65 Gucci Research Topics & Essay Examples

Company overview The Italian high-end luxury fashion house is based in Florence, Italy.
Best known for Handbags, ready-to-wear, footwear and accessories, makeup, fragrances, and home decoration.
Origins It was founded in 1921 by Guccio Gucci in Florence, Tuscany
Area served Worldwide
Headquarters Florence, Tuscany, Italy
Key people Marco Bizzarri (CEO), Alessandro Michele (creative director)
Revenue Over €9 billion
Number of employees More than 17 thousand
Scandals & incidents In December 2019, Gucci sued three dozen websites selling fake Gucci products.
It is interesting that The G.G. logo was designed in 1960. It was created to honor Guccio Gucci after his death.
Website www.gucci.com
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📝 Gucci Research Papers Examples

  1. Gucci Company's Marketing Management
    The paper’s scope comprises the investigation of Gucci’s approach to marketing in the context of several relevant theories and supporting information from scholarly literature.
  2. Gucci Brand and Target Market Analysis
    Gucci is a very strong well-established brand with few weaknesses, but it exists in an environment that offers multiple threats.
  3. Marketing and Its Segmentations
    It is important for the company to implement effective marketing strategies. Before a company determines the correct marketing strategy, it must first analyze its place in the market.
  4. The Government’s Impact on the Aviation Security Efficiency
    As for the case with Burberry, the company needs repositioning to meet the existing opportunities and reach a new market segment.

🏆 Best Gucci Essay Titles

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  1. Branding and Gucci Group
  2. Gucci Strategic Analysis
  3. Facing Growing Challenges: Gucci
  4. Five Force Model for Gucci
  5. Gucci and Global Luxury Goods Market
  6. Marketing Point of View: Gucci as a Global Provider of Luxury Goods
  7. Gucci Apparel and Accessories: An Advertising Strategy
  8. Gucci Brand Management
  9. Gucci and Handbag Design
  10. Gucci: Internal and External Factors
  11. The Main Challenge and Strategy of Gucci
  12. Gucci Marketing Plan: Target Market and Positioning Map
  13. Marketing Segmentation for Gucci
  14. Gucci’s Closest Competitor’s
  15. Gucci’s Marketing Formula
  16. Gucci Strategic Analysis
  17. Gucci: The Naked Truth or Just in Fashion
  18. International Marketing Plan For Gucci: A Global Retailer of Luxury and High-Quality Fashion Items
  19. Gucci: Marketing Mix for Luxury Goods
  20. Marketing Gucci: Existing and Potential Future Practices
  21. A Brand Image of Luxury Product: Marketing Plan for Gucci
  22. Marketing Strategies for Gucci’s Perfume
  23. Rules and Regulations for Employees of Gucci Stores
  24. Strategic Management Gucci Group
  25. Successful Brand Leadership: Gucci
  26. The Man Behind the Gucci Empire
  27. The Portal Model Analysis of the Macro Environment of Gucci
  28. The Restriction and Reposition of Gucci
  29. The Rise, Fall, and Rise of the Gucci
  30. The Shared Value of Gucci
  31. Weaknesses Undermining Gucci’s Strengths
  32. Analysis of Four Strategic Dimensions of Gucci
  33. The Ethical Issues at Gucci Stores
  34. Ethical and Sustainable Issues of Gucci
  35. Gucci Group: Management and Leadership
  36. Gucci and Its New Organizational Structure
  37. Gucci Once Again Breaks the Traditional Rules
  38. Gucci Brand and Target Market Analysis
  39. Gucci Brand Positioning, Audience, Product Trends
  40. Gucci’s Marketing Strategy Through the Years

❓ Gucci Research Questions

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  1. Why Are Authentic Gucci Handbags So Popular?
  2. What Is Gucci’s Business Strategy?
  3. What Is the SWOT of Gucci?
  4. What Is Gucci’s Weakness?
  5. What Is Gucci’s Unique Selling Proposition?
  6. Is Gucci Ethically Sourced?
  7. How Is Gucci Environmentally Friendly?
  8. Gucci Has Banned Fur – But Can High Fashion Ever Be Ethical?
  9. Is Gucci Ethical and Sustainable?
  10. What Is the Management Structure of Gucci Group?
  11. Is Gucci a Big Company?
  12. What Marketing Strategy Does Gucci Use?
  13. How Does Gucci Use the Marketing Mix?
  14. What Are the Main Marketing Strategies Components of Gucci?
  15. Does Gucci Do Direct Marketing?
  16. What Type of Management Structure Does Gucci Have?
  17. How Can the Micro Environment Affect Gucci?
  18. How Does Gucci Succeed in Global Competition?
  19. Why Has Gucci Been So Successful When Entering a New Markets?
  20. What Is Gucci Competitive Advantage?
  21. What Business Strategy Has Gucci Group?

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