69 BHP Billiton Research Topics & Essay Examples

Company overview BHP Billiton is an Australian multinational mining, metals, and petroleum company; one of the largest mining companies in the world.
Best known for Mining giant.
Origins Founded on 16 July 1885 in the mining town of Silverton, New South Wales
Area served Worldwide
Headquarters Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Key people Ken MacKenzie (chair­person), Mike Henry (CEO)
Revenue Over $60 billion
Number of employees About 80 thousand
Scandals & incidents BHP Billiton has been sued for about £5bn by Brazilian victims of the Samarco dam collapse in Mariana, the worst environmental disaster in Brazil’s history. It was one of the biggest legal claims ever filed in a British court.
It is interesting that As of 2022, BHP is the largest company in Australia, and the largest mining company in the world, by market capitalization.
Website www.bhp.com

📝 BHP Billiton Research Papers Examples

  1. BHP Billiton Company's International Business
    Business essay sample: BHP’s most significant risk arises from transaction, translation, and operating exposure since purchases and sales by Australian-based operations are denominated in the US.
  2. Australia’s Economic Growth Relies on Asia’s Resource Demand
    Business essay sample: The construction and manufacturing boom in Asia has been a key pillar of the Australian economy, with its mining industry benefiting the most.
  3. BHP Billiton Firm's Environmental Management System
    Business essay sample: With regard to the environmental management system of BHP Billiton, there are various requirements prescribed by the federal and state laws for practising EMS.
  4. BHP Billiton Limited Stock Market Prices Analysis
    Business essay sample: The report analyzes BHP Billiton stock market prices and the effect of releasing the accounting information to the public. It also shows how investors reacted to good or bad news.
  5. BHP Billiton, Glencore and Anglo American Firms' Financial Analysis
    Business essay sample: Ratio analysis will be carried out for three mining companies over a period of 4 years. The three companies are Glencore PLC, Anglo American PLC, and BHP Billiton Ltd.
  6. BHP Billiton: Report in Change Management and Sustainability
    Business essay sample: This paper substantiates how the participation and involvement approach as well as Kotter's 8-Step Change Model will be used in executing the change in BHP.
  7. Corporate Social Responsibility at BHpBiliton and Westpac
    Business essay sample: Various factors are surrounding management policy in contemporary organizations. One of the significant aspects involves handling the expectations of various stakeholders.
  8. BHP Billiton Ltd: Maximizing Shareholders' Wealth
    Business essay sample: The paper debates whether BHP Billiton Limited's issue of US$195.5 million as community donations was uniform with the company’s directions to maximize its shareholder's wealth.
  9. Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton Firms' Financial Analysis
    Business essay sample: The paper includes financial report analysis and business decision-making. There are two companies, which are analyzed: Rio Tinto Limited and BHP Billiton.

🏆 Best BHP Billiton Essay Titles

  1. Financial Analysis and Valuation of BHP Billiton
  2. BHP Billiton and World Biggest Natural Resources Organisation
  3. Budget and Financial Planning for BHP Billiton Business Plan
  4. Corporate Social Responsibility Audit Report for BHP Billiton
  5. BHP Billiton: Petroleum and Mining Business
  6. Information Spillover, Profit Opportunities, and Return Deviations Analysis: The Case of Cross-Listed BHP Billiton
  7. BHP Billiton Wins Tax Exemptions for Demerger
  8. International Business and Enterprise: BHP Billiton
  9. BHP Billiton: Climate Change Leader or Laggard?
  10. Strategizing During BHP Billiton’s Attempted Acquisition of Rio Tinto
  11. BHP Billiton Digs Deep in Global Market
  12. Evaluation of Strategic Choices for BHP Billiton Management
  13. BHP Billiton’s Response to the Appreciation of the Australian Dollar in Recent Years
  14. Strategic Position, Strategic Choice, and Strategic Action (Implementation) for BHP Billiton
  15. Strategy Analysis for Iron Ore Segment of BHP Billiton
  16. Important Facts About Multinational Mining Company BHP Billiton
  17. BHP Billiton Current Marketing Strategy
  18. Accounting Theory and Contemporary Issues of BHP Billiton
  19. BHP Billiton Profile: Stock Performance and Earnings
  20. BHP Billiton Shares Fall on Last Day of Trading
  21. Stock Story of BHP Billiton
  22. Selling BHP Billiton After Its Share Price Gains
  23. Working at BHP Billiton: Recruitment Process and Tips
  24. BHP Billiton Group Global Employee Share Plan
  25. Union Mobilization Against BHP Billiton Job Cuts
  26. BHP Billiton Cuts Jobs at Western Australia Iron Ore Headquarters
  27. The Ways BHP Billiton Plans to Create Growth
  28. BHP Billiton: A World-Class Company Going Cheaply
  29. International Strategy Theory and Its Application in BHP Billiton
  30. BHP Billiton’s Business Strategy to Drive Growth
  31. Key-Value Drivers as a Decision Support Tool for Strategy Implementation at BHP Billiton
  32. BHP Billiton’s Sustainable Growth, Value Creation, and Future-Oriented Development Strategy
  33. Role of the Chief Strategy Officer at BHP Billiton
  34. BHP Billiton: Australian Mining Company Growth Strategies
  35. Strategic Leadership for Business Value Creation: BHP Billiton
  36. Iron Ore Industry Forecasts Higher Demand: BHP Billiton Limited
  37. Next-Generation Mining: Change Management and Technology at BHP Billiton
  38. BHP Billiton’s Approach to Climate Change Risk Management
  39. Talent and Succession Management at BHP Billiton
  40. Incredibly Disappointing Management Decisions of BHP Billiton

❓ BHP Billiton Research Questions

  1. Does BHP Billiton Have a Global Success?
  2. What Are Three Important Facts About Multinational Mining Company BHP Billiton?
  3. What Is the Financial Position of BHP Billiton?
  4. Is BHP Billiton Stock Overvalued?
  5. What Issues Did BHP Billiton Face?
  6. How Does BHP Billiton Plan to Create Growth?
  7. What Is the Forecast for BHP Billiton?
  8. Has Peter Beaven Brought a New Focus to BHP Billiton’s Strategy?
  9. What Is the Difference Between BHP and BHP Billiton?
  10. Does BHP Billiton Put Spin-off at the Heart of Cost-Cutting Strategy?
  11. What Is the Average Salary for BHP Billiton Employees in Australia?
  12. Changes at the Top: What’s Next for BHP Billiton?
  13. What Are the Highest paying jobs at BHP Billiton?
  14. Does BHP Billiton Have a Competitive Advantage?
  15. What Are the BHP Billiton Mission, Vision, and Values?
  16. Who Is the Target Market for BHP Billiton?
  17. Does BHP Billiton Make a Significant Contribution to the Australian Economy?
  18. Are There Changes in Senior Leaders of BHP Billiton?
  19. What Are the Management Ratings of BHP Billiton?
  20. Does BHP Billiton Simplify Its Organizational Structure?

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