89 Airbus Research Topics & Essay Examples

Company overview Global pioneer in the aerospace industry, operating in the commercial aircraft, helicopters, defence and space sectors.
Best known for Aerospace products, services and solutions to customers.
Origins Airbus was founded on 18 December 1970 by Roger Béteille, Felix Kracht, Henri Ziegler, and Franz Josef Strauss.
Area served Worldwide
Headquarters Leiden, Netherlands
Key people René Obermann (Chairman), Guillaume Faury (CEO)
Revenue Almost €50 billion
Number of employees Over 130 thousand
Business divisions Commercial Aircraft (Airbus S.A.S.), Defence and Space, and Helicopters
Scandals & incidents The Airbus affair refers to allegations of secret commissions paid to members of the Government of Canada during the term of Prime Minister Brian Mulroney.
It is interesting that At the 2011 Paris Air Show, Airbus received total orders valued at about $72.2 billion for 730 aircraft, representing a new record in the civil aviation industry.
Website www.airbus.com

📝 Airbus Research Papers Examples

  1. Airbus Company's Systems and Operations Management
    Business essay sample: Airbus, one of the leading large aircraft manufacturers in the world, has factories and assembly plants located around Europe, implying that its operations exceed boarder limits.
  2. Airbus Operations Management Analysis
    Business essay sample: In Airbus, the various departments work independently of each other, whereby the output from given departments end up being used as inputs of other departments.
  3. Airbus A380 Company: Systems and Operations Management
    Business essay sample: This report assesses the current Airbus A380 situation with the aim of making recommendations towards remedying pitfalls in the system or addressing existing problems.
  4. Aviation Strategies Analysis of Boeing and Airbus
    Business essay sample: The long established rivalry between Airbus and Boeing has turned out to be more aggressive through past couple of years indicate that both these industry giants have moved forward with different strategic vision.
  5. Airbus Company's Operations Management and Systems
    Business essay sample: The current level of organization within Airbus is chaotic, the organizational culture is poor. This has affected the level of output of various departments.
  6. Systems and Operations Management Practices at Airbus
    Business essay sample: Duplication of roles, conflicts and politicking are signs that the current organizational structure of Airbus should be redone.
  7. Airbus Company Operations Management
    Business essay sample: The system and operations management gives the Airbus automated capability of using any integrated service directly through the center link as part of a more complex process.
  8. Airbus Group's Management Techniques
    Business essay sample: The knowledge-intensive process is a major tenet of production at the Airbus Group. Knowledge management plays a major role in accelerating the competitiveness of the organisation.
  9. Cancellation of Orders and Reduced Investor Faith Being Experienced by Airbus
    Business essay sample: The report will also address how proper business communication skills would have salvaged the company from its woes and how these skills can be used to improve on the financial outlook.
  10. Managing a Global Firm
    Business essay sample: The management of an organization is based on decisions arrived at by the management. The decisions are the evaluation of various options open to the company.
  11. Production Delays in the Airbus A380
    Business essay sample: Airbus A380 was a project that would take the aviation industry to a higher level. This paper discusses the causes of Airbus A380 delays and the consequences these delays had.
  12. Airbus Operations Management – Practices & Areas of Concern
    Business essay sample: Researching Airbus operations management? 🛫 This report analyzes operations management practices at Airbus during the development of their A380 aircraft. 🧑‍✈️ Read attentively to learn everything about Airbus operations. ❗
  13. Just in Time Process Improvements
    Business essay sample: Managers should apply their competencies to implement continuous improvement strategies to improve organizational processes, services, or products.
  14. Airbus vs. Boeing: A Comparative Analysis of Investment Portfolios
    Business essay sample: Airbus and Boeing are the main players in the commercial aircraft industry. Both companies have used innovation and the backing of their home countries to drive competition.
  15. Boeing and Airbus Companies' Balance Score Cards
    Business essay sample: This paper aims to research Boeing and Airbus Balance Score Card (BSC) through a strategic map and analyze long-term objectives and strategies for companies.
  16. Airbus: Innovation and Change Case Study
    Business essay sample: As an example to analyze from the perspective of introducing appropriate organizational innovations, the case study of Airbus will be used.

