The Samsung Galaxy III Smartphone Launch

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Officially announced in May 2012, Samsung 19300 Galaxy SIII has become the greatest innovation in the current century. A smartphone manufactured by Samsung technologies is a real achievement in the scientific world. Manufactured using modern technology, Samsung Galaxy SIII is a revolutionary gadget in the modern scientific world.

Target Customers

A lot has changed in the world in terms of lifestyle, scientific discoveries, and business. Samsung Galaxy was manufactured to attract and target various categories of customers including the business class, Students, and general clients who believe in lifestyle. The phone has been manufactured using modern technology including a super AMOLED touch screen, memory SD of up to 6Giga bytes ram, GPRS, and Wi-Fi which is ideal for business class (Galaxy S III: Tech Specs, 2012). Researchers and students will enjoy unlimited access to the internet because of the WLAN provision that enables it to access the internet which is ideal for learners carrying out research. For clients who believe in lifestyle, Samsung Galaxy serves best.

The phone barely weighs 133 grams which is convenient. It is fitted with corning Gorilla Glass 2 which protects the screen (Galaxy S III: Overview, 2012). WAV ring tones offer entertainment services to all who believe in lifestyle. Samsung Galaxy targets an ideal customer who believes in inefficiency. Children will enjoy in-build games, multicolored touch screens with 720 x 1280 pixels, Students will enjoy mp3 music, cameras, and the internet while Researchers, on the other hand, can access data using the inbuilt GPRS slots (Samsung, 2012a).

Geographically, the company targets all continents. The gadget has been designed to fit the need of different people. Developing countries will be the main beneficiary because the gadget has learning software to help disadvantaged learners with computer skills.

Why Buy Samsung Galaxy?

The modern world is about efficiency. Samsung Galaxy SIII has all the reasons to make one own it. The 136.6 x 70.6mm is slim enough to be lifted by a baby. Customers are not inconvenienced by its size compared to other brands.133gramme is light enough to be carried without feeling the weight. The phone is fitted with touch-sensitive control (TSC) to protect its screen. Squad core with a 1.4 GHz Cortex increases the speed of data processing. Adobe Flash and HTML enable one to access the internet and connect with the entire globe at any time. The 50 Gigabytes dropbox fitted in the gadget is big enough to store information that can fit in twenty office cabinets.


Samsung Galaxy is solely owned by Samsung Inc. Company limited. However, to network and reach its customers, Samsung company recruits qualified partners to act and transact for Samsung mobile Galaxy III. These partners are considered as a value-added reseller (VAR) who adds value to the complementary products, enhancements, and other services. The partners include established sales teams, marketers, networkers, project managers, and system integrators. These partners must meet certain qualifications to be allowed to work with Samsung Company. Sales representatives must ensure that defined sales targets are met. Certified employees on the other hand must provide a minimum of two certified persons.

Optimum value chain

The supply chain focuses on customer satisfaction, and the total value added to all clients. Samsung Galaxy III being a modern technological machine that is facing stiff competition, Its Company has defined ways in which service delivery is done in a sophisticated way. Samsung company focuses on four areas in ensuring that customer satisfaction is met: flexibility, cost, speed, and quality. Because its clients are distributed all over the world, Company has devised methods of ensuring that Samsung Galaxy III is delivered in time. This is because the cost of manufacturing one unit of Samsung Galaxy III is estimated to be $200.This minimizes the cost in a bid to maximize the profits.

The company has networked with logistic companies like DHL and SDV Transami to deliver its products across the entire globe. The internet has become one of its major hubs which help us in reaching all its clients across the world. Online purchasing services are available and customers can buy Samsung Galaxy online. This will be delivered within one working day if all the terms and conditions are met. All the products delivered overseas are transported using airways. This ensures that goods reach customers in less than two working days. This is an indication that Samsung Company is part of the optimum value chain and value-adding distribution scheme.

Return on investment (ROI)

Samsung Galaxy has been in the market for less than a year. It was launched in May 2012and in this month; it was able to sell 20 million units in 100 days. The product still enjoys popularity all over the world. This is evident in the figures for June in which 6.5 million units were sold. From this, it is needless to say that this investment is inevitably viable. The recommended retail price for each unit is $ 500. The company spends $ 200 on manufacturing Samsung Galaxy III and an average of $100 on logistics. The total amount to manufacture a single unit is $ 300. The Roi for this figure is positive which is an indication that the product has given the company maximum profits. (Establish success metrics, 2012)


Anyone who has used Samsung Galaxy III is satisfied with its performance. However, the product still faces competition from three main companies: Sonny, Apple iPhone, and Motorola. The number of people using mobile phones in the world is estimated to be 20 billion. Among this, ten billion people use Samsung Galaxy. This is 50% of the market share. The other half is shared among the competitors among them, the ones that have been mentioned. Samsung technical team has been put in place to look into ways of ensuring that Samsung Galaxy owns 75% of the market share. Among areas of interest that the technical team is addressing include, customer satisfaction, maximum profits with minimal cost, and product performance. Samsung Company is always in touch with software manufacturers to ensure that it adopts the latest software and hardware that make an entry into the market. The company believes that a customer must be satisfied all the time. Samsung Company ensures its customers are handled with dignity and pride (Samsung 2012b)

Position for the product

Samsung Galaxy III stands a chance of being the choice of people. It has the latest technological applications which give it an edge over the other phones in the market. The phone has retailed all over the world. For example in India, it has a market share of 60%, Asia 70%, Europe 50%. The figures imply that the product is well-positioned. The phone has stood the taste of time. This is because it appeals to people from all walks of life. It should however be noted that the product faces stiff competition from its competitors. The technical bench is working hard to ensure that more innovations are introduced to improve the product.

The company still faces a few challenges which might hinder the growth and development of the Samsung Galaxy. Some of the challenges include the malfunction of the microphone. The person calling is unable to hear the person at the other end. The phone has exhibited challenges of signal deteriorating after the caller hangs up. It should be noted that these challenges are easily rectified. All the user requires to do is to restart the phone.

The company was once faced with a major challenge of a court battle with their main competitor, Apple iPhone with apple iPhone claimed that Samsung used iPhone technology without their consent. This put Samsung Company in a vulnerable state. The dispute was later resolved (Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III, 2012)

Next target segment

The launch of Samsung was a success. Clients were satisfied with the state of art phones in the 21st century. The company is working hard to improve on the Galaxy III. The Samsung Company is working out ways of beating their main competitor, the Apple iPhone by venturing into the scientific world. This will mainly be done by observing customers’ changing trends in lifestyle.

Success metric

From media, social sites, votes, and other sources of information, Samsung apple Galaxy is rated highly. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and you tubes have an overwhelming number of likes and votes which indicates the popularity of the product. The company recently staged a roadshow in a bid to promote Samsung Galaxy. It was estimated that 50 000 people will attend the show. The number was surpassed by 20 000. Among the people who attended, 35 000 people had Samsung Galaxy III an indication that the product has penetrated the market


Samsung Galaxy III has changed the mobile phone sector in the world. Despite facing stiff competition, it has been able to appeal to clients. The product achieved its goal of making maximum profits due to the partnership program. It should be noted that Samsung must be innovative to overcome the stiff competition in the market.


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