68 Boeing Research Topics & Essay Examples

Company overview Boeing is an American multinational corporation, one of the largest global aerospace manufacturers.
Best known for Boeing 747
Origins Was founded by William Boeing in Seattle, Washington, on July 15, 1916.
Area served Worldwide
Headquarters Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
Key people Dave Calhoun (President and CEO), Larry Kellner (Chairman)
Revenue Over US$ 62 billion
Number of employees Over 141 thousand
Scandals & incidents Two Boeing 737 MAX 8 airplanes crashed shortly after takeoff in 2018 in Indonesia and in 2019 in Ethiopia. Bad engineering practices and simple design errors contributed to both calamities and cost the lives of 346 passengers and crew.
It is interesting that Guinness World Records list the Boeing Everett factory as the largest building in the world by volume at 472 million cubic feet (13.3 million cubic meters).
Website www.boeing.com
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📝 Boeing Research Papers Examples

  1. Aviation Strategies Analysis of Boeing and Airbus
    The long established rivalry between Airbus and Boeing has turned out to be more aggressive through past couple of years indicate that both these industry giants have moved forward with different strategic vision.
  2. Boeing’s Response to the B737 Max Crisis
    The two major competitors, Boeing and Airbus, have been competing on the premise of safety, cost-effectiveness, and comfort of passengers as the main selling points.
  3. Coca-Cola and Boeing Companies' Organizational Culture and Strategies
    Coca-Cola and Boeing companies value their employees and try to motivate the workers to achieve the most favourable results.
  4. Boeing Max 737: The Case Study
    This paper evaluates the current regulations of aircraft and crew licenses; it incorporates recommendations to airlines to ensure that the Boeing Max 737 returns safely to service.
  5. Case Analysis: The Boeing 7E7 Project
    Boeing needed the analysis of its internal rates of return (IRR) and the comprehensive picture of the weighted-average cost of capital (WACC) involved in the Boeing 7E7 project.
  6. Purchasing System at Boeing Australia Limited
    This project explores the limitations of the current procurement system at Boeing Australia Limited to implement an e-procurement system.
  7. Airbus vs. Boeing: A Comparative Analysis of Investment Portfolios
    Airbus and Boeing are the main players in the commercial aircraft industry. Both companies have used innovation and the backing of their home countries to drive competition.
  8. Boeing 737 MAX Aircraft Crisis Analysis
    Boeing's 737 MAX aircraft case was a major crisis issue. The dysfunctionality main cause of the plane is a faulty software system that made them dangerous to utilize.

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  1. Boeing Business Strategy Alternatives and Recommendations
  2. Strategic Challenges Facing the Future of Boeing
  3. Airline Giant Boeing Company Purchased McDonnell Douglas Over Its Price Stock
  4. Boeing 787 Dreamliner- Product Development Analysis
  5. Airbus Versus Boeing: International Competition in the Aircraft Market
  6. Boeing and Airbus Financial Performance
  7. Planning Function of Management at Boeing
  8. Boeing Supply and Demand Forecast
  9. Life and Successful Business Career of William Edward Boeing
  10. Boeing and Supply Chain Structural Improvements
  11. The Employee Retention System of Boeing Company
  12. Boeing Brings Its Customers on Board
  13. Accounting and Reporting Criteria for Boeing
  14. Boeing Changes the Nature of Its Business with Global Collaboration
  15. Supply Chain Management Issues at Boeing
  16. Impact of the Latest Information Technology on the Competitive Advantage of Boeing
  17. Boeing: The Dynamics of Pricing and Competition
  18. Conflict Management: Boeing Strike
  19. Boeing Employees’ Entrepreneurial Development
  20. Differentiating Between Market Structures in Boeing
  21. Boeing: Organizational Culture and Structure
  22. Management Operation Technology at Boeing Company
  23. Aviation Safety and Risk Management at Boeing
  24. Boeing Company’s Competitive Position Including Short-Term and Long-Term Prospects
  25. Political Business Strategies and the Political Economy of Transatlantic Trade: Airbus and Boeing
  26. Estimating Dynamic Merger Efficiencies With an Application to the 1997 Boeing-McDonnell Douglas Merger
  27. Boeing vs. Airbus: The Economic Battle of Strategy
  28. Collective Entry Deterrence and Free Riding: Airbus and Boeing in China
  29. Boeing Dreamliner Plan for Project Management
  30. Control Mechanisms and the Boeing Corporation
  31. Boeing and the Aging Workforce
  32. Finance Policy Recommendation and Pro Forma Budget for Boeing
  33. Boeing: Values and Ethical Decision Making
  34. International Operations Management Strategy of Boeing Company
  35. International Trade Scandal: Boeing vs. Airbus
  36. Investment Scope: Analyzing Boeing and Lockheed Martin
  37. James McNerney: Leadership Ethics at Boeing
  38. Boeing: The Leading Aerospace Company
  39. Risk Management at Boeing: The Best Practices and Potential Countermeasures
  40. Boeing Factors Influencing the Management Planning Process

❓ Boeing Research Questions

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  1. What Was Boeing and McDonnell Douglas’s Response to Competition From Airbus Industries?
  2. How Does Boeing Bring Its Customers on Board?
  3. How Is Boeing Changing the Nature of Its Business?
  4. What Is the Competitive Position of Boeing Company?
  5. Should Boeing Sell or Spin-off Wichita, and What Are Three Reasons in Favor of Selling?
  6. How Does Airbus Compete With Boeing?
  7. How Did Boeing Change the World?
  8. What Are Boeing’s Supply Chain Management Goals?
  9. What the Three Strategies Did Boeing Use to Develop a Cost-Effective Aircraft?
  10. What Strategic Challenges Will Boeing Face in the Future?
  11. Should Harry Stonecipher Have Been Forced to Resign From Boeing?
  12. What Are Boeing Airbus’ Competitive Strategies?
  13. Is There Keen Competition Between Sematech, Boeing, and Airbus?
  14. What Issues Does Boeing Company Face?
  15. What Is the Cultural Organization at the Boeing Corporation?
  16. What Are the Main Factors Influencing the Management Planning Process at Boeing?
  17. Does Boeing Need Supply Chain Structural Improvements?
  18. What Costing Method Does Boeing Use?
  19. Why Did Boeing Company Purchase McDonnell Douglas Over Its Price Stock?
  20. How Does Boeing Violate Job Placement?

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