70 Facebook Research Topics & Essay Examples

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📝 Facebook Research Papers Examples

  1. Social Media Building Blocks in Marketing
    This paper analyses 7 social media building blocks and shed light on marketers concerning how they could use the blocks successfully to manage social media marketing.
  2. Facebook Company's External and Internal Environments
    This paper gives a detailed analysis of Facebook’s external and internal environments and strategies that can sustain its performance.
  3. Facebook's Information Ethics and Privacy Issues
    The paper seeks to address the information ethics and privacy issues affecting Facebook and the stand of Canadians Privacy Commissioner with regards to safe usage of information.
  4. Leadership Styles and Performace in Multinationals
    The paper examines different leadership styles in the context of their application to multinational companies and analyzes the relevant theoretical background.
  5. Marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Amazon
    This paper explores how the internet and social media like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ are useful for companies to market their products and services.
  6. Social Media in Digital Marketing
    The paper is devoted to exploring the role of social media in digital marketing. It has an aim to identify the most common and impactful social media marketing activities.
  7. Social Media Marketing Studies
    Marketing research is an important tool for the success of any business. Social media marketing helps marketers to connect with a potential customer and establish a relationship.
  8. The Facebook – Cambridge Analytica Data Breach: A Case Study
    This study aims to discuss the Facebook (FB) – Cambridge Analytica (CA) data breach as a case supporting the claim that ethics violations will reduce the firm value, all else equal.
  9. Human Resource Strategic Partnership in Facebook
    The strategic partnership in management improves the company, market share, entry into new markets, and increases sales volume resulting in an improved profit.

🏆 Best Facebook Essay Titles

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  1. Open Systems and Its Impact on Facebook‘s Oculus Rift
  2. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: A Cultural Critique on Facebook
  3. Analyzing Consumers’ Attitude Toward Facebook Advertising
  4. Facebook Usage and The Current Personality Constructs
  5. Analyzing Facebook Advertising Strategies
  6. The Controversy Over Facebook‘s Messenger Platform
  7. The Unconventional Cultural Approach at Facebook
  8. The Issue Surrounding Facebook and How It Affects Teenage Sex and Health
  9. The Connection Between Internet Usage and Depression in How Facebook Makes US Unhappy
  10. The Facebook Paradox: Effects of Facebooking on Individuals Social Relationships and Psychological Well-Being
  11. The Features, Role, and Effects of Facebook on Society
  12. Facebook as a Platform for Social Justice
    Many researchers have dedicated their studies to investigate the issue of whether Facebook should or should not be regarded as an appropriate platform for social justice.
  13. The Relationship Between Facebook Usage and Social Capital Media
  14. Facebook Advertising, Relationship Between Types of Message, Brand Attitude and Perceived Buying Risk
  15. The Causes and Effects of Popularity of Facebook Essay Example
  16. Analyzing Facebook Business Strategy
  17. Ethical, Legal, Professional and Social Issues in Facebook
  18. Effective Facebook Marketing for Real Estate Business
  19. The History and Impact of Facebook
  20. The Facebook Simulation and the Point of View of Herbert Spencer
  21. Applying Social Interactionism Paradigm to Facebook
  22. Facebook ‘Unfriends’ Data Sharing Partner Over Privacy Concerns
  23. The Christian Business and the Issues of Unethical Research Using Facebook
  24. Social Video Throwdown: Pinterest Enters the Ring With Facebook
  25. Facebook Uses, Boundary Spanning Activities, and Social Capital
  26. The Correlation Between Narcissism and Facebook Use
  27. The Different Negative Effects of Facebook on Its Users
  28. Social and Personal Dimensions as Predictors of Sustainable Intention to Use Facebook in Korea
  29. Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability of Facebook
  30. The Strategy for Facebook and the Recommended Strategy
  31. Exploring the Eco-Attitudes and Buying Behaviour of Facebook Users
  32. The Battle for the Future of the Web Is in the Hands of Facebook
  33. Cultural Usability and User Interface Design of Facebook Overview
  34. Cyber Attacks and Its Effects on Facebook
  35. Customer Loyalty Through Social Networks: Lessons From Facebook
  36. The Morality Issues Faced by Facebook Users on a Daily Basis
  37. The Pros and Cons of Facebook
  38. Strategic Marketing Options for Facebook Moving Forward
  39. The Invention and Impact of Facebook
  40. The Negative Psychological Effect of Facebook
  41. The History and Contribution of Facebook to Mankind

❓ Facebook Research Questions

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  1. World’s Largest Social Networking Service: Facebook
  2. Analyzing Facebook: Can Facebook Remain Competitive?
  3. How Do Facebook and Twitter Affect Social Interaction
  4. Can Facebook Aid Sustainability?
  5. How Has Facebook Become An Everyday Form Of Communication?
  6. How Facebook Earned Its Success in Media?
  7. Whether Facebook Can Benefit From the Changing Between Private Limited Company to Public Limited Company Essay
  8. Will Facebook Ever Break Into China?
  9. How Facebook and Social Media Has Had an Impact on American Culture
  10. Does Facebook Advertising Affect Young Adults’ Buying Behaviour?
  11. How Can Facebook Become a More Common Practice? Essay
  12. Can Facebook Ads and Email Messages Increase Fiscal Capacity?
  13. How do Fashion Companies Promote Themselves on Facebook?
  14. Does Multidimensional Service Quality Generate Sustainable Use Intention for Facebook?
  15. Why Facebook Takes Down Suspected Russian Network of Pages
  16. How Have Businesses Got Used Social Networking Facebook Industry?
  17. What Drove Facebook’s Growth – a Prescriptive or Emergent Strategy?
  18. What Is Facebook Marketing Management?
  19. How Facebook Enhances the Way, We Interact With People
  20. Why Is Facebook Becoming So Expensive?

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