🏆 Best Airbus Essay Titles

  1. Ethical and Legal Lapses of Airbus
  2. Accounting Reporting Criteria: Airbus
  3. Airbus a380’ Superjumbo’: What Went Wrong for the Largest Passenger Plane?
  4. Airbus and the Airlines Industry
  5. Airbus Employees and Customers
  6. Airbus: Operating Cash Flow and Market Risk
  7. Airbus Operations Management Analysis
  8. Airbus’s New Support Strategy and Customer Service
  9. Airbus Supply Chain Management
  10. Airbus Versus Boeing Revisited: International Competition in the Aircraft Market
  11. Airbus: Strategy and Vision
  12. Airbus Supply and Demand Forecast
  13. Airbus Company Advertising Types
    The company will be discussed on the use of physical and digital advertisement and sales promotions to their products, place, promotion, and price and the importance of advertisement.
  14. Airbus: Space Shuttle
  15. Airbus a3xx: Developing the World’s Largest Jet
  16. Airbus Corporate Strategy
  17. European Union and Airbus
  18. Financial Analysis and Management: Airbus
  19. Government Intervention: Airbus
  20. Political Business Strategies and the Political Economy of Transatlantic Trade: Airbus
  21. Airbus Problems and Its Economic Effect on EU
  22. Safety Systems for the Airbus A380
  23. Strategic Management: Airbus vs. Boeing
  24. Supply Chain Management: Boeing and Airbus
  25. The Airbus Affair: A Canadian and German Scandal
  26. Organizations of Aviation regulation
    The civil aviation industry experienced one of its biggest advancements as international air transport rapidly its technological knowhow.
  27. The Problems of Airbus: Overview and Analysis
  28. Advising Boeing and Airbus on Foreign Exchange Risk
  29. Aeronautical Manufacturer Versus Architect-Integrator: A New Industrial Model for Airbus
  30. Airbus a380 and Potential Airbus Threat
  31. The Sustainable Supply Chain for Airbus
  32. Airbus’ Corporate Governance Guarantees
  33. Airbus and Its Lean Structure and Sales Shake-up
  34. A Heavy-Handed Management Style Airbus
  35. Airbus Leadership Model Analysis
  36. Airbus: Pioneer in Sustainable Aerospace for a Safe and United World
  37. Airbus Group Leadership Model
  38. Corporate Social Responsibility at Airbus
  39. Aviation Industry Performance: Emirates Case
    The Emirates group is made up of the Dubai National Air Transport Association; EmirateS Airlines as well as a hotel group. The government of Dubai owns the Emirates group.
  40. A Five-Part Strategy for Airbus
  41. Airbus’ Strategy and European Aerospace Industry
  42. Airbus Defence and Space – Defense and Aerospace Products and Services
  43. Airbus-Boeing and Their Long-Running Trade Dispute Over Subsidies

❓ Airbus Research Questions

  1. Should European Union Stop Supporting Airbus?
  2. How Airbus Competes With Boeing?
  3. How Has Airbus Sustained Its Place in an Innovative Market With Tough Competition?
  4. How the Macroeconomic Environment of the Airline Industry Affects the Strategic Decision of Boing vs. Airbus?
  5. What Went Wrong With the Airbus A380?
  6. How Many Suppliers Does Airbus Have?
  7. Who Are Airbus’s Leading Suppliers?
  8. What Is the Supply Chain Management Process in Airbus?
  9. What Is the Airbus Supply Chain?
  10. What Is Airbus’s Organizational Structure?
  11. Who Is the Chairman of Airbus?
  12. Who Is the Owner of the Airbus Company?
  13. Image of Who Is the Owner of the Airbus Company?
  14. What Is Airbus’s Vision?
  15. What Is Airbus’s Organizational Structure?
  16. What Is Airbus’s Mission Statement?
  17. Is Airbus a Government-Owned Company?
  18. What Is Airbus Doing for Sustainability?
  19. Can Airlines Be Sustainable – Airbus?
  20. What Is Airbus’s Mission Statement?
  21. What Are the Plans for Airbus?
  22. What Is the Airbus Strategy With Regards to Global Expansion?
  23. What Are the Strategies Followed by Airbus and Boeing to Sustain in the Market?
  24. Is Airbus a Space or Defense?
  25. Does Airbus Do Defense?
  26. Does Airbus Have Military Contracts?
  27. What Does Airbus Space Do?
  28. When Did the Boeing Airbus Dispute Begin?
  29. Is the Trade Dispute Between America and Europe Over Airbus and Boeing Over?
  30. For What Are Airbus and Boeing Fighting For?

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