67 Chevron Research Topics & Essay Examples

Company overview Chevron is an American multinational energy corporation; engages in petroleum operations: exploration, production, refining to marketing and research.
Best known for One of the largest publicly traded oil and gas companies in the world.
Origins Established in 1879 as Pacific Coast Oil Co.
Area served Worldwide
Headquarters San Ramon, California, U.S.
Key people Michael Wirth (Chairman and CEO)
Revenue Over $162 billion
Number of employees Over 42 thousand
Scandals & incidents In 2001, Chevron bought Texaco, which operated in Ecuador from 1964 to 1992. Chevron has admitted that Texaco dumped toxic water into the rainforest, contaminating two million acres of the Ecuadorian Amazon.
It is interesting that Chevron has political affiliations as they are known to make political contributions. Since January 2011 they have contributed almost $15 million to Washington lobbying.
Website chevron.com

đź“ť Chevron Research Papers Examples

  1. Personnel Training and Development Programs
    Personnel training and development programs are shown to significantly enhance the performance of the workforce. It helps them understand the organizational culture.
  2. Royal Dutch Shell PLC: Marketing Plan
    Royal Dutch Shell plc lists on both Euronext Amsterdam and the London Stock Exchange. This conglomeration is composed of operating subsidiaries.
  3. ChevRon Organization Analysis
    The objective of this report is to analyze the local Chevron branch using the Nadler-Tushman congruence model.
  4. Company Analysis of Chevron and Economic Factors That Affects
    The current paper examines the total economic analysis, industry analysis, and company analysis, before valuating the stock and making necessary recommendations.
  5. Exxon vs. Chevron: Financial Analysis
    Exxon’s gross profit decreased in 2013 to 142,124 from 160,393 in 2012. Chevron’s gross profit decreased in 2013 to 60,833 from 67,254 in 2012.
  6. Company Profitability: Google, Apple, Chevron and Exxon
    Exxon is arguably the most successful company in the world not only boasting of the highest revenue, but also highest number of traded stock.
  7. Chevron Corporation's Operations Management Analysis
    This review explores how Chevron can leverage OEMS and advanced technology to resolve environmental problems, ensure workers' safety and reduce costs.

🏆 Best Chevron Essay Titles

  1. Chevron’s Contingent Environmental Liability Disclosures
  2. Financial Management: Performance of Chevron Corporation
  3. The Role of Government Regulations for an Oil Company and Opportunities That Chevron Company Faces
  4. Competitive Bidding and Acquisition: Chevron
  5. Chevron: Commodity Processes Outsourcing in the Commodity Business
  6. Joint Venture for Chevron Corporation (IOCs) and Texaco (NOCs)
  7. Chevron’s ‘People Do’ Advertising Campaign and Ethics
  8. Chevron and the Ecuadorian Oil Crisis: How the Environmental Disaster Impacted on Managerial Decision Making
  9. Challenges Facing the Internationalization of Chevron
  10. Embedding Decision Quality in the Chevron’s Culture Helps Them Outperform the Competitors
  11. Rethinking Chevron’s Licensing Strategy: How Brand Valuation Is Driving the Expansion
  12. Chevron Strategy for Disciplined Growth and Higher Returns
  13. Comparing Organizational Strategies Between Chevron and ExxonMobil
  14. Analysis of Chevron’s Climate Strategy
  15. Changing the Corporate Culture at Chevron
  16. Chevron Strategic Collaboration to Explore Opportunities Around Hydrogen
  17. How Innovative Chevron Strategy Boosts Local Content in Nigeria’s Oil and Gas Industry
  18. The Chevron Way: Engineering Opportunities for Women
  19. Strategies of Two Oil Giants That Aren’t Working: Exxon Mobil and Chevron
  20. Chevron Shares: Price Analysis Before Buying or Selling
  21. Environmental Risk Management at Chevron Corporation
  22. Chevron Improvement of Maintenance and Vendor Management
  23. Improving Facilities Management Services While Reducing Cost: Chevron Corporation
  24. Quotes From Chevron’s Management That Show What You Need to Know About Its Future
  25. Mitigation Management and Operations Plan of Chevron
  26. The Reasons Why Chevron Will Spend More on Stock Returns Than on Production
  27. Exxon vs. Chevron: Which Oil Stock Is Hotter?
  28. Chevron Environmental and Community Investment
  29. Stock Strategy of Chevron as Oil Prices Remain Volatile
  30. Chevron Stock: Time to Sell
  31. Working for Chevron: Employment, Careers, and Benefits
  32. Chevron’s Investment in Lower-Carbon Energy Businesses
  33. Why an Exxon-Chevron Merger Seems Like a Stretch
  34. Chevron Corp Peers and Key Competitors
  35. Chevron Comparisons to Its Competitors and Market Share
  36. Chevron Corporation Unfair Competition
  37. Embedding Decision Quality at Chevron Helps Them Outperform the Competition
  38. Chevron Profits Nearly Quadruple: Company Vows More Natural Gas Investment
  39. Bong and Stock Analysis of Chevron Corporation
  40. The Focus That Chevron Is Putting on the Supply and Demand

âť“ Chevron Research Questions

  1. How Does Chevron Impact the Economy?
  2. Why Was Chevron So Successful in Implementing Self-Managed Work Teams?
  3. How Has the Ecuadorian Oil Crisis Impacted Chevron’s Managerial Decision Making?
  4. What Is Chevron Corporation’s Corporate Safety Policy?
  5. What Is Chevron Competitive Advantage?
  6. How Does Chevron Make Leadership Changes in the Push for a Lower Carbon Strategy?
  7. Why Does Chevron Aim to Be a Leader in New Energies?
  8. Does Chevron Have a Significant Strategic Advantage?
  9. What Is the Marketing Strategy of Chevron Corporation?
  10. Who Are the Top Chevron Shareholders?
  11. Does Chevron Make Management Changes?
  12. How Does Chevron Use the Operational Excellence Principles to Excel?
  13. How Is Chevron Driving Operational Excellence to the Frontline?
  14. What Is the Future for Chevron Stock?
  15. Why Is Chevron Stock Falling After Strong Earnings?
  16. Chevron Stock Forecast: Is There Room for Growth?
  17. Is Chevron Stock a Buy?
  18. Why Chevron’s Investors Don’t Have to Panic About Green Energy?
  19. Why Did Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Spend Billions on Chevron?
  20. What Benefits and Job Security Makes Chevron Offer to Its Employees?

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