74 British Airways Research Topics & Essay Examples

Company overview A national airline of the UK and a part of the International Airlines Group, the world’s 3rd largest airline group.
Best known for The quality of service, comfort, and helpful staff
Origins Was established in 1974 by the merger of two regional British airlines: Cambrian Airways and Northeast Airlines.
Destinations 183
Headquarters London, England, UK
Key people Sean Doyle (CEO & Chairman), Stephen William Lawrence Gunning (CFO & director)
Revenue Over £13 billion
Number of employees Almost 30 thousand
Hubs London-Heathrow, London-Gatwick
Scandals & incidents The airline had only one fatal accident – a midair collision with another aircraft near Zagreb on 10 September 1976.
It is interesting that British Airways is planning to design waste plants that will turn household waste into jet fuel.
Website www.britishairways.com

📝 British Airways Research Papers Examples

  1. Strategic Thinking, Leadership, Innovations
    This paper takes a holistic look at strategic thinking and leadership and its relations with innovation and change.
  2. British Airways Company's Operating Environment
    This paper is a research report analyzing British Airways (BA). Several aspects of the company’s performance and external environment are analyzed.
  3. British Airways' Logistics and Operations Management
    This essay provides a critical analysis of how British Airways has used technology in different areas of its operation towards achieving its goals.
  4. British Airways: Idea Management
    This paper highlights recommendations about available systems that BA could use to capture new ideas, record associated merits, and evaluate their appropriateness to the operations of the airline.
  5. British Airways CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Analysis
    British Airways CSR includes many interesting aspects. ✈️ This paper is a discussion of the British Airways corporate social responsibility models. 🌏 Read the article to learn about British Airways CSR ethics & more.
  6. British Airways – Strategic Management
    British Airways is the national flag carrier of the United Kingdom. Supported by about 45,000 employees, it is also one of the leading airlines in Europe and a member of the One World Alliance.
  7. Strategic Thinking and Leadership in Organizations
    Strategic thinking and leadership have been one of the most fundamental tools that direct and propel the vision of most contemporary organizations.
  8. Competitive Marketing Strategies. Manager's Guide
    Marketing programs must be carefully planned and based not merely on knowledge of internal corporate affairs, but also knowledge of external environments.
  9. British Airways: Company Overview
    British Airways is one of the largest airlines companies in Europe and around the world. It was formed in 1974 and it is the flag carrier company for the United Kingdom.
  10. British Airways Strategies
    British Airways is an international and UK’s largest airline that currently operates to over 300 destinations in different countries across the world at different schedules.
  11. Capital Structure Analysis: British Airways Case Study
    Capital structure determines, to a great extent, the market position of a certain company, as well as its attractiveness to partners and investors.
  12. British Airways: Corporate Social Responsibility
    Corporate Social Responsibility enables British Airways to reduce costs by eliminating unnecessary wastes, enhance efficiency, and reduce energy consumption.
  13. British Airways Plc.'s Fundamental Analysis
    The paper provides an analysis of macro-factors affecting the airline industry and British Airways and an analysis of the company's competitive position in the industry.
  14. Organizations That Have Successfully Implemented Large-Scale Change Initiatives
    The paper describes and analyzes three companies/organizations's large scale change initiatives includes Netflix, Coca-Cola and British Airways.

🏆 Best British Airways Essay Titles

  1. Overview of Problems Facing British Airways
  2. British Airways and Iceland Air’s E-Commerce Ventures
  3. Tourism and Hospitality Operations of British Airways Management
  4. British Airways: Maximizing the Workforce Through Human Resources
  5. Analyzing the Macro Environment of British Airways` Electronic Commerce
  6. Organization Structure and Culture, How It Implement in British Airways
  7. British Airways Internal And External Environment Analysis
  8. British Airways Change Management Programme Issues
  9. British Airways Internal and External Environment Analysis
  10. The British Airways Strikes Effects on Employee Motivation
  11. Privatization and Efficiency: Industry Effects of the Sale of British Airways
  12. Analyzing the Current Marketing Strategies of British Airways
  13. Management Structure and Philosophy of British Airways
  14. Analyzing Business and Financial Performance of British Airways Over Three Year’s Period
  15. British Airways and International Airline Group
  16. Leadership Styles Within British Airways
  17. Characteristics of British Airways Internet Strategy
  18. Professional Advertising Agency and British Airways’ Promotional Campaign
  19. Delivering Value Improving Operations Management at British Airways
  20. British Airways Talent Management Overview
  21. International Business Environment of British Airways
  22. Operating Cost and Performance Measurement in British Airways Management
  23. British Airways: The Impact of Deregulation in the European Union
  24. British Airways: Analyzing Financial and Non Financial Indicators
  25. The Performance Appraisal System In British Airways Commerce
  26. Management Structure and Philosophy of British Airways Management
  27. British Airways and Their Financial Loss 2009
  28. Explaining the Change Management at British Airways
  29. Analyzing British Airways Company Balanced Scorecard
  30. Characteristics of Marketing Strategies for British Airways
  31. Organizations and Self Interest in British Airways
  32. British Airways as the Largest Airline in the UK
  33. Analyzing Management Structure and Philosophy of British Airways
  34. Strategic Governance and Ethics of British Airways
  35. Corporate Bullying in British Airways
  36. Maximizing the Workforce Through Human Resources in British Airways
  37. British Airways: Employer and Employee Relations Overview
  38. Environmental Forces Affecting British Airways
  39. Internal and External Factors Influencing British Airways
  40. Company Analysis and Market Review for British Airways

❓ British Airways Research Questions

  1. What Changes Did Occur Within British Airways During the 1980s?
  2. What Is British Airways Vision and Mission?
  3. How Does Careful Media Selection Contribute to a Successful Campaign for British Airways?
  4. What Is British Airways Information System?
  5. How Does British Airways Cut Expenditures?
  6. What Are the Social Implications of British Airways’ Business Ethics?
  7. What Is British Airways Corporate Strategy?
  8. How Effective Is British Airways’ Financial Performance?
  9. What Are Employment Relations Within British Airways?
  10. What Is British Airways Marketing Strategy?
  11. What Is British Airways Leadership Style?
  12. What Is the Selection and Recruitment Process in British Airways?
  13. What Is Business Strategy for British Airways?
  14. What Is British Airways Organisational Structure?
  15. What Is British Airways’ Current Position in the Industry?
  16. What Are British Airways Employer and Employee Relations?
  17. What Is the Impact of Deregulation in the European Union of British Airways?
  18. What Are Performance Key Factors for British Airways and Ryanair?
  19. What Is the Organisational Power of British Airways?
  20. How Does British Airways Affect Local Communities?

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