texas at Austin.
Area served Worldwide
Headquarters Round Rock, Texas, US
Key people Michael Dell (CEO & Chairman)
Revenue About $100 billion
Number of employees Over 150 thousand
Scandals & incidents In 2010, Dell paid $100 million to settle the charges that it deliberately misled investors by using false accounting to meet Wall Street expectations.
It is interesting that In 1992, Michael Dell became the youngest CEO of a Fortune-500 company. He was 27 at the time.
Website www.dell.com

📝 Dell Research Papers Examples

  1. Dell Target Market & Market Segmentation
    Researching Dell target market? 🖥️ From the start, Dell had a consumer-concentrated approach. 💳 Read the paper to discover the main issues of Dell market segmentation and conduct a proper analysis. 👌
  2. Competing with Dell, Apple, and Sony
    The essay examines a new laptop company's SWOT analysis and formulates strategies (marketing mix and promotional mix) to compete effectively with Sony, Dell, and Apple.
  3. Dell Technologies Mission, Vision and Values
    Dell had to contend with the realization that sales growth was no longer in the corporate market, the area that the company dominated for two decades.
  4. Dell Company Change Management
    This paper reviews the organisational structures of Dell Inc company, which is used as a case example of showing how the Nadler and Tushman’s model is applied.
  5. Management and Organization Development
    This paper seeks to critically evaluate the issues evolved around individual management development; it will also describe the factors that motivate individuals.
  6. Dell Company's Business Management
    Dell is among the reputable and well-known companies in the computer industry. This paper presents research about the Dell Company.
  7. Apple and Dell Companies: Inventory Management
    This paper compares the inventory management practices for Apple and Dell to determine the effectiveness of inventory management in lowering the operations costs.
  8. Dell Computers: Strategic Management
    Dell has enjoyed great success in delivering quality products and solutions to its clients while its current sales levels are high and business growth is imminent.
  9. Dell Computer Inc.: Company Analysis
    Dell computer Inc. overview, analysis of Dell home sales external environment, Dell home sales internal environment, conclusion and recommendations.
  10. Digital Marketing and Business Challenges
    Digital marketing offers marketers a relatively less costly, effective mode of reaching customers. It is a very powerful instrument for winning new customers.
  11. Operations Management: How to Idealize Your Operations Strategy
    To idealize operations strategy, we need to first think about its two major components- operations and strategy.
  12. Dell Company's Financial Analysis
    Improvements and innovations are sought on the technological side for the Dell company in order to catch up with the competitors.
  13. Just-in-Time and Manufacturing Resource Planning
    Two inventory systems, just-in-time and manufacturing resource planning, would be analyzed via this research paper.
  14. Dell Inc. as Multinational Corporations
    Cultural diversity and cultural training are the main factors that help Dell to compete and create a competitive advantage.
  15. Dell Corporation: Strategy in Action
    The events that led to Dell Corporation’s success can be considered as an example of strategy in action. The company managed to overcome near-bankruptcy and evolved into a highly noted firm.
  16. Dell: Total Quality Management Survey
    Dell's innovation in PC marketing as it is in technology or product quality is evident in their narrow product range that offers room for specialization with a more specified target market.
  17. Dell’s Supply Chain Structure
    Dell’s competitive advantage is its supply chain and it cannot afford to lose it. Dell also needs to invest in R&D towards products and improving productivity of supply chain.
  18. Company Analysis: Hewlett Packard and Dell
    The financial records and ratios of Hewlett Packard and Dell Limited, both of who are competitors in the information technology industry have been analyzed over a period of 5 years.
  19. Postmodern vs. Normative Marketing Strategies
    This paper incorporates postmodern marketing vs. normative marketing strategies, taking into consideration what some firms have done to penetrate the market environment.
  20. Dell Inc.'s Marketing Strategy and Plan
    Amidst much competition in computer products, Dell has tried its own marketing mix and continues to employ various techniques to counter this competition.
  21. Dell Inc.: Strategic Analysis
    This essay reports on Dell Inc. strategic analysis. It addresses Dell Inc. internal strategic analysis through internal Dell Inc. business environmen.
  22. Dell Corporation Supply Chain Management
    Smart supply chain management is crucial to any business, and knowing the customer base of the company and the situation on the market is a significant part of a successful plan.
  23. Dell Company Global Operation Analysis
    This paper aims to describe the role of HRM in the organization of Dell's work processes and discuss the obstacles that Dell faces due to globalization.
  24. Dell’s Success With Client Relationships
    Dell has been so successful with its customers for many reasons, while most of these are related to the effectiveness of the business model.
  25. The Report of Hubbard Computers Using Dell Computers as Pure Play Company
    A dividend model will be used to analyze the company in question. This measures the cash flows that are available to equity and debt holders.
  26. Role of Warehousing in Postponement
    The paper evaluates how the corporations are faced with the warehouse constraint and how they play the role of postponement.
  27. Cost-Volume-Profit (CVP) Analysis
    After the manufacture of products or provision of services, business leaders should ensure that the price quoted for the product covers costs related to the product/service.
  28. Dell's Company Financial Analysis
    The purpose of this paper is to provide credible information based on Dell Company in the electronic industry.
  29. The Case of Dell INC.: Manufacturing Comparison
    Different levels of the product assembly during parts manufacturing can affect the cost-efficiency of a product. The case of Dell Inc. demonstrates it.

