68 Billabong Research Topics & Essay Examples

Company overview Billabong is an Australian company that manufactures and distributes surfwear and extreme sports apparel throughout the world.
Best known for Iconic Surf Brand
Origins Founded in 1973 by Gordon and Rena Merchant
Area served Worldwide
Headquarters Burleigh Heads, Queensland, Australia
Key people David Tanner (CEO)
Revenue Over A$1.27 billion (2014)
Number of employees About 6,000 (2011)
Scandals & incidents Billabong has agreed to settle class-action proceedings related to its share price collapse in 2011. The company had forecast strong earnings growth in fiscal 2012 but later withdrew the guidance, sending shares down over 50 percent.
It is interesting that Billabong sponsors teams of riders in different subcultures who play an ambassador-like role for both the brand and the corresponding lifestyle.
Website www.billabong.com

📝 Billabong Research Papers Examples

  1. Billabong International Limited (BBG): Company Analysis
    The negative effects associated with globalization have heavily affected the operations of multinational corporations, Billabong included.
  2. Billabong International Company: Financial Analysis
    Billabong International Limited is a well-known Australian fashion and clothing company. The company’s financial position is assessed using ratios in different categories.
  3. Billabong International Co Ratio Analysis
    Billabong International Co is one of the renowned brands in the board sports industry. Billabong's leading competitors are Nike and Quicksilver.
  4. Contemporary Financial Management and Accounting
    Profitability ratios determine the performance of an organization by scrutinizing how earnings were made comparative to sales, total chattels and net value.
  5. Billabong Limited Firm's Financial Accounting Analysis
    This paper provides a financial accounting analysis for Billabong Limited. The company is evading being faced with financial turmoil that could influence its future operations.
  6. Billabong International Company: An Analysis of the Performance
    The report represents an analysis of the performance of Billabong International Company, a clothing company that has been in existence since 1973 in Australia.
  7. Billabong International Limited Financial Analysis
    This paper analyzes the various financial ratios of Billabong International Limited. The financial ratios are valuable to the different stakeholders of the company.

🏆 Best Billabong Essay Titles

  1. Marketing Techniques and Customer Relations at Billabong
  2. Business and Consumer Relations of Billabong
  3. Consumer Behaviour Product Line Extension: Billabong
  4. Billabong and the Competitive Environment in Which It Operates
  5. Identification and Evaluation of Billabong’s Global Strategy
  6. Billabong Retail Integration and the Evolution of Strategy
  7. Marketing Surf Classes for Billabong; A Marketing Plan
  8. Billabong: Building a Digital Marketing Strategy
  9. Surfing With the Billabong Brand
  10. Billabong: The Relationship Between Strategy and Operating Environment
  11. Reasons for Billabong’s International Expansion
  12. Billabong: Inside the Surf Brand’s Story
  13. The Peculiarities of Decision-Making Process for Billabong
  14. Billabong: Where Marketing Really Does Matter
  15. Effectiveness of the Integrated Marketing Communication Campaign in the Context of Billabong
  16. Billabong CEO and His Leadership Position
  17. Identification of the Appropriate Billabong Marketing Strategy
  18. Billabong Makes Waves in the Market
  19. Inside Billabong’s IT Strategy
  20. Billabong: One of the Pioneers of the Surfwear Business
  21. Brand Management: Billabong Controls Its Destiny
  22. Billabong Expands Its Empire
  23. Acquisition Activity of Billabong
  24. Billabong Expansion in the First Decade of the 21st Century
  25. The Rise and Fall of Corporate Surfing Brands: Quiksilverv& Billabong
  26. Billabong’s Acquisition of New Brands and Retail Outlets to Move Beyond the Wholesale Business
  27. The Use of Sound and Scent by Billabong to Reflect “Board Culture”
  28. Billabong: From Large Losses to Small Profits
  29. Surf Wear Brand Billabong Was Bought by Quiksilver Owner
  30. Billabong: Using a Corporate Turnaround Strategy to Return the Company to Profitability
  31. How to Become a Billabong Clothing Retailer
  32. Billabong’s Corporate Level Strategy Evaluation
  33. Consumer Behaviour – Product Line Extension: The Case of Billabong
  34. Strategic Options Available to Billabong International Limited
  35. Billabong Company Profile: Acquisition and Investors
  36. History of Successful Mergers and Acquisitions of Billabong
  37. Strategic Positioning and Future Prospects for Billabong
  38. Billabong Steps Toward Digital Streamlining
  39. Identifying the Market Potential for Billabong
  40. Evaluation of Strategic Choices for Billabong Management

❓ Billabong Research Questions

  1. What Is the Value Chain of Billabong?
  2. How Does Billabong International Limited Maintain Its Dominant Position in the Market?
  3. What Is Billabong’s Business Model?
  4. Is the Global Financial Crisis Good or Bad for Billabong?
  5. What Are the Strengths of Billabong?
  6. How Did the Merger of Boardriders and Billabong Happen So Quick?
  7. What Are the Opportunities and Threats to Billabong?
  8. Who Has Invested in Billabong International?
  9. What Percentage of Billabong Sales Are Outside of Australia?
  10. How Does Billabong Keep Its Brand Relevant in the Digital Age?
  11. What Is the Marketing Strategy of Billabong?
  12. Retail Focus: Where Did Billabong Go Wrong?
  13. What Are the Key Influences on Marketing at Billabong?
  14. Did the Owner of Quiksilver Buy Rival Surfing Brand Billabong?
  15. What Is the Role of Marketing at Billabong?
  16. Did Billabong Go Out of Business?
  17. Is Billabong an Ethical Company?
  18. Who Is Billabongs Target Audience?
  19. What Happened to the Billabong Brand?
  20. Why Was Former Billabong CEO Matthew Perrin Sentenced to Jail?
  21. What Is Billabong’s Returns and Exchanges Policy?

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