81 JetBlue Research Topics & Essay Examples

Company overview A major American low cost airline, and the seventh largest airline in North America by passengers carried.
Best known for Roomy coach seats, onboard snacks, and its extensive in-flight entertainment offerings — which include free in-flight Wi-Fi and live sports.
Origins JetBlue was founded in 1999 as “NewAir” by David Neeleman, formerly employee of Southwest Airlines.
Area served Worldwide
Headquarters Long Island City, New York City, New York, U.S.
Key people Robin Hayes (CEO), Joanna Geraghty (President & COO), Peter Boneparth (Chairman)
Revenue About 7 billion
Number of employees Over 22 thousand
Business divisions JetBlue Technology Ventures, JetBlue Travel Products
Scandals & incidents In 2019 JetBlue had faced lawsuit saying pilots drugged and raped flight attendants.
It is interesting that JetBlue only operates Airbus and Embraer planes.
Website www.jetblue.com

📝 JetBlue Research Papers Examples

  1. JetBlue Airways: A Success Story
    JetBlue’s primary marketing strategy is to attract new customers by widely communicating its value proposition.
  2. Jetblue Company: Excellent Customer Services
    Despite the fact that Jet Blue has managed to provide a high level of customer satisfaction, the company has been experiencing some problems that have disrupted its operations.
  3. Jet Blue Hits Turbulence: Business Problem-Solving Case
    JetBlue Airlines Company was founded by David Neeleman in February 1999, when it had the name New Air and obtained most of its employees from Southwest Airlines.
  4. JetBlue in the Global Financial Downturn
    Competition in airline industry has led to JetBlue Airline Company having to always be at par with the changing technology.
  5. Jet Blue Airline's Human Resource Management
    The essay discusses methods that the organization institute in selecting suitable personnel to meet the organization's staffing needs, and the importance of performance appraisal.
  6. JetBlue’s Airline Story Revision
    At the time of JetBlue's airline launch, there were already 87 cases of failures that the U.S. airline industry had witnessed in the duration of 20 years.
  7. JetBlue Company's Entrepreneurial Transformation
    The case study points out the challenge that the JetBlue company was facing in making a transition from an entrepreneurial business to a large airline operator.
  8. JetBlue Airways Initial Public Offering (IPO) Valuation
    Cost of capital is the equivalent to the concept of opportunity cost in economics which serves as a guide as to whether the investor puts it with JetBlue Airways.
  9. Jet Blue Airways Corporation's Managerial Accounting
    This article explains the strategies Jet Blue uses to ensure a high level of service delivery, challenges faced by the airlines in its operations, and the ways to cope with them.
  10. JetBlue Airways' Hybrid Business Model
    In this paper, the researcher seeks to investigate the airline’s hybrid business model and how it has enabled the company to achieve sustainable growth in this market.
  11. Researching of Porter’s Five Force Model
    Michael Porter a guru in competitive advantage designed a five force model that can be used within various industries to explain to investors whether the industry is highly competitive.

🏆 Best JetBlue Essay Titles

  1. JetBlue Airways: Starting From Scratch
  2. External and Internal Environmental Analysis JetBlue
  3. JetBlue and the Veterans Administration: The Critical Importance
  4. JetBlue Airlines and Growth Managing
  5. Issues That Will Determine the Success of JetBlue Airways
  6. JetBlue After Losing Brand Loyalty
  7. JetBlue Airline Company Strategy Development
  8. JetBlue Airlines and Strategy Audit
  9. IPO Valuation of JetBlue Airway
  10. JetBlue Airways and Customer Service
  11. JetBlue Airways and Diversification
  12. JetBlue Airways and the Airline Industry
  13. JetBlue Airways: Challenges Ahead
  14. JetBlue Airways Corporation: Journey in the Heaven
  15. JetBlue Airways: Crafting and Executing Strategy
  16. Human Resource Strategies, Policies, and Practices Analysis of JetBlue Airways
  17. JetBlue Airways Inc and Strategic Plan
  18. JetBlue Airways Strategic Management
  19. JetBlue: Apology and Recovery
  20. Business Culture of JetBlue
  21. JetBlue Business Strategy and Capabilities Analysis
  22. JetBlue Customer Service Delivery Breakdown
  23. JetBlue: Mission, Vision and Business Plan
  24. JetBlue’s Exceptional Crisis Management
  25. JetBlue’s Position and Potential
  26. Strategic Band Management of JetBlue
  27. Satisfying and Fulfilling the Human Sources in JetBlue Airways Corporation
  28. Strategic Issues Facing JetBlue
  29. The Company Profile and Economic Challenges Facing JetBlue Airways
  30. The Position and Strategy of JetBlue Following the Valentines Day Debacle
  31. JetBlue Airways Key Economic Indicators
  32. JetBlue Airways Marketing Mix
  33. JetBlue Airways Challenges and Risks
  34. JetBlue’s Organizational Culture of Service Excellence
  35. Recovering From a Crisis: JetBlue Gets It Right
  36. Strategic Analysis of JetBlue Airlines
  37. The Rise of JetBlue: How and Why the Airline Is Winning
  38. JetBlue’s Business Model and Low-Cost Travels
  39. Becoming a Beloved Brand: Lessons From JetBlue
  40. JetBlue Airways History: Founding, Timeline, and Milestones

❓ JetBlue Research Questions

  1. How Could JetBlue Have Better Communicated With Its Internal Stakeholders?
  2. What Is JetBlue’s Marketing Strategy?
  3. Who Is JetBlue’s Target Market?
  4. What Is JetBlue’s Business Model?
  5. How Much Does JetBlue Spend on Marketing?
  6. How Is JetBlue Doing Financially?
  7. What Are the Factors of JetBlue’s Success?
  8. What Is JetBlue’s Strategy?
  9. How Is JetBlue Different From Other Airlines?
  10. Is JetBlue Centralized or Decentralized?
  11. What Is JetBlue’s Competitive Strategy?
  12. What Is JetBlue’s Business Strategy?
  13. What Are JetBlue’s Five Core Values?
  14. Why Is JetBlue So Successful?
  15. What Is JetBlue’s Marketing Strategy?
  16. What Specific Strategies Does JetBlue Use to Create Value for Customers?
  17. What Are the Critical Success Factors for JetBlue?
  18. What Is JetBlue’s Competitive Advantage?
  19. How JetBlue Tends to Its Brand?
  20. What Are the Critical Elements of JetBlue’s Culture?
  21. Are JetBlue Systems Down?
  22. Is JetBlue a Reliable Airline?
  23. How JetBlue Airways Has Maintained Its Low Price Leader Position Through Optimizing Its Operations?
  24. How JetBlue Revolutionized Low-Cost Travel?
  25. What Is JetBlue’s Business-Level Strategy?
  26. How Did JetBlue Become a Major US Airline?
  27. Does JetBlue Make Price Adjustments?
  28. What Is JetBlue’s Pricing Strategy?
  29. What Is JetBlue’s Organizational Structure?
  30. Does JetBlue Have Any Resource or Capability That Provides It With a Competitive Advantage?

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