102 Microsoft Research Topics & Essay Examples

Company overview An American company specializing in computer software, hardware, and electronics; one of the 5 Tech Giants.
Best known for MS Windows, MS Office Suite, Azure
Other products & services Edge web browser, Xbox video game consoles, Microsoft Surface series of touchscreen PCs, LinkedIn, Skype.
Origins Founded in 1975 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, US, by childhood friends Bill Gates and Paul Allen.
Area served Worldwide
Headquarters Redmond, Washington, US
Key people Bill Gates (technical advisor), Satya Nadella (executive Chairman, CEO), Brad Smith (Vice-chairman, president)
Revenue Over $161 billion
Number of employees Over 180 thousand
Scandals & incidents The company was many times accused of unlawful monopolistic, labor, and PR practices.
It is interesting that Microsoft employees are supposed to bring M&Ms to the office on their work anniversaries – a pound for each year they’ve been employed.
Website www.microsoft.com

đź“ť Microsoft Research Papers Examples

  1. Brand Management Issues in Organizations
    This paper discusses the questions related to branding and brand management by examining LLBean and Microsoft organizations and analyzing articles.
  2. Microsoft Gulf Plc's Human Resource Planning and Training
    The main focus of this paper is to assess whether planning for human resources leads to the accomplishment of tangible results in an organization.
  3. Microsoft and Apple Companies: Career Growth and Development
    The best career companies are Microsoft and Apple. They have created an environment of dynamic, consultative, and proactive decision making for the employees as part of a family unit.
  4. Microsoft Corporation's Leadership and Theories
    This workshop will focus on the success and challenges behind Microsoft Corporation. There are environmental stimulants which positively impact on organizations.
  5. Leadership Styles and Performace in Multinationals
    The paper examines different leadership styles in the context of their application to multinational companies and analyzes the relevant theoretical background.
  6. Microsoft Corporation's Market Competitiveness
    This research paper evaluates Microsoft's growth consistency by examining the company's background and analyzing internal factors, and external factors, business
  7. Microsoft Company’s Structure and Strategies
    Researching Microsoft organizational structure ⚙️ in 2022? Microsoft is a software 💻 company that currently uses a divisional organizational structure. Discover Microsoft’s functional changes, strategies, mission and vision, and analysis chart template.
  8. Microsoft Strategic Management – a Corporate Research
    Analyzing Microsoft strategic plan? 🖥️ This report examines Microsoft strategic management and provides recommendations for its successful development. 👉
  9. Microsoft Company’s Innovations and Culture
    Analyzing innovation at Microsoft in 2022? The main innovation activity for Microsoft as an organization continues to be within the development of the Windows operating system.
  10. Critical Success Factors for Managing Change as a Business Process
    Business processes are characterized as sets of events and activities performed by the staff and equipment to achieve a particular business goal.
  11. Communication in Change Implementation
    Organizational change comprises many activities that an organization undertakes with the aim of improving performance. It can be observed that change is a process that combines many activities.
  12. Microsoft Corporation' Marketing Mix
    This paper describes how product, place, price, and promotion affects the development of the Microsoft marketing strategy and tactics.
  13. Bill Gates' Transformational Leadership Qualities
    Bill Gates’ leadership traits revolve around his parents’ support and encouragement to think freely. This paper evaluates Bill Gates’ leadership as a transformational leader.
  14. Fraud Risk Assessment of Business Organizations
    The study assesses fraud risk factors that are related to human, social, technological, political, and economic aspects in five business organizations.
  15. Microsoft Corporation Monopolies Analysis
    There is a certain nature of Microsoft's monopolistic position for many years to date which can not be resolved by current regulation actions, whatever they are.
  16. Microsoft vs. Red Hat Corporate Strategy
    Corporate strategy refers to the policies, schemes, and devices a firm or an organization applies and the development of all its departments at large.
  17. Strategic Recruitment and Turnover‏ Relationship
    The research is based on two companies McDonald and Microsoft, and the focus will be on how the organizations recruit and what other measures do they take to reduce turnover.
  18. Bill Gates: Leader Analysis
    The essay is analyze the leadership skills of Bill Gates. Bill Gates is the founder of Microsoft Corporation and is considered one of the richest people in the world.
  19. The Microsoft Corporation: Problem of Growth Rate
    The main problem with Microsoft Corporation is its growth. The growth rate of the business has become negative in 2006.
  20. Microeconomic Theory for Analyzing an Article
    This essay is a review of the article regarding the new strategy that Microsoft has employed to reduce the prices of its products.

