80 Nissan Research Topics & Essay Examples

Company overview The Japanese multinational automobile manufacturer.
Best known for Innovative styling and cutting-edge performance in developing vehicles.
Origins It was founded on 26 December 1933
Area served Worldwide
Headquarters Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Japan
Key people Yasushi Kimura (Chairman), Makoto Uchida (President & CEO), Ashwani Gupta (COO & Chief Performance Officer)
Revenue Almost ¥10 trillion
Business divisions Nissan, Infiniti, Nismo, Datsun
Scandals & incidents Nissan chairman Carlos Ghosn has been arrested in Japan for alleged financial misconduct.
It is interesting that In World War II, Nissan had to shift its focus from car manufacturing to the production of military equipment.
Website www.nissan-global.com

📝 Nissan Research Papers Examples

  1. Tesla Motors Brand and Marketing Communications
    Tesla Motors is an American automobile manufacturing company. This paper analyzes of Tesla Motors and its marketing communications.
  2. Nissan and Infiniti Companies Branding
    The case of Nissan (the parent company) and Infinity (the brand extension) shows how business focused on the lower and middle price segment can enter the luxury market.
  3. Nissan Leadership: Carlos Ghosn Management Strategy
    Analyzing Nissan leadership? 🚗 Then dig deep into Carlos Ghosn’s leadership style. 🧑‍💼 In this paper, you will discover all ins and outs of Nissan leadership style, strategy, and changes. 🚖
  4. Nissan Motor Company: Globalization Effects
    This paper looks at effects of globalization that affect Nissan motor company based in the United States, and the measures taken to address these effects.
  5. Nissan After Japan Tsunami and Earthquake in 2011
    This paper is analysis the case of Nissan, which is exhibiting different operational strategies taken by the company after the tsunami and earthquake in Japan in 2011.
  6. Nissan Company’s International Marketing Strategies
    This paper gives an overview of Nissan motor company and the automobile industry. It also gives some of the marketing strategies that have helped to enter into the international market.
  7. Nissan: Supply Chain Strategies
    In this paper, Nissan’s competitive advantage, operations, techniques and theories, supply chain strategies, and sustainability will be examined.
  8. Critical Analysis on Nissan with Rio Tinto and Vestas
    A report evaluates and compares investments opportunities in three companies, Nissan, Rio Tinto and Vestas. A special attention is given to political and environmental environments
  9. Automobiles Markets Problems Over the Last Two Years
    The automobile industry today has been flooded with very many car products that exhibit a high degree of homogeneity in functionality and performance.
  10. Strategic Leadership and Change Management
    This paper aims to study the case, which is related to the topic of strategic leadership and change management, with the purpose of analyzing the implemented practices.
  11. Operations Management Overview
    Nissan's management needed to address operational efficiency as the most important factor to increase the profitability of the company as a whole.
  12. Nissan Motor Co.'s Leadership in Operations Management
    The role of leaders at Nissan can undergo a change from transactional to transformational style, but it can be difficult due to cultural context and size.
  13. Nissan Motors in Dubai: Leadership and Management
    The process of addressing workplace issues from a leadership perspective suggests a change in communication and the status quo of workplace relationships.
  14. Sustaining Operations Case Study Analysis
    The implementation of the triple bottom line framework can enhance the operational management of an organization by building proper communication and sustainable operations.
  15. Nissan Motor Company: Building Operational Resiliency
    The case of Nissan's resilience during a major catastrophe is an outstanding example of a rapid and efficient response to a crisis.
  16. Management Accounting Report of Nissan Company
    Nissan Company has performed well in their production. The management accounting reports should be used to ensure pertinent decisions are made.
  17. Financial Statement Analysis - Toyota Company Case Study
    The analysis of the financial statements helps in the trend relationship between internal and external users in a company. It helps in assessing solvency and profitability.
  18. Nissan Firm's Organizational Behavior & Turnaround
    A sense of urgency was required at Nissan to address the company's financial troubles; yet, the main issue at Nissan was a lack of imperativeness.
  19. Business Management in Crisis Surroundings
    The ability to function in a crisis situation is perhaps the key to the survival of any successful business venture.