🏆 Best Dell Essay Titles

  1. The Relationship Between Strategic and Financial Planning of Dell
  2. Exploring the Resources and Capabilities of Dell Commerce
  3. Technology and Management Functions at Dell
  4. Characteristics of Dell Vision and Mission Statement
  5. The Dell Marketing Strategies: The Bold Concept Direct Customers
  6. Dell Computer Corporation Performance Metrics
  7. Market Trends and Changes in Dell Computer Corporation
  8. Dell Computer – Organization of a Global Production Network; Using E-Commerce to Support Its Virtual Company
  9. The Process of Product Development Within Dell Computers
  10. Dell: Supply Chain Management and Electronic Commerce Overview
  11. Usage of Networked Technologies in Dell Transformation
  12. Organization Problems that Dell Computer Had
  13. Examining Quality Control and Operation Management in Dell
  14. Analyzing Strategy Implementation at Dell Computer
  15. Analyzing Assets and Equity Return of Dell Computer
  16. The Opportunities and Competitions Facing Dell Computers in the U.S. Market
  17. Actual and Potential Impact of Globalization on Dell
  18. Challenges and Current Trends of CRM in PC Industry: Dell Asia Pacific
  19. Business Risk Evaluation for Dell Computer Corporation
  20. Advertising Plan for Dell in Malaysia Overview
  21. Strategic Significance and Management Of Dell Inc
  22. Dell as Major Delivers Innovative Technology and Services
  23. Internal and External Influences Of Dell Computers Commerce
  24. The History, Direct Model, and Competitors of Dell Computer Corporation
  25. Analyzing the Value Chain for Dell
  26. The Rapid Growth and Market Overview of Dell Computers
  27. Dell Computers: Field Service for Corporate Clients
  28. PESTEL and SWOT Analysis of Dell Computer Company
  29. Change Management: Rerouting Customer Service Calls at Dell
  30. The General Managers and the Culture of Dell Corporation
  31. Characteristics of Communication Strategy at Dell Computers
  32. Dell Consolidated Lowering Prices Issues
  33. Dell Organizational Culture and Business Model
  34. International Marketing Dell Computer Corporation Overview
  35. Efficient Ways for Distribution and Production for Dell
  36. Marketing and Business Analyzing of Dell Computer Corporation
  37. Dell Computer’s Comparative Advantage
  38. Analyzing Dell Computer Organizational Structure
  39. Analyzing Dell Competitive Advantage and Value Chain
  40. Dell Mission and Vision and Code of Ethics

❓ Dell Research Questions

  1. How Does Dell Use Different Marketing Techniques to Attract Different Consumers??
  2. What Major Achievements Have Dell Made?
  3. Can Anyone Compete Against Dell?
  4. What Are Analytical Tools for Dell?
  5. How Does Dell Identify and Evaluate Marketing Opportunities?
  6. How Did Dell Segment Their Marketplace to Achieve Their Goals?
  7. How Does Dell Manage Inventory Within Its Supply Chain?
  8. What Is Dell Human Resource System?
  9. How Does Dell Company Motivate Their Employee?
  10. Is the Consumer Market the Biggest Area of Expansion for Dell?
  11. What Is Dell International Strategy?
  12. What Are Dell’s Competitive Advantages?
  13. What Are Dell Key Success Factors?
  14. What Does Explain the Success of Dell Before 2002?
  15. What Advantages Does Dell Derive From Virtual Integration?
  16. How Does Dell Compete With a Retailer Who Already Has a Stock?
  17. Can Dell Regain Its Market Leader Position from HP?
  18. What Is Dell Computer Corporation Strategy and Challenges?
  19. What Makes Michael Dell So Successful?
  20. How Can Dell Use Price to Increase Its Market Share?
  21. How Does Dell Company Create Benefits by Using Social Media?

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