24 Business Expansion Planning Examples

Companies often stand at a crossroads after hitting a profit ceiling. There’s little they can do with the existing product line and customer base. That’s when CEOs consider business expansion planning as the next logical step. It promises new growth and profit opportunities in previously untapped markets. This strategy involves working in a completely different niche.

Businesses have to come up with new goods and services for potential clients. In some instances, they establish a base of operations overbroad. These components allow diversifying the product range for a new market. Our article and several essay examples deal with other benefits business expansions offer.

🔝 Top-5 Business Expansion Planning Essay Examples

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  2. Ocean Beauty Center Business Plan
  3. SonAir: A Company’s Business Expansion
  4. International Business and Multinational Corporations Expansion
  5. Managing Financial Resources in Business

🤔 What Is Expansion in Business & Why Is It Important?

With business expansion planning, companies tap into new industries and markets. This practice isn’t unique to American firms. There are many business expansion examples from international corporations. It helps meet customer demands, increase production, or find new logistical routes. Each business has its motive for expanding operations:

  • New market opportunities. After making it big on the local market, firms plan to expand overseas. It gives them an opportunity to tap into a new client base.
  • Breaking away from the competition. The business expansion allows escaping from the tight and highly competitive market.
  • Diversifying assets. When a company gets stuck, it can find opportunities outside the current market and open new income sources.
  • Access to a fresh pool of employees. Expanding a company allows tapping into a new group of talented professionals.
  • Reduce costs. Reaching out to new markets can reduce the price of labor and production.

✍️ Business Expansion Planning: The Steps

Whatever the reason for business expansion, it has to be done following the right template. It takes a strategic approach and several steps to complete.

📌 Step 1Identify areas that need expansion. A business has to understand its main goals clearly. It can be anything from looking for new employees to creating a dedicated warehouse in New Zealand.
📌 Step 2Think about how changes will influence the staff size. When expanding to new markets, companies shouldn’t hire full-time employees before making a tangible profit.
📌 Step 3Create training programs. Employees need to understand their roles in the expansion process. Have several top-ranking workers explain them to other people on the staff.
📌 Step 4Consider expansion via the Internet. With this strategy, you save money on buying space and still reach foreign customers.
📌 Step 5Invest in physical space when there’s no other option. Purchasing or leasing is extremely costly. Make the most of the current room as long as possible.
📌 Step 6Make new logistical and transportation plans. A more extensive client base requires making the delivery of items more cost and time efficient.

⭐ 3 Top Business Expansion Examples


One of the world’s greatest cosmetic companies started the same way as Amazon. Avon sold books by having their representatives go door-to-door. Back then, it relied on word-of-mouth marketing. In 1886 Avon abandoned this niche to focus on personal care, household, and beauty items with great success.

Red Bull

This company made its fortune as an energy drinks manufacturer. Now, it’s a significant player in the entertainment business. Red Bull Media House is one of the biggest premium content creators in the world. It creates movies, music, magazines, and TV shows that also work as organic ads for its main product.


Uber made taxis practically obsolete in many countries. In 2016, the company went a step further with the UberEATS service. An army of Uber drivers delivers takeout meals to millions of satisfied customers. The food delivery platform is a solid competitor of Grubhub and other services.

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