93 Enron Research Topics & Essay Examples

Company overview One of the major US energy companies that went bankrupt in 2001 as a result of the hugest scandal in American business.
Best known for The Enron scandal – a systematic and planned accounting fraud that has made Enron synonymous to corporate corruption.
Products & services Natural gas, electricity, communications.
Origins Founded in 1985 in Omaha, Nebraska, through the merger of InterNorth and Houston Natural Gas.
Area served The US, Brazil, India
Headquarters Houston, Texas, US
Key people Kenneth Lee Lay (founder, Chairman, CEO), Jeffrey Skilling (President, COO), Andrew Fastow (CFO).
Revenue More than $100 billion (2001)
Number of employees Almost 30 thousand (2001)
Scandals & incidents In 2001, it became known that Enron’s top officials had been cheating investors using a complex fraudulent scheme. The scandal led to the company’s collapse, with a number of executives indicted.
It is interesting that As a result of the scandal, new laws were enacted to improve the accuracy of public companies’ financial reporting.

📝 Enron Research Papers Examples

  1. Enron Company Scandal: Causes of the Bankruptcy
    The paper studies reasons of Enron Corporation's bankruptcy: complicated mechanism of management, drawbacks of corporate culture, relations between the company and its partners.
  2. Enron Corporation's Business Culture
    This study examines the impact of corporate culture, globalization and corporate social responsibility on corporate decisions made by Enron Corporation.
  3. Enron Business Ethics – White Collar Crime Essay
    How to Describe Enron business ethics? 🔋 This paper analyzes the famous Enron scandal and its major aspects. 💼 It is an excellent example of a white-collar crime essay!
  4. Enron Corporate Governance Failure & Issues
    Enron corporate governance illustrates why corporate governance can fail. 🔋 Research corporate governance issues in Enron scandal with us! 📜
  5. Enron Company: Moral and Ethical Leadership
    This paper focuses on ethical issues that led to the collapse of Enron Company. It argues fidelity, transparency, and honesty are critical for organizational success.
  6. Enron Corporation's Organizational Culture
    The following essay is concerned with the critical analysis of the organizational culture that led to the debacle of Enron corporation.
  7. The Enron Corporation' Business Skills
    Ethical principles are of vital importance to the success of an organization. The Enron scandal is among the worst bankruptcy cases in the American history.
  8. Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room
    Various actions could have been taken by Enron’s CEO to create a healthy culture and make sure the company carried out its operations with honest.
  9. Ethical Climate of Enron Corporation
    Enron lacked a true culture of ethical compliance, it was considered as a pioneer company of the future but it was not to be.
  10. Importance of Business Ethics
    The paper studies the question of business ethics to give an obligation to business organizations to encourage a greater clientele due to their honesty and quality.
  11. Enron: Contribution of Scandals in Financial Reporting
    This paper will discuss corporate governance principles as provided by the reviewed guidelines, financial reporting and scandals in the business arena and specifically to the case of Enron example.
  12. Compensation Management in Enron Corp
    Enron was a good example of a company that failed to employ correct management skills to earn profits, the management was over-ambitious about the growth of the company.
  13. Business Models and Frameworks of Enron
    The case of Enron stands out since it revealed how corporate leaders could engage in unethical practices, deceive stakeholders, and eventually disorient organizational performance.
  14. Rules-Based Versus Principle-Based Accounting
    Companies have often taken advantage of capricious regulations to cunningly configure business transactions producing favorable and untruthful accounting reports.
  15. Enron: Company Analysis
    Enron was a US-based energy company. This paper will discuss the various auditing issues surrounding the Enron Scandal.
  16. Detection and Deterrence of Financial Statement Fraud
    There has been increased demand for improved detection and deterrence of financial statement fraud. The best examples are the accounting fraud that was discovered in Enron.
  17. Enron Corporation Scandal
    Enron’s monitoring system consisted of internal and external auditors who had allowed improper accounting practices which included inflating trading revenues.
  18. Financial Scandals: Enron, WorldCom, and Waste Management
    The Enron, WorldCom, and Waste Management scandals are examples of well-known financial scandals. They led to the loss of investors’ money and assets worth billions of dollars.
  19. Enron Corporation: Corporate Fraud
    The frauds committed by Enron Corporation were several and highly orchestrated by the top management, which was also in charge of a number of committees in the corporation.
  20. Reasons and Results: Case Analyses of Companies
    This is a case study of companies such as ZZZZ Best, Inc, Enron, First Securities Company of Chicago, Fred Stern & Co., (Ultramares Corp v Touche), Crazy Eddie, Inc, Just for Feet Inc.
  21. Unethical Business Processes: Enron Bankruptcy
    This paper looks into Enron’s bankruptcy, with a close focus on how and why the Enron company went into bankruptcy.
  22. Detecting the Instances of Fraud: Enron Corporation
    Of all the fraud cases within the business sphere, the Enron one seems the most notorious. This paper investigates the said accounting fraud and outlines the lessons learned.
  23. Financial Statement Fraud Regulation
    The paper investigates such activities in fiscal management as financial statements, fraud detection- and prevention-related regulations.
  24. Enron: The Scandal in Accounting
    Enron’s corporate leaders decided to bend certain accounting rules in order to create the illusion that the company was making a great deal of profit.
  25. The Rise and Fall of Enron
    Enron’s idea to decentralize its activities into many subsidiaries and cover business units was a strategy to hide a big loss that could have halted the company a bit sooner.
  26. Aspects of the Enron Scandal
    Enron entered into long-term contracts with gas suppliers. The company was to buy oil reserves at a fixed price, then sell to potential customers.
  27. Enron and WorldCom: Ethical Accounting Practices
    This paper introduces the discussion about ethical accounting practices and gives an explanation of why it is vital for companies to engage in ethical accounting practices.
  28. Accounting: Enron Case Analysis
    The purpose of this article is to show the importance of compliance by auditors with accounting guidelines and standards using the example of Enron.
  29. Enron’s Case: The Biggest Bankruptcy Case in the History of US
    The purpose of this paper is to discuss the biggest bankruptcy case in the history of the United State - Enron’s Case.
  30. Auditors in Enron Corporation
    Auditors are deemed by society to be proficient and ethical in their field. The accounting and finance of Enron had broad involvement and participation from auditing firm Anderson.
  31. Enron Company's History of Rise and Fall
    The case of Enron employees is an example of what employees go through. Most companies face similar challenges which adversely affect people’s life.
  32. Enron Case Study: Analysis of the Company's History
    Enron was an energy-trading company established in 1985 in Houston, TX, as a result of a merger of two companies, Internorth and Houston Natural Gas.
  33. Enron’s Bankruptcy and Measures to Prevent It
    Enron’s bankruptcy was fueled by the fraudulent concealment of losses, and with an efficient system of both external and internal audits, the scandal could have been avoided.

