64 BAE Research Topics & Essay Examples

Company overview The British multinational arms, security, and aerospace company.
Best known for It is the largest defense contractor in Europe and ranked the seventh-largest globally based on applicable 2021 revenues.
Origins Founded on 30 November 1999
Area served Worldwide
Headquarters London, United Kingdom
Key people Sir Roger Carr (Chairman), Charles Woodburn (CEO)
Revenue Over £19 billion
Number of employees Over 89 thousand
Industry Aerospace, the Arms industry, Information security
Scandals & incidents In 2003, BAE Systems was accused of operating a $33.4 million slush fund to procure prostitutes, sports cars, and other enticements.
It is interesting that BAE Systems Inc. subsidiary is one of the six largest suppliers to the U.S. Department of Defense.
Website www.baesystems.com
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📝 BAE Research Papers Examples

  1. Developing Contract for BAE Systems
    The paper at hand analyses how the terms and conditions of the contract must be structured to ensure the best outcomes for the firm.
  2. Strategic Plan for BAE Systems
    The analysis of BAE Systems provides the basis for their future strategic decisions and allows creating plans on increasing the efficiency of the company's operations.
  3. BAE: Strategic Option
    Based on the information presented in the case study, BAE does not see a lot of sustainability in terms of its operations, which is an important idea to mention.
  4. Financial Analysis of Roll Royce and BAE Systems
    The main objective of the report is to explore the financial and non-financial aspects of Roll Royce and BAE in order to determine their long-term profitability and sustainability.

🏆 Best BAE Essay Titles

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  1. BAE Systems Is the Biggest Manufacturer in Britain
  2. BAE Systems: The Largest Defense Contractor in Europe
  3. BAE Systems and Aerospace Technology
  4. Competitive Analysis and SWOT Analysis of BAE Systems
  5. BAE Automated Systems and Denver International Airport
  6. BAE Systems – Third Biggest Global Military Contractor
  7. Case Against BAE Systems in the Context of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
  8. BAE Systems eProcurement and Supply Chain
  9. Solution for BAE Denver Airport
  10. Global Heads-up Displays Sector Dominating Vendors BAE, Honeywell, Rockwell Collins, Thales
  11. Implementing the Balanced Scorecard at BAE
  12. Management Information System Mis in BAE Systems INC
  13. Mergers: Electrolux With Lehel and the Creation of BAE Systems
  14. Sustainable Supply Chain Management: A Case Study of BAE Systems
  15. The Product and Services at BAE System
  16. BAE Systems and Global Military Industry
  17. Case Against BAE Systems in the Context of the Corruptions
  18. BAE: British Aerospace Systems and Operating Environment
  19. Financial Analyzing for BAE Systems
  20. BAE and Effective Supply Chain Management
  21. Fundamental Issues and Responsibilities – BAE
  22. The Key Issues of BAE: Business Ethics, Lobbying, Political Influence, and Workplace Issues
  23. BAE Systems and Risk Managing
  24. BAE Systems: Supply Chain Issues to Remain on Target
  25. Defense Giant BAE Systems and Its Good Operational Performance
  26. Financial Targets for the BAE Systems
  27. BAE Systems: Overcoming Hardships for a Better Year
  28. BAE Systems and Civil Aviation Challenges
  29. BAE Systems and Challenges During the Pandemic
  30. Top Material ESG Issues for BAE Systems
  31. The Failed Birth of a Giant: Lessons Learned From the Collapse of the Eads and BAE Systems Merger
  32. Procurement Policy of BAE Systems
  33. BAE Systems Business Ethics and Supply Chain Management
  34. UK National Cyber Strategy: BAE Systems Response
  35. BAE Systems Mission, Vision, and Values
  36. BAE Systems Business Model
  37. BAE Systems: From Electronic Warfare Systems to Intelligence Gathering and Armored Vehicle
  38. Oversight and Governance of BAE Systems
  39. International Strategy for BAE Systems
  40. BAE Systems’ Products: Efficient, Economical, and Eco-Friendly

❓ BAE Research Questions

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  1. How Many Suppliers Does BAE Systems Have?
  2. What Does BAE Systems Stand For?
  3. Does the Government Own BAE Systems?
  4. What Products Does BAE Systems Make?
  5. Are BAE Systems Ethical?
  6. How Can the Micro Environment Affect BAE Systems?
  7. How Do BAE Systems Succeed in Global Competition?
  8. What Is the Competitive Analysis and SWOT Analysis of BAE Systems?
  9. Which Global Business Terms and Strategies Make BAE Systems Successful?
  10. How Globalization Strategy Affects BAE Systems?
  11. What Type of Organization Is BAE Systems?
  12. Why Is BAE Systems Important?
  13. What Are BAE Systems’ Products and Approaches to Generate Revenue?
  14. What Is BAE Systems Strategy Plan?
  15. What Is BAE Systems Competitive Advantage?
  16. Why Is BAE Systems So Successful?
  17. What Is BAE Systems Business Model?
  18. What Type of Organizational Structure Does BAE Systems Have?
  19. What Is BAE Systems Business Strategy?
  20. What Is Global Strategy BAE Systems?

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