🏆 Best Nissan Essay Titles

  1. Nissan Motor Company Ltd: Marketing Plan
  2. The History and Current Economics of Nissan
  3. Nissan Motors Company Analysis
  4. Manufacturing Procedure for Nissan Motors
  5. Globalization and Nissan Business Strategy
  6. Market Flexible Customizing System of Japanese Vehicle Manufacturer: Nissan
  7. Learning Organization: Nissan Motor Corporation
  8. Automotive Industry and Nissan Motor
  9. Management Functions of Nissan Motor Company
  10. Electric Car of New-Generation: Nissan Leaf
  11. Carlos Ghosn and Nissan: Managing Global Financial Risk
  12. Nissan Strategic and Supply Chain Management
  13. The Nissan Leaf: Marketing a New Technological Paradigm
  14. Advertisement Analysis: Nissan and Active Lifestyle
  15. Nissan Motors and Its Impact on the Industrial Era
  16. Carlos Ghosn: Multicultural Leader as CEO of Nissan and Renault
  17. Nissan Sales and Services Way
  18. Corporate Governance and Company Performance of Nissan Motor Corporation
  19. Implementing Digital Marketing Strategies for Nissan
  20. Foreign Direct Investment and Nissan
  21. Nissan: Strategic Management and Supplier Development
  22. Promotional Activity for Nissan’s Electric Cars
  23. The Corporate Social Responsibility of Nissan
  24. Nissan Leaf: First Electrical Car
  25. Nissan: Quality, Process, and Location
  26. Contributing Factors for the Low Sales of the Nissan Leaf
  27. Nissan European Technology Centre
  28. Modularity Design Rules for Architecture Development: Theory, Implementation, and Evidence From the Renault and Nissan
  29. Channel Culture and Economic Performance in a Competitive Environment: Nissan
  30. Managing Operating Exposure and FX Risk at Nissan
  31. Nissan’s Operations Management Viz-A-Viz Other Two Japanese Automobile Giants
  32. Nissan Motor Company’s SWOT, Market Analysis, and Strategic Choices
  33. Global Marketing Strategies for Nissan
  34. Nissan Product Life Cycle and Quality Management
  35. Nissan Motor and Fundamentals of Business
  36. Managing Change of Nissan Motors
  37. Target Audience and Market Segmentation for Nissan
  38. Nissan Electronic Cars and Globalization Strategy
  39. Marketing Plan for Nissan Electric Cars
  40. Nissan Revival: How Leadership Personalities, Management Style and Embracing Culture Changes Could Rescue a Company

❓ Nissan Research Questions

  1. What Is Nissan’s Competitive Advantage?
  2. What Is Nissan’s Business Model?
  3. Who Is Nissan’s Target Audience?
  4. What Is the Marketing Strategy of Nissan?
  5. How Nissan Drives Valuable Consumer Insights With Social Data?
  6. What Is Nissan’s Target Market?
  7. What Type of Branding Is Nissan?
  8. Which Target Marketing Strategy Best Describes Nissan Efforts?
  9. How Could Nissan Use Motivation Theories Commerce?
  10. What Is Nissan’s Strategy?
  11. What Is the Purpose of Nissan?
  12. How Does Nissan Maintain a Competitive Advantage?
  13. How Was Nissan Founded?
  14. What Is Nissan Known For?
  15. What Is Nissan’s Marketing Strategy?
  16. What Strategy Does Nissan Use?
  17. What Are the Key Pillars of the Nissan Sales Process?
  18. How Does Nissan Use Market Segmentation?
  19. How Is Nissan Sustainable?
  20. Is Nissan Environmentally Friendly?
  21. What Is the Nissan Green Program?

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