đź’ˇ Essay Ideas on Microsoft

  1. Bill Gates: The Entrepreneur
    Bill Gates is a successful entrepreneur and the richest man in the world. His company Microsoft Corporation has flourished as a company selling computer software technology.
  2. Report on Microsoft Canada: Xbox Marketing
    To increase its market performance, the management of Xbox Canada has formulated a strategy to increase its market share by venturing into the international market.
  3. Microsoft: Managing Change and Creativity in Organizations
    This paper will try to ascertain if Microsoft has always been an innovation oriented company. It will also study the culture, structure and the rewarding process of the company.
  4. The Merger of Microsoft and Yahoo: Economic Analysis
    The article under consideration dwells upon the merger of such powerful companies in the Internet sphere as Microsoft and Yahoo.
  5. Apple and Microsoft Companies' Marketing Approaches
    Marketing strategy determines the choice of market segments that the company is targeting and it is part of the strategic direction of the company.
  6. Leadership, Innovation, and Change in Examples
    The success of any organization can never be looked at in isolation of the leadership as the leadership will always be responsible for the outcomes of the organization.
  7. Marketing Management: The Microsoft Experience
    Microsoft Singapore has put work and life balance as a business strategy. They care for their employees. We discussed on the effects of Microsoft’s products, the operating systems Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  8. Microsoft Corporation's Leadership Management
    Leadership management has become one of the central issues for recognition and consideration in the context of successfully conducting business affairs.
  9. Corporate Social Responsibility. Microsoft
    The paper reviews Corporate Social Responsibility, the rationale behind companies in social responsibility, and why corporations engage in social responsibilities.
  10. Microsoft Marketing Case Analysis
    Microsoft’s evolution over the years shows that the company knows how to deal with unsuccessful products and communicate with consumers to introduce new offers.
  11. Microsoft Corporation: The Rise of a Major Company
    Microsoft Corporation is a leading organization in the sales, design, and production of IT solutions and servers; it is aligned with an effective plan and business strategy.
  12. Microsoft Monopoly: Main Factors That Led to It
    Microsoft became a monopoly because of unique and innovative technology developed and introduced by the corporation during 1980s.
  13. Satya Nadella at Microsoft: Case Analysis
    The appointment of a new CEO, Satya Nadella, in 2014 was a decisive step in overcoming the challenges and allowed the corporation to return to the leading position in its sector.
  14. Microsoft: Financial Statement Analysis
    This financial analysis of Microsoft has presented a forward-looking statement in context of the present financial condition of the company.
  15. Financial Decision Making: Microsoft Corporation
    Most businesses base their investment decisions on the principle of the time value of money, the period to recoup the investment, and the financial risks involved.
  16. Proxy Fight: Microsoft's Acquisition of Yahoo
    In 2008, Microsoft offered to acquire Yahoo at $31 per share. The acquisition was to be settled through the transfer of all shares including outstanding.
  17. Microsoft Corporation and McDonald’s Corporation: Financial Performance
    The paper seeks to carry out a comparison of the financial performance of Microsoft Corporation and McDonald Corporation.
  18. Microsoft Corporation's Financial Management
    Microsoft Corporation is a technology syndicate that manufacturers. It progresses and authorizes computer software and other application.
  19. Microsoft Company: Change in the Management
    The change in the management in Microsoft Company posed the challenge for the declining performance and competence in the business market.
  20. Microsoft Company’s Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
    This paper evaluates Microsoft Corporation’s business and corporate strategies according to Porter’s Five Forces Model.
  21. Nadella’s Transformative Leadership at Microsoft
    This essay affirms Nadella’s transformative leadership at Microsoft, agreeing that his leadership style saw the company overcome challenges.
  22. The Microsoft and Skype Merger Evaluation
    The merger between Microsoft and Skype gave Microsoft access to versatile mainstream applications which support video calling and conferencing.

