80 Yahoo Research Topics & Essay Examples

Company overview Global Internet services provider, owned by Verizon Communications since 2017.
Best known for Web portal, search engine Yahoo Search, and related services.
Origins In January 1994, Yang and Filo were electrical engineering graduate students at Stanford University, when they created a website named “Jerry and David’s guide to the World Wide Web”.
Area served Worldwide
Headquarters Sunnyvale, California, U.S.
Key people Jerry Yang, David Filo (Founders), Jim Lanzone (CEO)
Revenue About $5 billion
Number of employees Over 8 thousand
Business divisions My Yahoo!, Yahoo Mail, Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Sports and its advertising platform, Yahoo! Native
Scandals & incidents An epic and historic data breach at Yahoo in August 2013 affected every single customer account.
It is interesting that Yahoo is an acronym. It stands for ‘Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle’.
Website www.yahoo.com

📝 Yahoo Research Papers Examples

  1. Yahoo Company's Powerful Executive Team
    This essay describes a powerful executive team to make Yahoo more competitive. It also discusses talent pivot points and a 5-step process to develop an organizational strategy.
  2. Yahoo Company's Environment
    This paper analyses Yahoo as a technology company by examining the market environment, nature of products, and SWOT analysis with a view of positioning its competitiveness in the global markets.
  3. Yahoo Company: Power and Influence
    This paper explores the challenges of working with other people in organizations and the key dimensions of relationship. The paper uses the Yahoo Company as a case example.
  4. Amazon and Yahoo Companies: Strategic Planning
    Since its inception, Amazon and Yahoo have had to compete in their respective market niches, instituting various strategic plans to maintain a competitive advantage.
  5. The Merger of Microsoft and Yahoo: Economic Analysis
    The article under consideration dwells upon the merger of such powerful companies in the Internet sphere as Microsoft and Yahoo.
  6. Pursuing an Online MBA Program Over an Onsite Program
    The online MBA program will be promoted through phased out advertisements on TV, which is the most watched medium for the students, yahoo and online shops.
  7. Yahoo’s Development. Organizational Research and Theory
    This case study shows how Yahoo developed from its inception and the business changes that the company is undergoing due to the fast-changing business environment.
  8. Change-Oriented Leadership: Transformational and Charismatic Leaders
    Charismatic leadership, unlike the general definition of charisma, is a model of a leader's behavior that is aimed to transfer his vision to the employees.
  9. Proxy Fight: Microsoft's Acquisition of Yahoo
    In 2008, Microsoft offered to acquire Yahoo at $31 per share. The acquisition was to be settled through the transfer of all shares including outstanding.
  10. Importance of Human Resource Processes
    The paper states that human resource processes are an essential determinant of a company's corporate strategy and objectives achievement.

🏆 Best Yahoo Essay Titles

  1. Freedom of Expression, Internet Responsibility, and Business Ethics: The Yahoo!
  2. Business-Level and Corporate-Level Strategies of Yahoo
  3. Case: Yahoo Manages Its Human Resources
  4. Strategic Issues Facing Yahoo
  5. Effectively Using Overture Yahoo to Get Website Visitors
  6. External Factors Affecting Yahoo’s Performance
  7. Communication Strategy Adopted by Yahoo
  8. Financial Information of Yahoo!
  9. Yahoo Business Model and Financial Performance
  10. New Small Business Competes With Google, Bing, and Yahoo
  11. Online Ads and Offline Sales: Measuring the Effect of Retail Advertising via a Controlled Experiment on Yahoo
  12. Psychological and Cultural Behavioral Traits: Yahoo
  13. Representational State Transfer and Yahoo
  14. Revenue Non-equivalence Between Auctions With Soft and Hard Closing Mechanisms: New Evidence From Yahoo
  15. The History and Background of Yahoo
  16. The Initial Public Offering Process of Yahoo Corporation
  17. The Life and Works of Marissa Mayer, the CEO of Yahoo
  18. Traditional Law, the Virtual Environment, and Uejf vs. Yahoo
  19. Yahoo and Private Policy Issues
  20. Ethical Crisis on the Internet: The Case of Licra vs. Yahoo!
  21. Yahoo Financial Analysis
  22. Yahoo: Identifying the Organization and Crisis
  23. Yahoo Manages Its Human Resources
  24. Yahoo Security Breach Review
  25. Yahoo Stores and Yahoo Site Builder
  26. Yahoo Strategic Management Report
  27. Compare and Contrast the Two Search Engines Google and Yahoo
  28. Factors Affecting Yahoo’s Performance
  29. Exploring the Early Successes of Yahoo on the Web
  30. Internal and External Aspects of Yahoo Corporation
  31. Demonstrate How New Product Development Created Equity for the Yahoo Brand
  32. Managing Talent: How Does Yahoo Attract Tech Workers
  33. SWOT Space and Qspm Matrices for Yahoo Inc
  34. Yahoo Search Marketing: Complete, Simple, and Effective
  35. Mission and Vision: Google and Yahoo
  36. Target Audience for Yahoo Reader Mail
  37. SWOT Space and Qspm Matrices for Yahoo Inc Case Study
  38. Strategy and Governance at Yahoo Inc
  39. Lessons From the Yahoo Hack – Risk Management
  40. Yahoo Company: Strategic Analysis

❓ Yahoo Research Questions

  1. Are Yahoo Scanned Customer Emails for U.S. Intelligence?
  2. Can Yahoo! Maintain Its Competitive Edge?
  3. Can Yahoo Still Attract Tech Workers?
  4. How Does Yahoo Build a Culture of Cybersecurity?
  5. Why Yahoo! Won’t Let Employees Work From Home?
  6. How Yahoo Distributes Work for Optimal Efficiency?
  7. Should Yahoo Organize Medical Details Information Technology?
  8. What Can Yahoo Web Hosting Offer Your Business?
  9. How Yahoo Became an Internet Villain?
  10. How Did Yahoo Change Over the Years?
  11. What Are Yahoo’s Primary Revenue Sources?
  12. What Are the Most Significant Risks to Yahoo’s Business Model?
  13. What Was Yahoo’s Strategy?
  14. What Is Yahoo’s Business Model?
  15. Is Yahoo Good for Business?
  16. How Is Yahoo Still in Business?
  17. How Ethical Is Yahoo?
  18. What Does Yahoo Stand for Internet?
  19. How Can Yahoo Be Improved?
  20. What Is Yahoo Best Known For?
  21. What Went Wrong With Yahoo?
  22. What Made Yahoo So Successful?
  23. What Was Yahoo’s Downfall?
  24. Why Was Yahoo Not Successful?
  25. Why Did Yahoo Succeed Fail?
  26. What Is the Mission and Vision of Yahoo?
  27. What Are the Internal Factors of Yahoo in Marketing?
  28. What Are Yahoos Weaknesses?
  29. What Are the Strengths of Yahoo?
  30. Who Is Yahoo’s Target Audience?

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