105 Samsung Research Topics & Essay Examples

Company overview A South Korean conglomerate that comprises numerous businesses and includes world’s largest manufacturer of smartphones & mobile phones as a subsidiary.
Best known for Samsung Galaxy line of smartphones
Products & services Products: consumer electronics, electronic components, telecommunications equipment, flash memory, chemicals, motor vehicles, ships, clothing. Services: advertising, hospitality, information & communications, medical services, financial services.
Origins Established in 1938 in Daegu, Japanese Korea, by Lee Byung-chull.
Area served Worldwide
Headquarters Seoul, South Korea
Key people Lee Jae-yong (Jay Y. Lee) – Chairman
Revenue Samsung Electronics: over $200 billion
Number of employees Samsung Electronics: almost 300 thousand
Scandals & incidents The company was accused of using child labor from 2012 till 2015.
It is interesting that Samsung produces electronic components for Apple, Sony, and Nokia.
Website www.samsung.com

📝 Samsung Research Papers Examples

  1. Samsung Group's Entry Modes into Global Market
    Samsung is selected as a case study that evaluates and recommends three foreign market entry strategies for three types of markets: low, middle, and high-income markets.
  2. Samsung Group Global Market Developments
    Samsung Group is a varied group that operates in many global locations. It operates in a variety of sectors including electronics, monetary services, substances and infrastructure.
  3. Apple and Samsung Companies: Strategic Management
    The research analyzes the business strategies of Apple Inc. and Samsung and gives recommendations, which would boost their profitability and competitiveness.
  4. Samsung Company Strategic Analysis
    Samsung is facing challenges at sustaining its growth in mobile phone business and at the same time safeguarding its profitability.
  5. Product Innovation and Management: Samsung Smart Watch
    Samsung Company, which relies mostly on the android technological platform, has moved towards making wearable technologies such as watches.
  6. Samsung Market Analysis: Business & Economics
    Looking for Samsung market analysis example? 📟 It’s here! To enhance understanding of Samsung segmentation, read this paper. 📖 You’ll learn about Samsung price & income elasticity, competition, target audience, labor force, and other issues. 💪
  7. Samsung Group's Global Supply Chain Management
    This report documents my team’s project on global supply chain management and value network analysis for the Samsung group of companies.
  8. Samsung Business & Corporate Strategy
    Analyzing Samsung business strategy? 📹 The linchpin of a business, like Samsung is the ability of its top management to craft and execute a corporate strategy. 📈 Read more about Samsung differentiation strategy, product distribution, 📝 and other aspects in this paper.
  9. Apple Incorporation's and Samsung Group' Strategies
    The discussion presented below examines the business strategies and practices embraced by Samsung Group and Apple Corporation.
  10. Samsung's and Caterpillar Inc.'s Management
    In the current study, the author conducts a comparative analysis of the aspects of operations management and quality management at Samsung Electronics and Caterpillar Inc.
  11. Samsung Innovation Examples and Entrepreneurship Style
    Looking for some good Samsung innovation examples? 📳 There are plenty of them! In this paper, we analyze Samsung innovations and the processes that have made the company flourish. 📈 Let’s discover how Samsung gained the competitive advantage over its competitors. 🏆
  12. Ethical Principles and Issues: Samsung Company's Case
    Analyzing Samsung’s viewpoint regarding business ethics will the aim of this report before looking at CSR and the role leaders ought to play to support CSR.
  13. Financial Ratio of Apple and Samsung
    The current report carries out a financial ratio analysis of both Apple and Samsung to evaluate and compare their financial performance in the last three years.
  14. Samsung Electronics Company's Analysis
    The paper is a company analysis of Samsung Electronics, which is a business division in Samsung Corporation responsible for the firm’s dominance in the mobile phone market.
  15. Samsung Company: Contemporary Marketing Report
    The political factors that influence the marketing of Samsung’s smartphones in the UK are associated with Brexit.
  16. Samsung Growth Strategy
    Samsung has used various growth strategies throughout decades. It has entered many markets, which ensured a significant coverage and sales across the globe.
  17. Strategic Management and Competitive Advantages
    Sustainable competitive advantage provides leverage over competitors through the use of company’s attributes, assets, or skills that are difficult to copy, much less exceed.
  18. Samsung Company: Leadership and Business Ethics
    Since Samsung is an Asian corporation, the responsibility for ethical conduct in business is in the hands of the company’s top management.
  19. Samsung Mobile Phones in the United States
    The management report of Samsung USA begins with a strategic analysis of the company with a detailed SWOT analysis of the organization based on its current position.
  20. Samsung Electronics: Company Analysis
    Modern business organizations are well defined with their structure and strategy to achieve their vision statement with skill of the management and workforce.
  21. Corporate Restructuring and Strategic Management
    This paper is based on the thesis that the strategic management concept is a vital breakthrough that has revolutionized management.
  22. Strategic Analysis of Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd
    The following paper presents a comprehensive in-depth strategic analysis on the development and management of Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

