Information System Planning Process – Guide for Students & Essay Samples

Informational systems are an essential part of any modern business. The bigger the company, the more it relies on the data stored in an information system. This article will define information systems and explain the steps to develop one.

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👩‍🏫 Information System Explained

Before exploring the process of planning an information system, we should define it.

What Is an Information System?

An information system combines software, hardware, information, knowledge, telecommunication networks, and other digital products.

Businesses use information systems to coordinate and perform both internal and external tasks. They are an excellent tool for managing financial, strategic, and human resource operations. In addition, information systems are widely used for marketing and advertising purposes.

Information Systems Components

Now that you know the definition of an information system, let’s see what it consists of. A typical information system comprises several components:

  1. Hardware. It includes all the components of an information system that you can physically touch. It might consist of corporate stationary computers, laptops, phones, hard drives, servers, etc. Hardware is crucial for storing and distributing information.
  2. Software. There are 2 types of it: system software and application software. System software is the interface between application software and hardware. It manages the hardware, program files, and data. In contrast, application software is a user interface. It includes all the additional applications installed on your device to handle specific tasks.
  3. Data. This component refers to an extensive organized database comprising individual or group records. It is all the information needed for the company’s operations.
  4. Telecommunications. Telecommunications connect multiple devices and transmit information between them. Businesses use both wired and wireless options.
  5. Human resources. Company personnel responsible for creating and maintaining information systems are critical to any business. Additionally, many other employees need to use and enrich information systems with collected data.

Why Are Information Systems Important?

Here are a few benefits that highlight the importance of information systems:

  • They support business growth. When a business expands, it will eventually need to store and process more data. Hence, with the company’s growth, an informational system becomes involved in all its strategic activities. Moreover, information systems allow firms to secure and keep information in order.
  • They optimize data storage and access. Manual data is far less accessible and takes longer to process.
  • They simplify making decisions. Decision-making becomes more manageable when the required data can be accessed quickly. Information systems also allow employees to communicate faster.
  • They help people build careers. Developing information systems usually involves programmers, development and operations managers, database administrators, business analysts, etc.

What Are the 4 Types of Information Systems?

Operations support systemsThis type of information system has a specific goal or function, for example, transaction processing in a separate department or a whole business. Sometimes, an operations support system operates for a chain of companies.
Management information systemsThese information systems combine data obtained from several information systems. Then they process it and prepare it for use in business management. The systems provide managers with data according to their levels of responsibility.
Decision support systemsDecision support systems can be fully automated or human-operated. Businesses need them to analyze large arrays of rapidly changing information. Based on this data, company management can specify several what-if scenarios and make a decision.
Executive information systemsThese information systems keep and analyze the most critical data for senior-level decisions. All the information within EIS is shortened, summarized, and convenient.

👣 What Are the Steps in Information System Strategy Planning?

In the next sections, we will discuss how to develop an information system. Follow this plan sample to create your first information system draft.

System Analysis

System analysis sets the tone of the overall process. This step involves 3 stages:

  1. Identification. At this stage, a company should determine its current problems and challenges. If a business already has an information system, it should evaluate it to identify any necessary changes. A company should think of opportunities to overcome the current issues.
  2. Selection. An organization should evaluate and compare different information system solutions. Typically, an informational system takes much time to develop and will function for several years. A company should create a list of features it needs to manage information effectively.
  3. Planning. Once the firm has chosen the solution, it can plan its implementation. Depending on its goals, the business may need to replace or partially update its information system. Partial solutions require integration into the current information system. The plan can differ in each case but should include specific steps and deadlines.

Needs Analysis

Needs analysis takes a closer look at each component of an information system. The goal is to know what each element does and how it relates to other parts.

System Design

Creating a design blueprint will give guidelines to the IT team. A good design example shows how the app or website looks but is still flexible. In this case, IT professionals will know what is expected from them.

