73 LEGO Research Topics & Essay Examples

Company overview The holding company for a global toy manufacturer is the largest toymaker in Europe and the fifth-largest in the world.
Best known for Lego-brand toys consist primarily of interlocking plastic bricks.
Origins It was founded in 1932 by Ole Kirk Christiansen
Area served Worldwide
Headquarters Billund, Denmark
Key people Jørgen Vig Knudstorp (Executive Chairman), Niels B. Christiansen (CEO)
Revenue About 43 billion kr.
Number of employees Over 20 thousand
Scandals & incidents Lego delays ‘Overwatch 2’ set amid Activision Blizzard sexual harassment scandal.
It is interesting that Seven LEGO sets are sold every second.
Website www.lego.com

📝 LEGO Research Papers Examples

  1. LEGO Company: Sales and Marketing in Digital Age
    This report aims at developing of a digital marketing audit of LEGO Company, its digital marketing mix and strategy, and a digital marketing plan and performance evaluation.
  2. Lego CSR and Lego Social Responsibility Activities
    Researching Lego CSR activities? 🤓 This case study addresses the problems of improving waste management technologies and advancing its internal working environment 💼 , describes Lego corporate social responsibility 2020, and provides examples of Lego CSR.
  3. Planning and Developing a New Product
    Planning and development are important preliminary steps that account for a major part of success before the product reaches its market.
  4. An Application for Smart Toys: Exploring the Toy Industry Opportunities
    This paper will address the process of developing, marketing, and selling the latest application for Smart Toys.
  5. Issues of Lego Group
    Lego Group has an efficient and flexible organizational structure, which helps to develop personal initiative and cooperation between individual structural units.
  6. Observing Lego’s Online Store
    Lego should work to address its current gender stereotyped issues, by, for example, adding more toys that would be gender-neutral.
  7. The Lego Group's Impact Identification
    It is important to understand how effectively the Lego Group team meets the needs of customers and other departments of the company.
  8. Lego Group Comprehensive Report
    This management report is a set of data and recommendations based on which the management of Lego Group can make important decisions for the enterprise.
  9. The LEGO Group Corporate Financial Analysis
    The paper seeks to carry out a corporate financial analysis of the LEGO Group. The LEGO Group, founded in 1932, is a privately owned company. The company is based in Denmark.
  10. Analysis of Lego Place and Price Strategies
    Lego is one of the most successful and well-known toy manufacturers. Lego’s place and price strategies will be analyzed in this essay as parts of the 4Ps marketing model.
  11. The Lego Company Promotion Analysis
    The paper analyses the areas of the Lego company and investigates its marketing models, planning, and the implications of an integrated marketing program.
  12. Organizational Change Based on Example of Lego
    Modern companies need to constantly adapt to new situations if they want not only to maintain their business but also to thrive.

🏆 Best LEGO Essay Titles

  1. LEGO and Issues With Supply Chain Management
  2. LEGO Marketing Actions and Strategies
  3. Strategic Management for LEGO
  4. Internal and Exterior Marketing Environment of LEGO
  5. LEGO and a Strategic Marketing Problem
  6. LEGO Resources and Capabilities
  7. LEGO: Management and Business Strategy
  8. LEGO Competitive Analysis: The World Toy Market
  9. Collaborating With Customer Communities: Lessons From the LEGO Group
  10. LEGO Group: Marketing and Operation Management
  11. Global Branding Strategy for LEGO
  12. Data Set Power for LEGO
  13. LEGO Picture Advertisement “Kids Shouldn’t Watch Too Much TV”
  14. LEGO Bricks and Strategic Decision Making
  15. LEGO and Increasing Competition at the World Toy Market
  16. LEGO and International Toys Market
  17. Supply Chain Management Transformation of LEGO Group
  18. LEGO Marketing Strategy Evaluation
  19. LEGO: Building for the Future
  20. Five Marketing Forces for LEGO Company
  21. Marketing Strategies for LEGO
  22. LEGO’s Performance Measures
  23. Sustainable Efforts for Innovations: LEGO
  24. LEGO and the Market for Children’s Building Blocks
  25. Company Analysis Using Strategy Models and Tools for LEGO
  26. Strategic Analysis for LEGO Toys
  27. LEGO and the Toy Industry
  28. LEGO SWOT Analysis
  29. Financial Turnaround of LEGO
  30. Management and LEGO Media Plan
  31. LEGO: Inspiring the Next Generation of Creators
  32. LEGO: Unique History and Brand Concept
  33. LEGO’s Strategic Management
  34. Marketing Plan for LEGO
  35. LEGO City and Its Impact on the Company
  36. LEGO 5th Largest Toy Manufacturing Company
  37. LEGO’s Identity Crisis and Its Impact on the Organization
  38. LEGO and Its Effect on the Company’s Identification
  39. LEGO Design and Lowering Cost
  40. LEGO: Porter’s Five Forces and Pest

❓ LEGO Research Questions

  1. How Did LEGO Overcome Its Production Issue Through Supply Chain Management?
  2. How Did LEGO Almost Fail?
  3. How Internal and External Marketing Environment Acts on LEGO?
  4. How LEGO Solved a Strategic Marketing Problem
  5. Is LEGO Still Family-Owned?
  6. What Are LEGO Groups Worth?
  7. What Was LEGO’s Corporate Strategy?
  8. What Is LEGO’s Product Strategy?
  9. What Is LEGO’s Broader Strategy?
  10. What Organizational Structure Change Did the LEGO Group Make That Saved the Company?
  11. What Are the Marketing Strategies of LEGO Group?
  12. Who Is LEGO’s Target Market?
  13. What Is LEGO’s Primary Business Model?
  14. What Factors May Have Influenced the LEGO Group’s Target Marketing Decisions?
  15. What Industry Is LEGO In?
  16. Is LEGO the Biggest Toy Company?
  17. Is LEGO Still Popular in 2020?
  18. What Is LEGO’s Smartphone Strategy Plan?
  19. What Is LEGO Competitive Advantage?
  20. Why Is LEGO So Successful?
  21. How Can the Micro Environment Affect LEGO?

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