74 Volkswagen Research Topics & Essay Examples

Company overview Volkswagen Group is a major German automobile manufacturer founded to mass-produce a low-priced “people’s car.”
Best known for Comfort, good performance, and plenty of intelligent technology of vehicles.
Origins Founded on 28 May 1937
Area served Worldwide
Headquarters Wolfsburg, Germany
Key people Ralf Brandstaetter (brand CEO), Hans Dieter Pötsch (Chairman of the Supervisory Board), Herbert Diess (Chairman of the Board of Management)
Revenue Almost €223 billion
Number of employees About 307 thousand
Scandals & incidents Volkswagen has caused significant trouble for cheating on diesel-emissions tests.
It is interesting that In February 2021, Volkswagen stated that “flying vehicles” in China could be the next step after self-driving technology.
Website www.vw.com/en.html

đź“ť Volkswagen Research Papers Examples

  1. Global Scale Business Ethics Models
    This report emphasizes the importance of studying business ethics and the business people’s awareness of the most efficient applications of ethical philosophy.
  2. Volkswagen Company Business Strategy
    This paper explores the current changes in the strategic management of Volkswagen (VW) that have been spurred by the recent emissions-cheating scandal.
  3. Volkswagen Group's Knowledge Management Practices
    The present report provides an overview of knowledge management practices in Volkswagen Group and proposes recommendations for improvement.
  4. Brand Audit of Volkswagen: Brand Inventory and Brand Exploratory
    The Volkswagen brand is based in Germany and is one of most the largest in Europe and attracts a lot of reviews and scrutiny.
  5. Critical Strategic Analysis of VW Group
    In this critical strategic analysis paper, the researcher will focus on the evaluation of the flagship Volkswagen, one of the most successful brands under the Volkswagen Group.
  6. Acquisition Proposal for Volkswagen Group
    The present report aims at providing a proposal for Volkswagen Group in terms of a strategic acquisition in the automotive industry.
  7. Volkswagen Scandal: Case Study
    All of a sudden, it has turned out that the Volkswagen company has been installing the software that allowed them to cheat on emission controlling tests.
  8. Suzuki & Volkswagen: Case Study
    The paper provides examples from the case to illustrate how differences in national culture contributed to the problems in the relationship between Suzuki and Volkswagen.
  9. Volkswagen: Strategic Management and Human Resource Practices
    The central focus of the Volkswagen company is to develop the Chinese market performance by partnering with local manufacturers and establishing new plants in China.
  10. Volkswagen Cheating on Emissions Systems Testing
    Volkswagen Group intended to increase its market share in America, but installing cheating software on its diesel engines was unethical.
  11. Changing Roles of Business Organizations in Society
    This paper will provide a comprehensive overview of typical ethical challenges businesses face and discuss ethical decision-making frameworks.
  12. Volkswagen Manufacturing and Business Ethical Issues
    Volkswagen is a car manufacturer that sells automobiles all around the world. US regulators have noticed that some of the company's claims regarding emissions may not be truthful.
  13. Volkswagen (VW) Label Corruption Scandal
    The Volkswagen (VW) label has been mired in a disastrous emissions corruption scandal that has shattered the brand's credibility globally.

🏆 Best Volkswagen Essay Titles

  1. Detecting the Great Short Squeeze on Volkswagen
  2. Worldwide: Volkswagen Group Legal Issues
  3. Large Market Share: Volkswagen Group Strategy
  4. Corporate Governance, Innovation, and Economic Performance: Volkswagen
  5. The Classically Modernist Manner of Persuasion in the Think Small Ad for Volkswagen
  6. Employment and Volkswagen
  7. The Decline and Fall of the Volkswagen Beetle
  8. Volkswagen: B2B E-marketplace
  9. Marketing Mix for Volkswagen Brand Marketing
  10. Business Level Strategies for Volkswagen Group
  11. Volkswagen’s International Business Strategies
  12. Business Planning for Volkswagen Group
  13. The Volkswagen Crisis and Investors’ Collaboration
  14. The Volkswagen Scandal: The Importance of Honesty, Communication, and Teamwork
  15. The Supply Chain Management in Volkswagen
  16. Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility for Volkswagen
  17. International Business: Volkswagen
  18. Volkswagen Automobile Manufacturer and It Technology
  19. Brand and Brand Development for Volkswagen
  20. Automotive Industry and Volkswagen
  21. Explicit Organizational Values: The Volkswagen Company
  22. Corporate Financial Statement Analysis of Volkswagen
  23. Marketing Plan For the Volkswagen Group
  24. Information Technology Ethics and Volkswagen Emission Scandal
  25. Market Efficiency and Limits to Arbitrage: Evidence From the Volkswagen Short Squeeze
  26. The Corporate Profiles for Volkswagen
  27. Occupational Safety and Health at Volkswagen
  28. The Legal and Ethical Perspectives of Volkswagen
  29. First-Line Supervision Without Any Supervisor: Group Work at Volkswagen
  30. The New Beetle: Volkswagen’s Management Problems
  31. Two Failed Attempts and One Success: The Introduction of Teamwork at Volkswagen
  32. Building Best Practice Automotive After-Sales Network: The Volkswagen Case
  33. The Multi-Billion Dollar Case Concerning Volkswagen’s Diesel Emissions
  34. Time for a Radical Shift of Gears: Shanghai Volkswagen
  35. The Volkswagen Emission Scandal: Utilitarian and Kantian Moral Theories
  36. Management Theory and Practices for Volkswagen Group
  37. Autolatina: Ford and Volkswagen Joint Venture in Brazil
  38. It Strategy and Positioning for Volkswagen Financial Services
  39. The Largest European Manufacturer: Volkswagen
  40. Firms and Collective Reputation: The Volkswagen Emissions Scandal

âť“ Volkswagen Research Questions

  1. First-Line Supervision Without Any Supervisor: What Do Workers Think About Group Work at Volkswagen?
  2. How Can Volkswagen Recover From the Cheating Troubles It Had Due to the Installation of Illegal Software?
  3. How Could Volkswagen Use Motivation Theories Commerce?
  4. How Exactly the Volkswagen Scandal Interacts With Kantian Ethics?
  5. How Volkswagen Got Away With Diesel Deception?
  6. How Volkswagen Rebranded Itself?
  7. What Is Volkswagen’s Strategy?
  8. What Is Volkswagen’s Competitive Advantage?
  9. Why Is Volkswagen Group So Successful?
  10. What Is the Purpose of Volkswagen?
  11. How Does Volkswagen Maintain a Competitive Advantage?
  12. How Was Volkswagen Founded?
  13. How Is Volkswagen Reinventing Itself as an Ev Company?
  14. Why Is Volkswagen Beating Tesla in Europe?
  15. How Is Volkswagen Becoming a Climate-Neutral Company?
  16. What Is Volkswagen Known For?
  17. What Is Volkswagen’s Marketing Strategy?
  18. What Strategy Does Volkswagen Use?
  19. What Is Volkswagens Target Market?
  20. How Do Volkswagen Use Market Segmentation?
  21. What Are the Key Customer Pillars of the Volkswagens Sales Process?

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