System Implementation

At this stage, the IT team develops the information system according to the previously designed blueprint. This stage can be the longest in the whole creation process.


Testing is essential as it can spot the information system’s weak sides to be fixed. It involves various areas such as input and output, performance, program logic, and overall efficiency. During this stage, the team should ensure the hardware and software are ready and transfer the data to the information system.

Maintenance and Change

This step can last as long as the information system functions. The IT team is responsible for adding new features to the system, spotting and fixing bugs, and dealing with other problems. Maintenance and change can incorporate various goals and methods depending on the business.

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    Business essay sample: This document attempts to review the various approaches that can be used to manage change within an organization.
  20. Analysis of the HR System in Riordan Manufacturing
    Business essay sample: The objective of this paper is to analyze the HR of Riordan Manufacturing, to examine existing varieties of tools that be used in the integration of the company information systems.
  21. Accounting Information Systems at Cube Technologies
    Business essay sample: Information systems consist of an organized network of people and infrastructure that aid in decision-making. They are office automation, transaction processing systems, etc.
  22. Information Systems Strategic Planning in Business
    Business essay sample: The aim of the document facilitates easier realignment of the information technologies to the business objectives and the management plan.

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  6. The Use of Advanced Information System Technology in Improving Customer Service Delivery
    Business essay sample: This paper proposes the shift toward the use of modern information technology infrastructure in improving customer service delivery in Benta Casket Company.
  7. Management Information Systems Application
    Business essay sample: This article aims to analyze the application and degree of effectiveness of information technology in one of the departments of the company selling equipment and stationery.
  8. Research in Information System for Anwara Grocery
    Business essay sample: Anwara grocery is a medium-sized family business located in central London that deals with grocery products and sweets.
  9. Advanced Information Systems Application for Manabanit Motors
    Business essay sample: A company is introducing itself as the Manabanit Motors Inc. and its fleet of cars, the new face that needs to be reintroduced into the high-tech world of sales and marketing.
  10. The Role of Information Management in Business
    Business essay sample: The role of information management cannot be ignored in today’s society. People have to work with large amounts of information and base their decisions on thoughtful evaluation.
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    Business essay sample: This paper is going to focus on information systems for managers together with all subtopics encompassed in it, highlighting the most important issues.
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    Business essay sample: This paper has explored the information system technologies used by one of the leading retailers in the world - Walmart.
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    Business essay sample: The paper discusses two ways to update the information in a specified database. Online processing is the system where information transactions flow in real-time.
  14. Discussion of Management Information System
    Business essay sample: Management information systems associates with significant advantages within the workplace because they are instrumental in strategic planning and management control.
  15. Human Resource Information System: Functions, Advantages, Risks, Types
    Business essay sample: Human Resource Information System is a system for collecting, storing, maintaining, retrieving, and validating data needed by an organization regarding its human resources.
  16. Riordan Manufacturing: HR Information System Design
    Business essay sample: The first step in designing and developing an integrated modern human resource system is to determine the needs and technical resources Riordan manufacturing has.
  17. Human Resources Information System (HRIS) for Larson Property Management
    Business essay sample: This assignment provides a blueprint for the new system and selects a vendor that offers the type of Human Resources Information System (HRIS) believe is most efficient and effective.
  18. The Role of Information Systems at Qatar Airways
    Business essay sample: This paper will demonstrate why information systems are essential for running and managing a business, using Qatar Airways as an example.
  19. Human Resource Information System for Larson Property Management
    Business essay sample: Larson Property Management is a California business that is experiencing rapid growth but operating on an outdated HRIS system.
  20. Information System Analysis: E*TRADE
    Business essay sample: E*TRADE is a company that offers online trading services across the United States. Founded in the early 1980s.
  21. The Human Resource Information System: Strategy to Seek and Sustain Buy-In
    Business essay sample: In this paper, the focus is to develop a strategy to seek and sustain buy-in and support for an Human resource information system within an organization.

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