64 Intel Research Topics & Essay Examples

Company overview A US-based technology corporation that supplies microprocessors for such computer manufactures as Dell, HP, and Lenovo.
Best known for Developing the x86 series of microprocessors that can be found in most PCs.
Products & services Microprocessors, flash memory, motherboards, graphic chips, modems, etc.
Origins Founded in 1968 in California by a physicist Robert Noyce and a chemist Gordon Moore.
Area served Worldwide
Headquarters Santa Clara, California, US
Key people Patrick Gelsinger (CEO), Omar Ishrak (Chairman)
Revenue Over $70 billion
Number of employees More than 100 thousand
Scandals & incidents In 2018, a hardware vulnerability (a so-called “Meltdown”) that affected all Intel x86 microprocessors was detected.
It is interesting that In 1992, Intel opened its own museum with a collection of artifacts and information about the company’s history.
Website www.intel.com
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📝 Intel Research Papers Examples

  1. Marketing Promotional Strategies
    Marketing and other effective promotional strategies play a very important role in creating a good impact for prospective consumers.
  2. Integrated Marketing Communication in Intel Company
    The discussion of this paper is to illustrate how Intel Corporation has incorporated the concept of integrated marketing communication in its operations.
  3. Intel Company's Financial Presentation
    This research paper tries to bring out how the financial presentation is used in investor information and how financial analysis is used to make future decisions in Intel Company.
  4. Intel Corporation: Financial Ratio Analysis
    The financial ratio analysis will be carried for Intel Corporation. Intel Corporation is a public company that is based in the US.

🏆 Best Intel Essay Titles

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  1. The Conflict among Chinese and Western Management Styles in Intel in China
  2. The Baitsoft Network Attack Simulated by Intel
  3. Andy Grove and His Role in Intel’s Success
  4. Discussing Brand Management Inside Intel
  5. Competition Among Processor Makers AMD and Intel
  6. Intel Corporation: Branding an Ingredient
  7. The Role of Intel in the Microprocessor Industry Busines
  8. Intel-Period Tax Allocation Chris Green
  9. Confronting the Japanese Challenge: The Revival of Manufacturing at Intel
  10. Costa Rica’s Development Strategy Based on Human Capital and Technology: How It Got There, the Impact of Intel
  11. Intel’s International Strategic Management
  12. Decision Making Processes Within Intel Corporation
  13. Intel’s Strategic Move Towards a New Opportunity of Mobile Convergence Market
  14. Ethics, Technology Development and Innovation by Intel
  15. Analyzing The Major Marketing Mistake of Intel
  16. Intel Corporation’s Innovation Strategies Characteristics
  17. Getting Exclusion Cases Right: Intel and Beyond
  18. Identifying Opportunities and Creating New Products: The Intel Success Story
  19. Overview Integrated Circuit Vacuum Computers Intel
  20. Intel and Microsoft’s Collaboration in the Digital Signage Space
  21. Intel Beyond 2003: Looking for Its Third Act
  22. Intel Corporation Backgroud and History
  23. Intel Corporation: Spectre and Meltdown Attacks and Intel’s Response
  24. Intel for Quality Assurance and Quality Control Steps
  25. Intel India Maker Lab Conclave: Here’s What Indian Startups Should Know!
  26. Intel Prepares Its Top Leaders Analysis
  27. Characteristics of Intel Reform Over the Past 100 Years
  28. Analyzing Intel’s Capital Budgeting Decision in 2013
  29. Intel Corporation: Porters 5 Forces Model
  30. Intel: Stock and Capital Structure Overview
  31. Intel SWOT Analysis Strengths Weakness Opportunities Threats in MS Word
  32. New Developments with the Intel Corporation
  33. Moore’s Law, Competition, and Intel’s Productivity in the Mid-1990s
  34. Optimizing Inventory Levels Within Intel’s Channel Supply Demand Operations
  35. Product Line Design and Scheduling at Intel
  36. Software and Hardware Overview of Intel’s Hyper Threading Technology
  37. Corporate Information about Intel: Ovreview and Critical Analysis
  38. Affect of Innovation on Intel’s Four Functions of Management
  39. Intel Business Strategy Shift – Smart Move or Risky Move
  40. Intel Cloud Technology Program Issues

❓ Intel Research Questions

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  1. Why Does Apple Make Partnership With Intel?
  2. Did Intel Act Wisely in Acquiring McAfee?
  3. How Did Intel Change Ingredient-Marketing History?
  4. Does AMD Spur Intel to Innovate More?
  5. What Are Intel Accounting and Business Techniques?
  6. What Are Intel and AMD Marketing Efforts?
  7. What Is Intel Branding Strategy?
  8. What Was Intel’s Strategy for the 1990s?
  9. Why Did Happen the Conflict Among Chinese and Western Management Styles in Intel in China?
  10. What Was the Major Marketing Mistake of Intel?
  11. What Were the Unfair Competition Actions Undertaken by Intel?
  12. What Does Intel Corporation Produce?
  13. What’s Inside Intel’s Global Game Plan?
  14. What Was Intel’s DRAM Strategy?
  15. Which Two Intel Processor Sockets Do Use a Screw Head?
  16. Why Are Microsoft, Intel, and Other Leading for Profit Companies Interested in Low-Cost Computers for the Developing World?
  17. Why Do Organizations Change Chipping Away at Intel?
  18. Why Was Intel Initially Successful in Drams?
  19. Will Your Intel-Based Mac Run Windows?
  20. What are the Characteristics of Tetra Threat Framework for Intel?

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