Organizational Culture in the Starbucks, Google, and McDonald’s

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Company name Starbucks Google McDonald’s
Leadership styles Managers are helpful and value each employee Appreciation of the qualities of each person. Delegation of responsibilities Attentive attitude to the business development
Values The primary value is customers: they should become happy after visiting Starbucks “Googlers” should feel safe and needed, being open to communication and new ideas The principal value is the convenience and comfort for customers
Competitive drive Warm, cozy, and friendly atmosphere Everyone can express their opinion and feel the freedom Fast and tasty food, friendly staff
Consumer demand People want not only to drink coffee but also to feel “at home” People need a convenient way to get structured information A convenient way to eat without wasting much time

Organizational culture is one of the most important aspects of any company. First, it directly affects the state and mood of employees. When people are in a supportive environment, they are more productive and therefore improve the company’s performance. On the contrary, when the organizational culture is not developed, people feel uncomfortable. This leads to various problems, such as conflicts between employees or high staff turnover. Thus, it is necessary to pay attention to the organizational culture to keep developing and make employees feel comfortable at the workplace.

Many of the world’s largest companies place great emphasis on organizational culture and work on the comfort of their employees. This is undoubtedly one of the most critical factors in their success, as their people want to work for the organization’s good. In these companies, people feel like they are part of a successful team and are not afraid to voice their opinions. They share the goals and ideas of the organization, thus contributing to its development. The level of development of organizational culture is influenced by various factors: leadership styles, values, competitive drive, and consumer demand.

Managing people correctly is a difficult task that requires commitment and psychological stability. Even as subordinates, people do not want to feel pressure and power from managers. Therefore, this issue must be approached attentively and carefully. An excellent example of the right leadership style is Starbucks. Its managers value each employee, trying to create maximum comfort for them (Mastroianni, 2016). At McDonald’s, the leadership style is similar to this, as the managers of this company place great emphasis on motivating employees and maintaining friendly relations in the team. However, in doing so, they also focus on the rapid development of the business, which can sometimes negatively affect the condition of employees who are not ready for multitasking and pressure. One of the best examples of good leadership principles is Google. Its managers give the maximum level of freedom to subordinates, giving them every opportunity to unleash their potential. They create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, making people feel at home (Vise, 2017). This is one of the main factors for the company’s success and the growth of its employees.

The central values ​​of Starbucks and McDonald’s are the comfort and convenience of visitors. Employees try their best to make people feel relaxed and receive the best service. However, undoubtedly, always being friendly and efficiently resolving conflict situations is a rather challenging task. Consequently, employees of these companies often feel psychological pressure. At Google, employees are one of the core values ​​because they are the people who drive the company. This policy is more effective in avoiding employee turnover and discomfort in the team.

To be competitive, companies must offer the world something unique. Indeed, each of the three companies excels at this, being leaders in their respective industries. Starbucks allows people to experience a cozy home atmosphere and enjoy coffee. McDonald’s focuses on the speed of service and simplicity of food, allowing people to relax (Wessh, 2019). Google’s advantage lies in the uniqueness of the technology and the attractiveness of the company as an employer. Thus, all three companies offer the world something special that allows them to remain in demand.

There is no doubt that consumer needs must be considered to be successful, and these companies do a good job concerning this aspect. For example, Starbucks visitors want not only to drink coffee, but to feel comfort, warmth, and care. In contrast, people who come to McDonald’s are often in a rush and don’t want to spend too much money. Their main goal is to have a quick meal without waiting too much. For Google customers, the most important thing is the quality and convenience of receiving information. Undoubtedly, the company has succeeded in this, and in many ways, they are helped by a developed organizational culture.

Thus, the development of an attractive atmosphere in the company and work on employees’ state allows companies to grow and develop. People who share the company’s values ​​and feel in demand are happy to come to work every day. They are willing to work for the good of the organization to achieve common goals that are consistent with their values. The three companies reviewed show that they achieve success in different ways. Indeed, each of them has principles and ideas that suit different people. However, it is crucial to find like-minded people and keep them functioning within the company. This is how they can make the company successful and prosperous without sacrificing themselves.


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