🏆 Best Enron Essay Titles

  1. Relation Between Netflix’s Growth and Enron’s Demise
  2. Enron and the Role of Tone at the Top in Fraud
  3. CPAs’ Employment With Former Audit Clients and Auditor Independence in the Post-Enron Era
  4. Accounting Ethics, Fraud and the Story of Enron
  5. The Unethical Business Practices of Enron Corporation, a Former Energy, Commodities, and Services Company
  6. Discovering the Causes and Reasons That Led to Anderson-Enron Situation
  7. Enron, Board Governance and Moral Failings
  8. The Most Significant Implications Of The Enron Collapse
  9. Crisis and the Consolidation of International Accounting Standards: Enron, the IASB, and America
  10. The Leadership Style Practiced by Enron Corporation
  11. Models that Predict Business Failure of Enron
  12. Enron and What Went Wrong, the Accounting, the CEO’s, and the Retirement Plans of Thousands
  13. Enron: Ethics, Social Responsibility, and Ethical Accounting as Inferior Goods
  14. The Enron Implosion and Organizational Behavior Theory
  15. Capital and Money Markets: Evaluation of Enron
  16. Governing Foreign Direct Investment: Post-Enron Initiatives in India
  17. Enron and the Watergate of the Vietnam War
  18. Efficient Capital Markets, Corporate Disclosure, and Enron
  19. The Use Off-Balance-Sheet Financing in Enron Corporation
  20. Enron and the Gas Pipeline Industry
  21. Enron and Corporate Culture Centered on Greed
  22. Critique of Enron International Accounting Standards
  23. The Strategic Management Failure in Enron That Led Its Failure
  24. Changing Ethical Attitudes: The Case of the Enron and ImClone Scandals
  25. Ten Things You Can Do to Avoid Being the Next Enron
  26. Scandal Analysis: Enron, Arthur Andersen, and Other Officials
  27. The Many Different Reasons That Led to the Andersen-Enron Scandal
  28. Accounting for Enron: Shareholder Value and Stakeholder Interests
  29. Enron Overview: from the Beginning to the End
  30. Ethical Problems and Solutions with Tylenol and Enron
  31. Enron Scandal and Its Impact on the Economy
  32. Enron and Its Impact on Corporate Bankruptcy
  33. The Internal Control Weaknesses at Enron Accounting
  34. Balance Sheet and Enron Derivatives Trading
  35. Disclosure and the Cost of Capital: Evidence From Firms’ Responses to the Enron Shock
  36. Accounting Scandals: The Enron Scandal in 2001
  37. Enron and Internationally Agreed Principles for Corporate Governance and the Financial Sector
  38. The Enron Implosion and the Loss of Respect for the Accounting Profession
  39. The Enron Implosion and Organizational Failures
  40. Enron as One of the World’s Largest Energy, Commodities and Services Companies

❓ Enron Research Questions

  1. How Did the Corporate Culture of Enron Contribute to Its Bankruptcy?
  2. What Did Arthur Andersen Contribute to the Enron Disaster?
  3. How Could Enron Have Been Structured Differently to Avoid Such Activities?
  4. Was Enron the Largest Bankruptcy of America?
  5. Has the Enron Scandal Influenced the Way Whistle Blowing Is Perceived by Employers and Employees?
  6. How Could Have Team Collaboration and Effectiveness Saved Enron?
  7. Accounting Standards: Will Enron Happen Again?
  8. What Could Have Been Done to Save Enron?
  9. Enron Scandal: Who Did What?
  10. How Does Leadership Influence Culture and Theories of Leadership at Enron?
  11. Enron: Can This Type of Corporate Scandal Happen Again?
  12. Could Anything Like the Enron Affair Happen in France?
  13. What Was Enron Management Planning and Ethics?
  14. Enron Scandal: Who Are Responsible for Enron’s Bankruptcy?
  15. Did Enron’s Bankers, Auditors, and Attorneys Contribute to Enron’s Demise? If So, How?
  16. How Could the Enron Scandal Have Been Avoided?
  17. How Did Enron Become the Most Scandalous Blockbuster in the US History?
  18. What Was Enron’s Performance Bonus for Top Employee’s?
  19. What Was Enron Company Employees Management?
  20. How Would You Characterize Enron’s Corporate Culture?

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