💡 Essay Ideas on Samsung

  1. Evaluation of Samsung: Samsung Galaxy Note 7
    In this paper, the researcher seeks to evaluate the case to understand the risk attitude and risk appetite of the Samsung company.
  2. Samsung Independent Ecosystem for Competitiveness
    Despite the inherent challenges, Samsung will have more control if it develops an independent OS for its mobile devices and applications.
  3. Samsung Electronics: Supply Chain Strategy
    Samsung Electronics’ long-term strategy should focus on building resilience and agility within the company’s supply chain management structure.
  4. Samsung Next Business Plan
    Samsung Next is an outstanding electronics company offering consumers a wide range of entertainment products and services globally.
  5. Innovative Policies and Products of Samsung Electronics
    Samsung Electronics is one of the most innovative enterprises that regularly releases new merchandises, subsequently challenging its competitors.
  6. Samsung Strategic Marketing Report
    Samsung plays a prominent role in the economy, as it allows millions of consumers and businesses worldwide to have access to high-tech devices and solutions for reasonable prices.
  7. Samsung Electronics Company’s Business Model
    Samsung Group is one of the most established companies in the mobile industry and other electronics. The organization is a multinational conglomerate headquartered in Samsung Town.
  8. Costing and Cost Management: Comprehensive Study
    This paper addresses how the company can use cost management tools to reduce its costs as it enhances quality products development and creates customer satisfaction.
  9. Income Statement: Apple and Samsung
    Both Apple and Samsung have provided consistent financial statements that are composed in a convenient manner in terms of comparative analysis.
  10. The Main Accounting Standards in the United States
    The International Financial Reporting Standards and the US Generally Accepted Accounting Standards are the main accounting standards applied in the United States.
  11. Statement of Cash Flows
    The key difference between the direct and indirect methods to make a statement for cash flows resides in reporting the cash flows from operating activity.
  12. Samsung Electronics Company: A Financial Analysis
    In the paper, the author will provide a financial analysis of Samsung Electronics Company. The firm’s investments will be reviewed to determine its profitability.
  13. Samsung Electronics Company's Evaluation Report
    The study assists shareholders in making decisions on whether to buy or not to buy the Samsung Electronics company shares.
  14. The Samsung Galaxy III Smartphone Launch
    The launch of Samsung was a success, however, it should be noted that Samsung must be innovative to overcome the stiff competition in the market.
  15. Analysis of Asia-Pacific Multinational Enterprises
    The paper compare Secom, Hitachi, Huawei, and Samsung using elements that describe the corporation's operations—strategy, organization, capabilities, and government involvement.
  16. Assessment of Samsung's Competitiveness
    This paper analyzes and evaluates the competitiveness of this company through the use of matrix theory, as well as predicting the continuation of its leadership position in the coming years
  17. Apple and Samsung Firms' Confronting Strategies
    Apple and Samsung are the world's front smartphone companies, they are corporations with entirely different strategies, capitalization, and market behavior.
  18. Integrated Marketing Communication
    The world-famous digital corporation has a multi-million target audience, and the Galaxy brand is one of the recognized global leaders in terms of sales.
  19. Business Ethics During Competition
    Each firm should be responsible for its products and admit to acting ethically irresponsible when products in the market cause harm to society.
  20. Samsung and Apple Firms' Financial Management
    Over the past decade, Samsung and Apple have repeatedly stood at the top of the global rankings of mobile device manufacturers.
  21. Samsung Company's Structure, Supply Chain, and Marketing
    Proper organization structure and marketing strategies enable Samsung to commit its technology and talent to develop plentiful commodities that help make the world better.
  22. Samsung, Apple and Huawei Firms' Philosophy
    This paper looks at the comparison of the Samsung Inc., Apple Inc., and Huawei companies regarding vision, goals, strategy, and investment philosophy.