🏆 Best Microsoft Essay Titles

  1. The Main Characteristics of Business Culture of Microsoft
  2. The Operational Corporate Global Structure of the Microsoft
  3. Application Development Life Cycle Process Microsoft
  4. Back From the Brink: Microsoft and the Strategic Use of Standards in the Browser Wars
  5. Being Appointed Communication Manager of Microsoft
  6. Bill Gates and Microsoft: Background, Developments and Controversy
  7. Bill Gates: The Man Behind the Success of Microsoft
  8. Bill Gates Microsoft’s History, Growth and Future of Technology
  9. Business and Information Technology in a Consideration of Microsoft
  10. Analyzing July 2003 Stock Price Performance of Microsoft
  11. Features of Compensation and Benefits System at Microsoft
  12. Corporate Social Responsibility of Microsoft
  13. Decoding Microsoft: Intangible Capital as a Source of Company Growth
  14. Easy Tips For Using Microsoft Excel Overview
  15. Economics, Antitrust Laws, and Microsoft Corporation
  16. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Microsoft Organization
  17. The Controversy Surrounding Microsoft’s Monopoly Case in the United States
  18. The Decision Making Process That the Firm Microsoft Uses
  19. The Early Life and Journey of Bill Gates to Becoming the Founder of Microsoft
  20. The European Commission Versus Microsoft: Competition Policy in High-Tech Industries
  21. The External and Internal Factors of the Microsoft Corporation
  22. The Features and Uses of Customer Relationship Management in Microsoft
  23. The Genesis and Dawning of a Great Company, Bill Gates and Microsoft Corporation
  24. The Historic Antitrust Lawsuits Versus Microsoft Corporation
  25. The History and Mission of Microsoft Corporation
  26. The Inception and History of Computer Giant, Microsoft Corporation
  27. The Interaction Between Antitrust and Intellectual Property: The Interoperability Issue in the Microsoft
  28. The Microsoft Public License and How It May Be Utilized
  29. The Monopoly and Globalization of the Microsoft Corporation
  30. The Microsoft Alliance in the Global Smartphone Industry
  31. The Operational Corporate Global Structure of the Microsoft Corporation
  32. The Problems Facing the Microsoft Mobile Market
  33. The Vision and Mission of Bill Gates for Microsoft
  34. Open Innovation and Microsoft’s approach to It
  35. Microsoft’s Success: Corporate Strategy and Human Resources Strategy
  36. Microsoft’s Operating Systems Dominance and the Emergence of Linux
  37. Microsoft’s Non-Competition Clause and Its Effect on
  38. Microsoft’s Human Resource Management Strategy
  39. Microsoft Profits and Employee Empowerment and Training
  40. Microsoft Outsourcing Threat Management Gateway 2010

âť“ Microsoft Research Questions

  1. What Are Microsoft’s Competitive Advantages?
  2. What Are Current Strengths and Weaknesses of the Microsoft Company?
  3. Did Microsoft Violate Antitrust Policy?
  4. Does Microsoft Have Too Much Power?
  5. Does Microsoft Stifle Innovation?
  6. How Does Microsoft Define Risk Management?
  7. Has Antitrust Action Against Microsoft Created Value in the Computer Industry?
  8. Why Was Microsoft Investigated for Antitrust?
  9. What Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management Has To Offer?
  10. How Has the Global Company Microsoft Affected Germany?
  11. How Microsoft Company Used Fayols 14 Management Principles?
  12. How Microsoft Aims Help Customers Be More Effective?
  13. How Microsoft Used Empathy and Definition of Design Thinking?
  14. How Strategic Management Has Played a Role on the Success of Microsoft Corporation?
  15. How does Microsoft Envision the Future for Windows?
  16. What Are the Main Features of Recruitment and Selection of Microsoft Employees?
  17. What Are Business and Information Technologies Used by Microsoft Corporation?
  18. What Are Working Capital Strategies for Microsoft?
  19. What Political Riks Does Microsoft Face In Asia?
  20. How Is Microsoft Still in Business?

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