62 Dior Research Topics & Essay Examples

Company overview It is a holding company that engages in designing and selling fashion accessories and beauty products.
Best known for Clothing, cosmetics, fashion accessories, jewelry, perfumes, spirits, watches, wines.
Origins It was founded in 1946 by French fashion designer Christian Dior.
Area served Worldwide
Headquarters 30 Avenue Montaigne, Paris, France
Key people Bernard Arnault (Chairman), Pietro Beccari (vice-chairman & CEO), Maria Grazia Chiuri (creative director), Kim Jones (creative director)
Revenue Over €53 billion
Business divisions Christian Dior Cosmetics, Dior Homme, Parfums Christian Dior
Scandals & incidents In early 2011, a scandal arose when John Galliano was accused of making anti-semitic comments after drinking in Paris.
It is interesting that Christian Dior holds 42.36% shares of and 59.01% voting rights within LVMH.
Website www.dior.com
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📝 Dior Research Papers Examples

  1. Dior Company Marketing Strategies
    This paper focuses on Dior Company touching the marketing strategies that the company has created and implemented in order to achieve this competence.

🏆 Best Dior Essay Titles

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  1. Dior: Management and Leadership
  2. Dior’s Closest Competitor’s
  3. Dior Marketing Plan: Target Market and Positioning Map
  4. The Shared Value of Dior
  5. Dior: Marketing Mix for Luxury Goods
  6. International Marketing Plan For Luxury Fashion House Dior
  7. Timeless Elegance and Sophist in Dior’s Advertisement
  8. Marketing Segmentation for Dior
  9. Brand Analysis: Marketing and Communication Strategy – Dior Reports Example
  10. Dior Brand and Target Market Analysis
  11. Marketing Dior: Existing and Potential Future Practices
  12. Successful Brand Leadership: Dior
  13. Marketing Point of View: Dior as a Global Provider of Luxury Goods
  14. Christian Dior and the House of Dior: Luxury and Brilliant Style Combined
  15. Marketing Plan For Perfume J’Adore, by Dior
  16. Dior Brand Positioning, Audience, Product Trends
  17. Ethical and Sustainable Issues of Dior
  18. Christian Dior and Fashion Designer John Galliano
  19. Christian Dior and His Passion to Scents
  20. Dior’s Marketing Strategy Through the Years
  21. Facing Growing Challenges: Dior
  22. A Brand Image of Luxury Product: Marketing Plan for Dior
  23. Branding for Christian Dior
  24. Marketing Strategy for Dior
  25. Comparing and Contrasting Alexander McQueen and Christian Dior
  26. Analysis of Four Strategic Dimensions of Dior
  27. Marketing Communications Plan for Dior
  28. Analysis Environmental Forces Which Are Affected the Marketing Strategies of the Christian Dior Watches
  29. Luxury Fashion House Dior Strategic Analysis
  30. Dior and Organizational Structure
  31. Comparing Chanel and Dior Social Media Marketing
  32. Charming Perfume Christian Dior: Product Critique & Analysis
  33. Dior Apparel and Accessories: An Advertising Strategy
  34. Marketing Strategies for Dior’s Perfume
  35. Fashion Analysis: Christian Dior Style
  36. Christian Dior: History and Analysis
  37. Dior: Internal and External Factors
  38. Rules and Regulations for Employees of Dior Stores
  39. Dior And Global Luxury Goods Market
  40. The Main Challenge and Strategy of Dior

❓ Dior Research Questions

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  1. What Makes Dior Successful?
  2. Who Is the Target Market of Dior?
  3. What Is Dior’s Ethos?
  4. What Is Dior’s Value Proposition?
  5. What Is Dior’s Marketing Strategy?
  6. Who Is the Target Market of Dior?
  7. What Pricing Strategy Does Dior Use?
  8. What Is Dior’s Business Strategy?
  9. What Is the SWOT Analysis of Dior?
  10. What Is Dior’s Unique Selling Proposition?
  11. How Is Dior Environmentally Friendly?
  12. Is Dior Ethical and Sustainable?
  13. What Is the Management Structure of Dior?
  14. What Marketing Strategy Does Dior Use?
  15. How Does Dior Use the Marketing Mix?
  16. What Are the Main Marketing Strategies Components of Dior?
  17. What Type of Management Structure Does Dior Have?
  18. How Can the Micro Environment Affect Dior?
  19. How Does Dior Succeed in Global Competition?
  20. Why Has Dior Been So Successful When Entering a New Markets?
  21. What Is Dior Competitive Advantage?

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