🏆 Best Samsung Essay Titles

  1. Marketing Issues With the Launch of Samsung Note 4 and Note Edge
  2. Organizational and Social Responsibility of Samsung
  3. Samsung Galaxy Target Market Strategy & Segmentation
  4. Implementing Electronic Document and Record Management Systems at Samsung Company
  5. The History and SWOT Analysis of Samsung Group
  6. The Legal Battle Between Apple and Samsung
  7. Samsung Marketing Mix and Media Strategy
  8. Planning for Success: Case of Samsung Galaxy S3
  9. Equity, Cash Flow, and Notes Analysis of Samsung Electronics
  10. Samsung and Effective Competition in the Smart Phone Market
  11. The Market Leader in Asian Smartphone’ Business
    Samsung followed the market trend and incorporated the android technology in their smart phones.
  12. New Product Launch and Pricing Strategy: The Case of Apple and Samsung
  13. Marketing Plan for New Product Development Samsung
  14. Samsung’s Mission, Brand Positioning, and Core Competencies
  15. Customer Satisfaction Towards Samsung Mobile
  16. Integrated Marketing Communication Plan: Samsung Mobile
  17. Samsung Organization Structure and Human Resource Management
  18. Samsung Issues: Recall for Galaxy Note 7 After Battery Fires
  19. Samsung Entered Into the Electronic Industry Management
  20. Samsung and the Global Mobile Device Marketplace
  21. The Samsung Electronics Group Principles: Vision, Mission, and Objectives
  22. The South Korean Global Company Samsung Group
  23. Samsung Electronics Sustainability: Green Management Activities and Performance
  24. Samsung and the Role of Innovator in Mobile Computing Industry
  25. Operation Management for Manufacturing Samsung Electronics
  26. Samsung Management: Key Drivers for Future Growth
  27. Samsung Electronic History and Its Impact on the World
  28. Samsung Electronics Successful Growth Strategy in the Mobile Phone Business
  29. Samsung’s Ethical Issues Against Employees
  30. The Approaches Samsung Have Used to Become a More Socially Conscious
  31. Samsung Electronics and the Smartphone Industry
  32. Tech Giant Samsung Achieve Global Competitive Advantage
  33. Samsung: Transformation From Follower to Innovator
  34. Samsung: Business Details, Marketing Strategies, and Analysis
  35. Korea and Japan: Electronics Competition Between Samsung and Sony
  36. The Consumer Electronics Industry: Samsung Electronics And Changing Business Environment
  37. Market Skimming Pricing Strategy at Samsung
  38. Samsung Electronics Company: Global Marketing Operations
  39. Management and Organizational Culture in Samsung
  40. Ethical and Legal Consequences of Samsung
  41. Samsung Corporations Operations Strategy

❓ Samsung Research Questions

  1. Should Samsung Make Changes to the Orientation Program?
  2. How Have Samsung and Apple Have Been Rivals for Years?
  3. What Makes the Samsung Brand Successful?
  4. How Does Samsung Use Branding?
  5. Why Corporate Social Responsibility Matters Samsung?
  6. Why Should You Use Samsung Galaxy?
  7. How Samsung Dealt With Exploding Batteries Crisis?
  8. Why Are Samsung Phones Technologically Superior to Iphones?
  9. What Makes Samsung an Innovative Company?
  10. How Global Trends Influence the Strategies Used by Samsung in the Communications Market?
  11. How Was Samsung Able to Go From Copycat Brand to a Product Leader?
  12. What Country Should Samsung Expand?
  13. What Are the Features of Samsung HDTV?
  14. Why Does Samsung Enter the Chinese Market?
  15. What Is the Brand Value of Samsung?
  16. How Samsung Became the World’s No. 1 Smartphone Maker?
  17. How Samsung Botched Its Galaxy Note 7 Recall?
  18. What Is Samsung’s Brand Message?
  19. Why Can Samsung and Apple Dominate the Smartphone Market?
  20. What Global Strategy Does Samsung Use?

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