Levels & Types of Planning Process in Management – All You Need to Know

Organizational planning is a process that helps businesses achieve their objectives. It creates a roadmap for the future by setting goals, identifying resources, and developing strategies to achieve those goals. In this article, we will explore the different types and levels of planning, including strategic, proactive, and operational planning, and why they are critical for the success of any organization.

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✅ Management Planning Explained

A proper business plan will substantially impact the success and profitability of any organization. However, creating a good plan is just one part of management planning. Below, we will define organizational planning and explain why it is crucial for organizations of all sizes.

What Is Planning in Management?

What exactly is planning in business? Planning is the process of determining the steps necessary to accomplish a goal. It entails identifying objectives, assessing potential courses of action, and selecting the best approach. The success of any company depends on how well a plan is carried out. Management planning aids firms in realizing a specific objective, creating tasks, or preparing for changes. Also, it plays a vital role in improving business aspects such as workforce organization, financial expenses, or product development.

Organizational Planning Benefits

Having an organizational strategy is vital since well-prepared businesses can better adapt to workplace changes. Benefits of organizational planning include:

  • Providing direction. Planning creates the steps and determines their order in advance. It also guarantees that the goals are specified so that workers know exactly what to do.
  • Reducing the risk. A good plan can help to predict dangerous situations the company might face in the future and, by doing so, minimize all the risks.
  • Creating new ideas. If the business doesn’t follow the plan blindly but sticks to the framework, it may develop innovative ideas.
  • Establishing standards. It becomes easier to control the performance of workers and the required target with a well-organized plan.
  • Facilitating decision-making. Planning helps an organization pick the most suitable option out of the existing ones.

📚 Levels of Planning

Management planning consists of 3 primary levels: corporate, business, and functional. Understanding these levels of strategy will help you divide the plan into the appropriate levels and align the company’s goals from top to bottom.

Corporate Level

The corporate level is the highest and, thus, the broadest level of strategy in business. It outlines the organization’s overall direction and goals as well as the ways to achieve them. Developing and comprehending the corporate-level plan is especially critical for companies with various lines of business.

Business Level

A business strategy helps a specific business unit within a corporation to accomplish its goals and serves as a roadmap. How intricate and complicated the strategy is, depends on the number of businesses and the organization’s structure. Nonetheless, it plays a crucial role in evaluating the benefits and costs of each business unit and enabling better decision-making regarding resource allocation.

Functional Level

The functional strategy level considers each department and every worker’s daily contribution to support company goals. Also, it’s responsible for checking whether every part of the organization is operated thoroughly and professionally.

🤓 Organizational Planning – Types

Different organizational strategies may be used depending on the type of business and its requirements. These include marketing, strategic, environmental, operational, and proactive planning.

Marketing Planning

Market planning plays an essential role in the success of any business. It’s a strategic process that creates a roadmap to accomplish marketing objectives, attract new customers, promote goods and services, and fortify brand identity. By creating a comprehensive marketing strategy, a business can focus all its resources on raising awareness about its products and services.

Strategic Planning

Some businesses fail due to a lack of strategic planning, which includes understanding a company’s current condition and where it wants to go. Strategic planning helps outline a roadmap an organization can follow and adjust depending on its needs. Moreover, effective strategic planning enables businesses to allocate resources efficiently to meet the company’s objectives.

Environmental Planning

With growing concerns over climate change and the need for sustainability, environmental planning has become more crucial than ever. It involves a shift towards producing eco-friendly products using renewable resources instead of finite ones. By adopting such practices, companies can tap into the growing market of environmentally conscious consumers who choose sustainable brands.

Operational Planning

Many academics have regarded operational planning as one of the subsets of strategic planning. Its key function is determining which strategic plan components a company should use to achieve its goal. Operations planning manages day-to-day activities and non-recurring events.

Proactive Planning

Proactive planning is founded on the prediction of future events and conditions that will have an impact on how the organization functions. Such planning must be comprehensive, extremely adaptable, and naturally innovative. Organizations that favor this type of planning anticipate the future and take the appropriate actions before risky events occur.

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